Emerald Fields 420 Deals 2018

Emerald Fields 420 Deals 2018
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Every time 420 season comes around I’m forced to reflect on just how much cannabis use has evolved in the last half-decade. I recollect the old days of countless occasions of having to awkwardly sit on your dealer’s couch while he shuffles through bags of nameless, improperly-cured weed dredging up something smokable. There’s was also the fact of the price point as well. I will never forget the price tag attached to the first ounce of cannabis that I was able to purchase with my friends. It was a jaw-dropping $400. Besides the small miracle that my friends and I were able to scrounge up that much scratch, the sad truth of it all is that an ounce split between four friends just doesn’t go that far. It’s 2018 now and it’s nice to find out if we had 420 deals, like those at Emerald Fields in Glendale, for that same amount we could have each comfortably purchased our very own ounce of cannabis. This year Emerald Fields is pulling out the best deals on the shelf and passing the savings onto their customers. This 420 season, the deals go further than just ounce specials and both Emerald Fields locations are cooking up some really good savings.

Ounce special

This is the main event, the big deal, the price point on an ounce that would make younger me weep and how much money I spent. It’s a pretty cut-and-dry deal (pun intended). If you’re looking to get yourself an ounce of amazing chronic this 420, Emerald Fields, Glendale has your back covered with $90 pre-tax ounces. I lament how amazing this deal is even more when I realized that the Cannabis being sold in these $90 ounces is worlds better than what I got when we purchased our $400 ounce back in the day. Properly regulated growing, more efficient curing techniques, and a slew of other cannabis friendly tools have helped growers cultivate crops that simply blow those old strains that I used to smoke out of the water.Emerald Fields If you to remember how expensive Cannabis used to be you can celebrate with me at Emerald Fields and get out the door with an entire ounce for a quarter the price that it used to cost. Now that’s progress if you ask me.

Half-Ounce Special

While entire solo ounce would have enticed me back in the day, I definitely don’t have the time to smoke that much cannabis anymore. If you’re like me and have slowed down on the insane rate that you used to consume you might be more interested in this Emerald Fields special on half-ounces. Half Ounces will only cost you $50 (pre-tax) if you purchase at Emerald Fields Glendale this 420. It’s not quite as good a deal as the ounce special, it still has its merits. For instance, I do recall $50 used to be the going rate for an eighth back in the day. Now that’s 50 bucks will get you four times as much. That state tax on cannabis doesn’t seem so bad now does it?

Concentrates and Terps

GTH Fresh Terps-3
Another smokable that has enjoyed a meteoric rise in popularity in the marijuana world is concentrates. I’m definitely one to dabble with dabbing every once in a while but I have many friends who only dab. What does Emerald Fields have in store for them you might ask? how about mix and match grams of wax and shatter for only $25 (pre-tax). Concentrates are components of the cannabis world that I’ve seen drop rapidly in price since legalization. The first time I bought myself a gram of shatter it was $70. It was the high-end selection at the time but depending on where you’re shopping, you can still ring up a pretty penny on concentrate purchases even now. So, in other words, if you are looking to stock up on your supply of cannabis concentrates this 420, Emerald Fields in Glendale might be the perfect stop for you. Another great deal running at Emerald Fields is on their terpene supply. terpenes are the natural proteins inside all plants that account for their smells and flavors. Adding a small dip of terpenes to your next dab or joint is an excellent way to pack in additional flavors into your daily smoke. This 420 at Emerald Fields Glendale, you can grab a vile of terps for only $20 (pre-tax) and pump up the flavor of your next session. If you like all cannabis why not mix and match? Do a gram of shatter, a jar of terps, and a half ounce of cannabis and you can be out the door for around a hundred bucks!


Last but certainly not least is Emerald Field’s deal on pre-rolled joints.5 Dollar Joints-2 When pre-rolled joints first started hitting the shelves a few years ago a few of my friends ascertained that it would be entirely a niche market. “Why would people want to buy pre-rolled joints when they can just buy the leaf for cheaper and buy some rolling papers from the gas station?” Seemed to be a common statement I would hear. I can answer that question with one word, ease. There is something magical about rolling your own joints, but I can’t say that I personally will miss spending the extra five minutes this 420 rolling up a crappy little joint when I can have a professional stuff it into a cone for me. this deal on pre-rolled joints is going on at both Emerald Fields locations in Manitou Springs and in Glendale. The deal is simple. Along with your regular purchase, you can grab two pre-rolled joints for the price of one. That’s double the puff puff passes and exponentially less time than you would be spending if you were rolling them up yourself. Remember this deal is also available at both Emerald Fields locations so take advantage of it this 420.

Usually in a market when there is the financial race-to-the-bottom for who can have the cheapest prices the products suffer. I am glad to say that this is not turned out to be the case in the marijuana world. As cultivation practices improve and prices drop, the quality of cannabis has been staying on par or even going up in some situations. This 420 head into Emerald Fields for some of the best Savings in town, and whatever you do, don’t spend $400 on an ounce.#JessetheGrove