Chronic Therapy Marijauna Deals

Chronic Therapy Marijauna Deals
Chronic Therapy Marijuana Discounts

It’s taken time and a whole lot of hard work to get the marijuana industry to be what it is today. At first before the infrastructure for recreational sales existed prices were undeniably high. Top that off with a very healthy portion going to city and state taxes and I wasn’t shocked that some of my friends still bought their cannabis on the black market for a good long time after legalization. Next thing I knew it as the industry nominalized its growing operations, shipments, and regulations low and behold, the prices began to drop. While initially, it was only low-end cannabis that would receive the price break, we are now entering the day and age where even premium marijuana is receiving price cuts. Chronic Therapy, a recreational dispensary in wheat ridge Colorado has just introduced a new way for its customers to save big on their next marijuana purchase. Not only are the prices amazing but Chronic Therapy’s quality is a huge step up from what most marijuana bargain hunters are used to. When I came in I got the crash course on Chronic Therapy’s new daily specials and their new ounce deal, which can have you smiling with an entire ounce of marijuana for $120. And remember, this isn’t the quasi-mid-grade swill that many locations are peddling, but a hand selected premium strain picked right from Chronic Therapy’s own grow.

If you have any questions or would like to know what sativa and indica are in the daily deal call Chronic Therapy Dispensary today at: (303) 233-3087 or check them out online. Chronic Therapy’s ounce special is only around for a limited time so make sure you call first to check and see what deals are available for your next visit.


Chronic Therapy Daily Deals and Ounce Special

Fire Cookies

Fire cookies

Fire Cookies is a strain from Chronic Therapy that I’m very familiar with. Fire cookies are the genetic combination of Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) along with Fire OG. The sweet and floral notes from the GSC come together with the dankness from Fire OG to create a beautifully balanced sativa strain that is loaded with flavor. The nuggets themselves lean on the hairy side and are graced with a plethora of trichomes coating their surface. The high instilled from Fire Cookies is exceedingly functional yet refreshingly stoney. I will add that Fire Cookies is not some weak sativa, with testing results weighing in at over 26% THC, if you are a marijuana lightweight, imbibe responsibly. That being said, If you’ve been looking for the perfect daytime smoke that won’t leave you in a fog, then Fire Cookies is what you’ve been seeking. When I came in to Chronic Therapy, Fire Cookies was marked as “the daily sativa deal”. Chronic Therapy will always have an indica and a sativa on their daily deal which is pretty phenomenal. During my visit, I could purchase a quarter for $60 a half ounce for $100 or an entire ounce for only $150! This is a crazy deal considering I usually expect to pay around $300-$400 for ounces of cannabis that are this caliber.

Ghost OG Kush

Ghost OG Kush

Welcome to the deep dark dank side of marijuana. Ghost OG Kush is a mind numbing indica, that will have you feeling chill and cozy after only a couple puffs. The bud structure is what you would come to expect from an indica dominant strain, bearing short and squat trichome-laden nuggets packed with dank OG flavor. The aroma is delightfully earthy and the smoke is as smooth as butter. The effects of Ghost OG Kush are extremely potent. While the strain has a very healthy 21.37% THC content, I would say that its effects are even more potent than its THC content would lead you to believe. There are a couple potential boons or downsides to Ghost OG Kush depending on what you’re looking for in a strain. Ghost OG Kush was a real munchy-inducer, so if you’ve been trying to cut down on the late night snacking, or have simply been trying to watch your figure, I’ll warn you now that you won’t be able to resist food after a session with this indica-dominant. On the other hand, if you’ve been looking to induce appetite, look no further. Ghost OG Kush also is quite the couch crasher. I found myself passing out shortly after my smoking session. During my visit to Chronic Therapy, Ghost OG Kush was the daily indica special. That means that just like Fire Cookies, you could pick up a quarter for $60 a half ounce for $100 or an ounce for $150.

The Sauce

The Sauce

The third strain deal during my visit to Chronic Therapy was on The Sauce. The Sauce is a sativa-dominant strain with a very potent THC content of 25.51%. The nuggets themselves are light on the hairs and heavy on the trichomes. So heavy on the trichomes, in fact, that they possessed a pale frosted look when you held them up to the light. As the genetic combination of Gorilla Glue #4 and Green Ribbon BX, it was easy to see where The Sauce picked up its smells from. The slight chem aroma came from its Chem Dawg ancestors on the Gorilla Glue side and its skunkiness was no doubt inherited from the Haze, Afgooey, and Shiva Skunk genetics on the Green Ribbon side. The effects of this strain are extremely potent, and just like Fire Cookies are not for newbies or marijuana lightweights. What made The Sauce even more amazing during my visit to Chronic Therapy was the fact that you could pick up an entire ounce of this top shelf marijuana for only $120 on the Chronic Therapy ounce special. This special doesn’t run every day, but when it does I can’t think of any other place where you can pick up cannabis of this caliber for this price. Remember, while there will always be a sativa and an indica on the daily deals, the ounce special isn’t always happening, so call ahead to confirm before making the drive.

Three amazing strains and three amazing deals. If you’ve been relegated to purchasing from the realm of discount marijuana, take my advice and make the upgrade to some of the premium strains at Chronic Therapy. You’ll find that not only does higher quality marijuana taste better, but it can have better effects from its high meaning you smoke less per session and end up saving even more in the long run. Another factor is that many discount marijuana strains are old or over-cured and will have the tendency to immolate at the mere glance of a lighter. You will find that with premium cannabis from Chronic Therapy your bowls will have a proper moisture content and will burn longer, again saving more money in the long run. If you’re in the market for some buds, check out Chronic Therapy’s new daily deals and ounce special.


Chronic Therapy Marijauna Deals
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Chronic Therapy Marijauna Deals
Chronic Therapy's new daily specials and their new ounce deal, can have you smiling with an entire ounce of marijuana for $120 pre-tax.
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