Emerald Fields Colorado Discount

Emerald Fields Colorado Discount
Emerald Fields Marijuana Discounts

What a great time it is to live in a great state like Colorado. As someone who’s lived here their entire life, I love just about everything about the place. From hiking in the mountains, rafting in the rivers, or simply going and getting drunk at a Rockies game. It was right after legalization that I first toyed with the idea of getting stoned before a Rockies game. The time was right, my parents had purchased tickets and they were driving my girlfriend and me down to the game. I arrived at their house and right before we left I downed roughly 25 milligrams of marijuana (not a massive amount but for a lightweight like me enough to do the job). By the time we had driven down to the stadium, parked, and entered I was feeling downright dandy. I did all my standard Rockies game traditions. I drank a beer, I spilled a loaded chili cheese dog all over myself, and I watched the Rockies make a valiant effort (they were doing very poorly). Since it was an off year, the stadium was only half full and since my girlfriend is cute, the people doing the century link challenge decided to prey on her. “Hello ma’am would you like to do the Century Link Challenge?” She casually said, “no, but my boyfriend will.” Filled with weedy overconfidence I gladly said yes! Another inning passed and I prepared myself with a camera man and minute little announcer girl. The time had come, “name as many states as you can East of the Mississippi in 15 seconds”. Sober Jesse would have rattled off his 13 original colonies, but stoned Jesse only got through 7 mostly since all I kept thinking in my head was “don’t say anything West of the Mississippi and look like an idiot”. Emerald Fields Concentrates-1Still having completed said challenge and embarrassed myself on the big screen I took my prizes and went for another snack. Looking out over the mountains from the back side of the stadium I was feeling just about as Coloradan as I’d ever felt. Next time I was in need of more edibles for a game, I knew where to go. I’ll go to a place that celebrates my Colorado ID by giving me discounts just for being who I am. Emerald Fields a recreational marijuana dispensary in Glendale and Manitou Springs is treating me and other Coloradans to a local discount every month.

Local Discount

Everyone knows that the tax on cannabis is relatively steep. While there was certainly a lot of bellyaching from my friends about that right after legalization their qualms have mostly waned away as the price of products has reached an all-time low. Emerald Fields still knows that it’s Colorado patrons are an important part of their business and while other spots keep incentivizing out of state visitors they’re offering local discounts. This 10% off local discount covers the majority of tax and it happens the 15th of every month. All you need to do to claim your 10% off for locals is to sign up for their free loyalty program and flash them your Colorado state ID. What could make it better? How about the fact that you’ll always get 10% off after joining their loyalty card program and that the discounts are stackable? That’s right, when you go into Emerald Fields on the 15th of the month to claim your local discount, you can save up to 20% off your entire purchase. That pretty much knocks out all of the tax and allows you to buy and browse all of Emerald fields products knowing you won’t take a hit from the city or state when it comes time to check out. As a special added bonus, as soon as you’ve signed up for the Emerald Fields Loyalty program you’ll also receive and added 5% off for the next month of purchases. So, for 30 days you can receive an additional 5% bringing you a potential saving of up to 25% off! This awesome local discount isn’t limited to just flower either. You can use your discount on any of Emerald Fields’ products and stock up for the entire month all on one day. Next time you need to stock up on cannabis there’s only one logical choice for where and when to do it, Emerald Fields on the 15th of the month.emerald-fields-3 Even more convenient is the fact that if you live in the metro area or in Colorado Springs you’re never too far from Emerald Fields. With Emerald Fields Manitou being one of the only recreational dispensaries near Colorado Springs, it’s the best option for recreational users down south. Up North, in Glendale, Emerald Fields is also open until midnight every night meaning that you can get your 20% local discount even if it’s late at night.

Next time you’ve decided that you’re going to go out for a uniquely Colorado activity remember the local discount at Emerald Fields. It’s a great way to stock up on product or maybe just get that one special edible that’s going to make you publicly humiliate yourself. Regardless of what you’re going in for or what you’re looking to accomplish there is simply no denying that knocking the tax off your marijuana purchase is a cool thing. While I may have some conflicting feeling when it comes to displaying bumper stickers that brag about being a native, when it comes to getting discount marijuana there should be no holding back. Emerald Fields has got your back and with a knock-out selection of products and a killer Coloradan discount. Now is the time to check out Emerald Fields So remember, you have plans the next 15th of the month, you’ve got it on the agenda to head into Emerald Fields and enjoy a local discount just for living in the coolest state around. Stay green my Colorado friends!#JessetheGrove

Emerald Fields Colorado Discount
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Emerald Fields Colorado Discount
On the 15th of Every Month Emerald Fields offers local Coloradans a 20% discount on all products in their late-night Glendale and Manitou Springs Locations.
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