Chronic Therapy New Pricing

Chronic Therapy New Pricing
Chronic Therapy Marijuana Discounts

I love getting a good deal. Regardless of what aspect of my life it’s in. Small Ounce Bud-3You get that feeling my mother always euphemistically referred to as spaving. The rather ambiguous combination of spending and saving at the same time. Back before legalization was a thing, my friends and I were always on the lookout for sweet hookups. Once, every so often, we would find one. In one particularly sketchy session, one of my friends had a co-worker who was overburdened with sticky buds that he needed to get off his hands (for some reason that was no doubt nefarious). We ventured to the nicest neighborhood in Ken Karl, into a multimillion-dollar sculpture-laden house and down into a basement with garbage bags filled with weed. As I mentioned before, totally sketchy. We made it out with a ton of weed for next to nothing. The best part about it all was that the marijuana we got wasn’t even half bad. We were used to smoking utter nonsense cannabis back then. I never once relished the experience of going into a strange house to purchase strange flowers from a strange person and now I don’t have to anymore. What’s even better is I can get a good deal at retail locations like Chronic Therapy, a recreational dispensary located in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. Chronic therapy has specialized for years in superior grows and next-level concentrates through their extraction company Chronic Creations. Something exciting is happening at Chronic Therapy and there are a few reasons you should be as stoked about it as a college kid buying weed in Ken Karl. It’s store-wide flower pricing drop time!

$85 Shake Ounces:

For starters, this isn’t some sort of arbitrary price drop on several of the shelves in Chronic Therapy but a full-on overhaul of pricing on flower. When I first got the list of pricing I was shocked and how low they are selling boutique-style cannabis. I’ll start off with the big mama of all deals, Chronic Therapy’s popcorn nuggets shake ounces. The shake ounce has become extremely popular over the last couple years and depending on where you go I seen shake ounces with such low quality that they could be considered the closest semblance to schwag that you can find anywhere in Colorado anymore. That is not the case with Chronic Therapy’s shake ounces.Small Ounce Bud-2 These shake ounces are loaded with popcorn nuggets from fine high-caliber chronic cultivated with the same care as all of the other amazing strains on the Shelf at Chronic Therapy. Are you ready for the best part? You can pick up an entire ounce of shake from Chronic Therapy for only $85 pre-tax. Eat your heart out hundred-dollar shake ounces. Not only is this shake ounce higher quality than most of the competition but with a price like that, how can you pass it up?

Shake ounces are but a fraction of discounted pricing available at Chronic Therapy. They have slashed prices on their regular shelf products as well as their limited selection strains (which are out of this world by the way). The daily specials are also phenomenally priced including offerings like hundred-dollar pre-tax ounces of full-size bud. To give you a better breakdown of what’s in store for you during your next visit to Chronic Therapy here is a full list on their new pricing*:

Regular Price:

-1/2 Ounce= $90
-1/4= $60
-1 Gram= $13.50

Limited Strains:

-1/2 Ounce= $140
-1/4= $85
-1 Gram= $15

Daily Specials:

-1/2 Ounce= $60
-1/4= $45
-1 Gram= $7.50

There you have it, the best buds in town for the best prices around. If you’ve never had the fortune of sampling any of Chronic Therapy’s flower before you are in for a real treat. People all across the states have already learned how amazing Chronic Creations’ extracts are but just you wait till you have the strains that spawned them. The best part of it all is that you don’t have to go into some dude sketchy house in a neighborhood where college kids normally never go. It’s a pretty cool time to smoke cannabis and I say this with experience. Now, with deals like the ones at Chronic Therapy, it’s never been cheaper. Go forth and spave my friend!#JessetheGrove

*Prices are Pre-Tax

Chronic Therapy New Pricing
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Chronic Therapy New Pricing
Chronic Therapy in Wheat Ridge, Colorado is slashing the prices on all of their flower on the shelf. This includes shake ounces as low as $85 pre-tax.
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