What is Marijuana Wax?

Marijuana WaxMarijuana wax is a concentrate of marijuana that is almost pure THC, the active ingredient of marijuana. In fact, most marijuana wax contains more than 80% THC, in comparison to the average marijuana leaf which has 20%-30% THC. Marijuana Wax a product from extracting the resin glands from the marijuana plant. Often times the marijuana wax is named from the strain of marijuana plant it was extracted from. Common solvents used to extract these concentrates are cold water, purified butane, carbon dioxide and alcohol. Properly processed marijuana wax shouldn’t contain leftover solvent.

Users say that smoking only a small “dabb” of wax is like smoking several joints of high quality marijuana, and the effects are immediate. You can buy weed online canada in certain states of the U.S

Where to Buy Marijuana Wax

Most all Colorado dispensaries carry marijuana wax, however there are a number of dispensaries that carry questionable product. If your going to purchase marijuana wax take the time to speak with your Bud Tender or Store Owner to make sure the product is commercial grade “butane-free”… well-purged marijuana wax should not contain any traces of the solvent used. You may also want to have a look at weed-crew.net – buy weed online as this can be more convenient.

How to Store Marijuana Wax

Light and heat breaks down the THC of concentrates. Its best to store your marijuana wax in a non transparent container, in a cool area, such as your refrigerator. Marijuana wax will keep for a long time as long as its stores in optimum conditions. There are numerous types of marijuana wax containers, such as steel, glass, plastic, ceramic, and silicone. Marijuana wax can be quite sticky, keep that in consideration, when choosing your container as you do not want wasted product on the sides of the marijuana wax container. However, with the wax being sticky at times people do prefer opting for your regular marijuana form that you can smoke through something like this sherlock pipe, but it depends which form suits you.

Dangers of Marijuana Wax

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  • Buy From a Reputable Source: improperly manufactured marijuana wax can contain butane and other impurities.
  • Don’t Use Too Much: For many people, wax is too strong. If you are going to use marijuana wax, do so responsibly, the high is very intense and can lead to an uncomfortable high or passing out.
  • NEVER Attempt to Make Homemade Marijuana Wax: the process is extremely dangerous.


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