Emerald Fields Discounts and Deals

Emerald Fields Discounts and Deals
Emerald Fields Marijuana Discounts

Anyone who remembers the cannabis market before legalization might recall some rather hefty prices and a plethora of potentially unsavory dealers that you had to cope with. Prices would fluctuate, dry spells would abound, and demand would set the market price as high as Jack, Zach, or Ryan would deem worthy. If you were never a part of this and only started to partake in marijuana after legalization, I’ll give you a quick scope on what it was like. To paint context, the first ounce of marijuana I ever bought back in the mid-2000’s cost me and my friends $350. At the time we all had saved up for weeks to get that amount of extra scratch and then sadly realized when we had an abundance of cannabis we smoked it twice as fast as we would have if we were simply buying the $25 sixteenths which is what we were accustomed to. Welcome to Colorado in the latter half of 2017. Things are very different. Now instead of needing to meet Jack in a Wendy’s parking lot, I can waltz into a gorgeous boutique like Emerald Fields in Glendale, Colorado and choose from dozens of different products. While I’ll admit back in the day, I sometimes was able to choose from two different strains, that is nowhere close to the massive selection of strains available at Emerald Fields. Starting this Friday, the 20th Emerald Fields (Glendale location only) is slashing the prices on their cannabis and concentrates for a limited time.

Emerald Fields $90 Ounce (Pre-Tax)emerald-fields-8

So, this was a real eye-opener for Mr. bought-an-ounce-for-four-times-this-much. I also hadn’t mentioned this, but the quality of the ounce that we bought back then would not have been good enough to sell in any dispensary nowadays. Emerald Fields has a selection of premium cannabis that is worlds better than what used to be available. Now I need to face the facts that not only was it insanely expensive back in the day, but it was also literally the quality of shake at most modern dispensaries. This deal at Emerald Fields for $90 ounces won’t be around forever so it’s worth stocking up now. If you’ve never had an ounce before, then I can tell you from personal experience, it’s bizarrely empowering to have a jar that’s literally filled to the brim with cannabis. There has never been a better time than now to feel the power of the ounce at Emerald Fields.

Emerald Fields $50 Half-Ounce (Pre-Tax)

While there is no denying that buying in bulk is the best way to save a few extra bucks, sometimes an entire ounce is just a little too much. I can personally relate to this. As the only one in my household who smokes if I were to buy an entire ounce for myself, I have no doubt that by the time I reached the bottom of the jar things would be rather stale. For those of you out there that don’t need the full power of an ounce or are simply looking to spend a little less than the full ounce price, Emerald Field’s $50 half ounce is the deal for you. I still can’t help but correlate the prices to back when the marijuana black market was thriving in Colorado. $50 was the price that we would expect to pay for an eighth, that’s if we weren’t being price gouged up to $60 for the “really good stuff”. Emerald FieldsThe truth of the matter was, the “really good stuff” was still nowhere near the quality of cannabis available at retail locations like Emerald Fields. If you’re in the market for a half ounce, this is the way to go. It’s still a great way to get a whole mess of marijuana for a fraction the cost you’ll find it elsewhere.

Emerald Fields $20 Eighth Out the Door

Now I know for many of you a half ounce may still be a little overkill. Especially for anyone who is visiting from out of town and might not have the time to enjoy an entire half-ounce before they depart colorful Colorado. For those of you who just want a quick and easy eighth, Emerald Fields has you covered as well. For only $20 you can snag an eighth of their premium cannabis. What makes this deal unique is that that is the out-the-door price. That means that on this $20 eighth you won’t be paying any additional taxes at all. If you can scrounge up a twenty-dollar bill then you’ll be set!

Emerald Fields $25 Gram of Shatter or Wax (Pre-Tax)

Extreme Diesel Wax-2Maybe you’re a little more new-school than me and are looking for something a little more potent than good ol’ fashioned buds. Emerald Fields in Glendale is also slashing the prices on a selection of their wax and shatter as well.Emerald Fields carries a robust selection of concentrates and when you can get your hands on a gram of their wax or shatter for only $25, that’s a hell of a bargain. If you’ve been hankering to go on a dabbing spree then there is no better place to start than at Emerald Fields to buy your wax and shatter.

These deals won’t last forever, so make sure to head on over to Emerald Fields in Glendale the first chance you get to partake in these phenomenal offers. It’s also worth mentioning that Emerald Fields in Glendale is also open late, and you can pick up your $90 ounce as late as 11:45 PM, well after all the Denver dispensaries have closed shop. It’s hard not to smile just knowing that I can get a better deal on cannabis than ever before. With higher quality products, better prices, no awkward parking lot deals, and hours that work with my schedule, Emerald Fields is making things in the marijuana industry the way I always dreamed they would be. Hello, Colorado 2017!#JessetheGrove

Emerald Fields Discounts and Deals
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Emerald Fields Discounts and Deals
Emerald Fields in Glendale, Colorado is slashing their prices. You can get $90 ounces, $50 half-ounces, $20 eighths, and $25 grams of shatter or wax.
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