Walking Raven Dispensary | 8th Birthday Bash!

Walking Raven Dispensary | 8th Birthday Bash!
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WR oneGood things are happening at Walking Raven Dispensary at 2001 S Broadway, Denver, CO. While the South Broadway strip has no shortage of options for cannabis shoppers, I recommend you put Walking Raven on the hitlist. It’s a smaller shop, so you might not think that they compete with the big guys for quality and service. You would be wrong. When you walk up to the door, you will be buzzed in and they quickly check your ID and bring you inside the waiting area. The music is playing at the right level, they greet you warmly, and everybody inside is hanging out together. Walking Raven is the first licensed dispensary in Denver and you can tell they have the operation dialed in. The group of guys working when I dropped in were helpful and the experience was prime.

Have you ever walked into a huge bar and it’s almost empty, the 2-3 people are spread out and nobody is making conversation. The space lets everybody ignore each other, so we naturally break out the phone and wait our turns. Sometimes, you get that at dispensaries. Not at Walking Raven. Walking Raven reminds me of that hole-in-the-wall that you may have passed by 100 times before trying and you end up regretting that you didn’t try sooner. The place that is your secret spot.

The use of space is as efficient as I have seen for any shop. Everything is just inside, left is the waiting area, right to the sales area.


Seating for 6-8 people, reading materials, menus, and everything you’d expect is right there for you. Josh told me that they had recently complete some renovations, new ceiling and lighting, and other upgrades. I can’t speak for what it looked like before, but the upgrades give it an upscale but not sterile feel. The guys said it’s not like picking up from your guys mom’s basement anymore, which is how I purchased a lot of product when I was younger. They did a great job with making the interior a clean and cool spot.

The sales area accommodates 2-3 budtenders and they have an extensive selection of products focused on flower and concentrates. I sampled some Purple Peel buds, a cross between Tangerine Haze and Pakistani Kush . I enjoyed it. It found the high-gear. They showed me other strains, Hong Kong Diesel and Jack Flash which impressed. You can tell they focus on quality genetics and have the grow experience to produce quality.

Walking Raven had 10 strains on the shelf when I was in, and it sounds like they float around that number which is just about right. They said to expect 20 new strains to cross the counter in the next few months. They expanded the grow significantly, almost 300 percent. Value was in line with what you would expect, and they will sell you any dollar amount not just the standard grams, eighths, etc. Patrick, Shane, and Josh, were knowledgeable of the strains and could speak to the characteristics of each. I was impressed, the quality of the product and service was great.

WR BDBThe edible and concentrate selection was impressive. The selection did have more focus on the concentrates, but they edibles brands covered the bases. Concentrates were produced for in house by Craft, and they also sold Mahattma, Lab 710, Igadi, Botanico, and West Eddison. Josh said to check out the Raven’s Catch in house bubble hash. I mentioned that they had expanded the grow, they also added a solvent less hash lab to the operation. Josh was excited about it, sounds like they will be producing a lot of high-level in-house production concentrate offerings. It’s interesting to hear the diversification and trend toward the concentrate market, respect the Walking Raven team for growing the business. They had a great selection of oil pens: Eureka, Pure Vibe, KJL, PAX Pods and more.

Walking Raven Dispensary 8th Birthday Bash!

Walking Raven is a reminder that good things come in small packages and competition is about making the best of your resources. Walking Raven makes the most of what they have, and they are doing it their way. In my opinion, that gives them character. In the world we live in, genuine character can be hard to develop and uncover. I recommend you check them out. Hell, they have their 8th Birthday Bash is coming up on September 16th and 17th with Live music and food. Get out to the birthday party!

You can reach me at WildBill@dopedirectory.com. Let me what you think of the review. If you get an opportunity to visit Walking Raven of Denver, Colorado let them know you heard of them through the Dope Directory, and please give them a rating.


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