Emerald Fields $100 Ounce

Emerald Fields $100 Ounce
Emerald Fields Marijuana Discounts

It’s a magical thing the first time you buy yourself an ounce of marijuana. I’ll never forget my first time. Through a few weeks of scrimping and saving, a group of college buddies and I scrounged up enough cash to buy ourselves an ounce. Coming from a group of guys that usually dined on high-quality fair such as Macdonald’sEmerald Fields and bulk ramen pallets the $400 we needed to get together was a great deal more than the $30 we usually scrounged up for half eighths. On top of that, to say that the caliber of cannabis was significantly less than that of nowadays is a huge understatement. In essence, we were buying weed that was half as good as the worst buds you can find nowadays, just a step above schwag weed and probably with a 5%-10% THC content at best. None the less, we had the money and it was a truly magical experience. In a day before Facebook and Social media was mainstream we marveled at our giant stem laden pile of cannabis, snapping photo after photo on our snazzy new 1.2-megapixel digital camera. Boy have the times changed. I was practically shocked the other day when I learned that places like Emerald Fields in Glendale Colorado are selling recreational ounces of high-quality kind for only $100 before tax.

If you’re looking to score yourself a $100 ounce of recreational cannabis, you best skedaddle on over to Emerald Fields a late night recreational dispensary in Glendale, Colorado. This deal is only available at Emerald Fields Glendale location and only until the end of December. Emerald Fields Glendale isn’t just unique for their high quality and incredibly affordable cannabis, but they are also a Colorado Late Night Marijuana dispensary open until midnight every day of the week!

This deal has expired for now. Look for upcoming 4/20 and 2017 holiday deals at Emerald Fields!

10 years ago Jesse would have practically freaked out hearing a deal like this and honestly, 2016 Jesse is still equally impressed. If my proclivity for cannabis consumption was still on par with what I was back then, I can promise you I’d be all over this deal. Don’t let me stop you, though. If it’s time to roll some fatty blunts, or maybe you just need to have an ample stash on hand to assuage emerald-fields-8the after work blues then this is the deal for you. This $100 recreational ounce deal is only available at Emerald Fields Glendale and is only around until December 31st. If you ask me an ounce is not only the perfect way to ring in the new year’s bells for 2017, but also a perfect way to forget about the shit storm of a year that has been 2016. Also, Christmas is coming, and what better gift is there than fresh flowers. Ok maybe grandma wouldn’t appreciate this kind of flowers, but chances are there is someone on your list who would enjoy a fresh bouquet of Colorado’s newest state flower. Maybe you want to get a little handy in crafting your holiday gifts? $100 Emerald Fields ounce along with a pack of rolling papers and your set to light up a lot of holiday cheer when it comes time to exchange gifts. If your looking for an ideal way to gift your hand-made gifts Emerald Fields also has you covered with their selection of Kush Cards. Each Kush card is not only hilarious and usually pun-laden (right up my alley) but each card comes equipped with a perfect little slot made to hold a joint. Holiday shopping done!

There’s a good chance you may have seen other deals around town for $100 ounces, but trust me when I say, there is a difference. Most places that offer $100 ounces have, how shall I put this, crappy weed. These locations buy in bulk from different growers every time, so there is no consistency, quality control, or love put into your buds. Emerald Fields only stocks their shelves with the highest quality buds and is offering $100 ounces on any of the strains on their Emerald level shelf. This means you’re not limited to whatever strain happens to be on sale, but you can personally pick and choose what strain is best for you. Can’t decide what strain looks the best on the Emerald shelf? Don’t worry, the folks emerald-fields-ozover at Emerald Fields Glendale will allow you to mix and match when you’re constructing your ounce, meaning you can pick up a sativa for the daytime and an indica for the evening all at once. Or maybe you’re even more ambitious and want to sample several strains? Let your budtender at Emerald Fields know and they will hook you up with the strains you’ve been craving.

What else can I say about a deal this phenomenal? There is just no way to deny that we’ve entered the golden age of marijuana here in Colorado. Even when my friends were complaining right after legalization about how high the tax is, I kept telling them to simply wait a few years and the prices would drop, and I’m surprised at how quickly that happened. So if you’ve been dabbling with the idea of purchasing your first ounce of marijuana, the time is nigh. I’ll warn you now though, after all was said and done, we realized that we smoked our ounce faster than we would have smoked the $30 half eighths we usually purchased. With ounces at Emerald Fields for only $100 though, going back for seconds is easy and affordable. Better get to work on that first ounce, you’ve only got until December 31st to buy yourself a second!#JessetheGrove

Emerald Fields $100 Ounce
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Emerald Fields $100 Ounce
If you're looking to score yourself a $100 ounce head to Emerald Fields. This deal is only available at Emerald Fields Glendale location and only until the end of December.
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