$70 Ounces Emerald Fields Glendale

$70 Ounces Emerald Fields Glendale
Emerald Fields Marijuana Discounts

Every time I think cannabis can’t get any more affordable, someone throws me a curveball. In this case, I was shocked when I first found out that Emerald Fields in Glendale is selling entire ounces of premium cannabis for a jaw-dropping $70 (pre-tax). This is, after all, the day and age of the hundred-dollar ounce, but when you can knock an extra thirty bucks off that, what’s to complain about? The strains that will be available for this amazing $70 ounce come straight off of Emerald Fields’ emerald shelf. The emerald shelf is the lowest quality shelf at Emerald Fields, so I was very interested to see what quality cannabis I should expect. I, fortunately, didn’t need to ponder this question long, since I was offered a sample of three different strains commonly found on Emerald Fields’ emerald shelf. While the current strain available on the $70 ounce will vary, the three strains I sampled are all likely candidates to make the list. The best part about these strains is that they are about as far from schwag as you can imagine. All three are definitely the real deal, fine Colorado chronic ready to hit the shelves and come home with you at an amazing discounted rate.

Lemon X Tangerine :: Appearance | Smell | Smoke | Effect:

The first of the three emerald shelf samples Lemon X Tangerinethat I tried was Lemon X Tangerine. As one would expect from a strain that has lemon and tangerine heritage, the initial Aroma of the strain is quite citrusy. That Citrusy-ness hides a deep, dark secret in the form of a dank powerful aroma I likened to some OG strains I’ve smoked in the past. The bud structure was phenomenal. Each medium-sized nugget sported a sage green hue and a respectable level of trichomes and little orange hairs. Their size was relatively modest but displayed a clear hybrid lineage in the sense that the nuggets were not too short and fat but also not too long and skinny. I decided it was time to sample some of my illustrious Lemon X Tangerine. The smoke was exceptionally smooth and didn’t warrant a single cough after my first pair of puffs. The high installed from Lemon X Tangerine was less sativa than I assumed it would have been. The initial sensation started in my extremities which eventually worked its way into a cerebral high. Lemon X Tangerine was without a doubt the smoothest but not the tastiest of the three strains I sampled. While there certainly were sweet notes I never really detected any of the namesake lemon or tangerine. Instead, the strain represented itself with an overall sweet palette and a very generic chronic tasting after flavor. Overall if you’re looking for a smooth, textbook daily smoke Lemon X Tangerine should be the strain you’re looking for.

Flo :: Appearance | Smell | Smoke | Effect:

Next up I sampled an absolute classic, Flo.Flo Flo is quite the name brand strain to be on the emerald shelf and a have the potential for $70 an ounce price tag. When I first popped the top on Flo I was confronted with a potent diesel-like aroma which was very representative of Flo’s ancestry. This familiar odor, in this case, screamed of generic Afghani ancestry. The nuggets of Flo were mid-size and displayed more of an Indica bud structure than the Lemon X Tangerine. As I tried my first smoke of Flo, I found out quickly that this Indica heritage is fairly well represented in its effect. On initial hit, its much harsher than the Lemon X Tangerine and imparts a stereotypical sativa-esque flavor that verges on the realm of cheesy. Effects were insanely fast acting and I’d be lying if I didn’t say I felt a little bit like a bump on a log after I smoked my fair share of Flo. The cerebral effects were relatively short-lived, but the body high seemed to last much longer. When all is said done, Flo imparts a really enjoyable high with a very strong kick-you-in-the-butt-flavor and a moderate level of harshness.

Lavender Jones :: Appearance | Smell | Smoke | Effect:

Last but certainly not least is Lavender Jones.Lavender Jones Lavender Jones was my favorite of the three strains that I sampled. A lot of why I like lavender Jones so much was the initial odor and flavor. When I first buried my nose into the little container of lavender Jones I was treated to a rich, dark, and earthy aroma. There were some undeniable notes of Linalool which is the terpenoid directly responsible for the odor of lavender the plant. The nuggets on lavender Jones were also quite impressive. They were all a little bit larger in size than any of the nuggets of the Flo or Lemon X Tangerine. Not only were they a little larger but they showcased a very robust level of trichomes from calyx to tip. When I took my first puffs of Lavender Jones, I detected the rich earthy flavors that I had to initially smelled. In flavor form, the real highlight was the floral taste imparted from Linalool content. These delightful floral notes balanced out perfectly with the moderately smooth sativa-leaning high. The sensations conveyed from Lavender Jones were also a highlight of the three strains. Despite more Indica lineage, Lavender Jones hit me with a very potent sativa effect. Not only was the cerebral effect quite potent, but it was relatively long-lasting as well. Due to the incredibly strong effect, rich earthy aroma, and light floral taste Lavender Jones was certainly my favorite of the three strains I sampled off of Emerald Fields’ emerald shelf.

Simply put, you can’t go wrong with any of these three strains. Since this deal cycles so frequently, make sure you always call ahead to see what strain will be available on what day. With marijuana getting as cheap as it is now I simply don’t even know what to do with myself anymore. We truly are in the golden age of cannabis and with amazing deals like the ones that Emerald Fields in Glendale, everyone can afford their own little slice of happiness. Hurry in fast, because while these summer deals may be hot right now, winter is right around the corner and they may not last forever.#JessetheGrove



$70 Ounces Emerald Fields Glendale
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$70 Ounces Emerald Fields Glendale
Emerald Fields is selling select strains from their emerald shelf for only $70 pre-tax. Hurry in and keep an eye out for great strains like Flo, Lavender Jones, And Lemon X Tangerine.
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