Wonderleaf Vape Cartridge Review

Wonderleaf Vape Cartridge Review
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Wonderleaf is a family-owned company based out of Aurora, Colorado that makes small-batch cannabis concentrates and oils. I got to take a look around the laboratory where they make their product, although you wouldn’t be able to tell you’re walking into a cannabis Candyland from the outside.

A shining beacon of cannabis concentrate

A shining beacon of cannabis concentrate

My experience with pens in the past has been mixed. There’s so many crappy cartridges out there, either because the cannabis extract isn’t any good, or because they’re so cheaply made that you have to deal with issues of leaking and difficult draws from the mouthpiece. I’ve found most O-pen products to be convenient, but their affordable options often have a few clearly cut corners. Wonderleaf has no intention of cutting any such corners.

A Kid in a Concentrate Candy Store

As I walked around the laboratory, taking the tour from Kelby Cross, the Director of Operations at Wonderleaf, there seemed to be one very clear point of emphasis in all their process: attention to detail. The Wonderleaf team is committed to bringing a well-rounded, satisfying product to Colorado’s booming marijuana industry.

You know a concentrate is good stuff when your first instinct is to eat it.

You know a concentrate is good stuff when your first instinct is to eat it.

From hand-picking the stems out of their base marijuana material, to the efficient recycling method they use during their Co2 extractions, every step of the way is thought out to its fullest. This deep commitment to quality has earned them a place on the shelves of nearly 30 Colorado dispensaries, including the hip Ajoya dispensary in Louisville, despite only officially starting up the business in the last six months. That’s quick growth for a family-run company coming out of Aurora.

The Wonderful Taste of Wonderleaf

This, ladies and gentlemen, is how a concentrate should taste. My cartridge came from a Golden Goat strain, testing at a whopping 90.98% THC! It tastes like Fruit Loops, but not in an artificial way, if that could possibly make any sense. It’s like if the best fruity cereal were naturally grown from a cereal bush. I just about never got a harsh hit that made me cough my brains out, something that seems to happen all too often with these delicate little pens, especially if you don’t know the best temp for vaping weed, but you can find that out by clicking on the link.

Golden Goat makes me feel like a super hero talk show host. That might sound annoying to some of you, but I’m always chatty and relaxed when we’re smoking the goat… I guess I could have phrased that differently. Anyway, this cartridge was no exception to my previous experiences with Golden Goat. The high is a bit racy in the head while giving your spine a nice unwind. Variety is the spice to life and you can find Wonderleaf’s devices in a variety of strains.

I love the mini-pamphlet that comes with each cartridge

I love the mini-pamphlet that comes with each cartridge

Quality Build Quality… Quality

Wonderleaf’s attention to detail isn’t reserved just to the stuff that’s getting you high, it’s also put very much into the packaging and the build of the cartridge itself. This is some damn classy packaging, Wonderleaf. The steely black outer box is wrapped around a much brighter blue and green design that encases the tube containing the cartridge. It’s like a Russian doll that gets you high at the end!

The cartridge, being made of steel and glass rather than plastic and super glue, has real weight to it that makes it feel trustworthy. Holding the cartridge in your palm, it feels like a small hand grenade. It’s sturdy, yet sleek.
According to Cross, this cartridge is the most recent of many iterations.

They’ve been tweaking the design to make sure they’re adjusting to what their customers are looking for in a concentrate cartridge. Being an active fellow himself, Cross has adapted the cartridge to Colorado’s outdoor enthusiasts by testing the device at different elevations in the mountains. Although I didn’t take this thing into the mountains myself, the quality standards at Wonderleaf make me feel like I could comfortably puff this thing on the moon.

With a silicon wick, the one thing I found a bit inconsistent about the cartridge was its ability to heat up on the first hit. I only seemed to get a half-hit on my first draw after allowing the heating element to cool down.

This could have something to do with our next topic of discussion…

Weak Batteries Beware

At $90 a pop, you’re definitely paying a premium for the quality of the concentrate and cartridge. If you’re already spending this much on a cartridge, I would recommend investing a couple more dollars in the battery you end up attaching to the cartridge.

One of the very few flaws I saw in Wonderleaf’s cartridge was that it seemed to require either a more powerful battery to heat that wick, or a normal battery at nearly full charge. When my smaller vape battery was attached, my draws got progressively weaker as we reached the end of the battery’s power. This wasn’t much of a problem when I used my much beefier battery from Flo, which was a relief, but this is something you should take note of before throwing down this much cash.

Again... I just want to spread this on some sourdough bed.

Again… I just want to spread this on some sourdough bed.

The Verdict

There’s not much to feel bad about after you take a couple drags from this cartridge. Outside of the occasionally inconsistent battery issues, Wonderleaf provides a fantastic overall device. With most of my experiences with cartridges being on the cheaper end of the spectrum, this felt like a clear step up. Now, of course, you pay for that step up. But I do see this as a step forward even from the Evolabs Chroma cartridges that I’ve tried in the past. The price point is a bit higher, although not as high as their newest Alchemy series, but the upgrade in flavor is so damn worth it.

If you’ve got the cash, this is an outstanding product from a consistency and build quality standpoint, but also in the excellent concentrate that it contains. Wonderleaf is a highly competent, easy-to-cheer-for local business that holds themselves to a high standard. They’ve earned your money.

Golden Goat, man… gets me every time.

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