Small Bud Ounce

Small Bud Ounce
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As much as cannabis culture changes overSmall Ounce Bud-3 the years it also stays the same. There have always been certain rules and etiquette towards cannabis consumption. When it comes to smoking there’s simple etiquette with a bowl and that is not to take more than one hit in a row (unless you’re one of the hardcore bowl-per-person kind of smokers). With the joint, however, puff puff pass is completely acceptable. There have always been certain very clear taboos as well. Some of these taboos, although devastating, seem to be unavoidable. Things like always breaking pipes like one of my friends always does (you know who you are). There is also much more mundane faux pas like leaving a pipe burning or spilling the weed out of the pipe or jar. While I cannot claim responsibility for having ever broken a piece of glass in my life (knock on wood) I can be held accountable for spilling weed. It’s shocking to me how legalization has quickly changed the grievousness of this mistake. About a week ago I was opening my grinder and due to a certain component of my profession was spacey enough to open it upside down and Spilled a rather formidable chunk of ground cannabis all about my table, floor, and lap. Aside from uttering a swear word, I realized this is nowhere near as big a deal as it used to be. back before legalization, I remember scrambling around on the floor for nearly hours on end picking small chunks of cannabis out of the carpet in a sad display. Eventually, when a mishap like this would happen I evolved to more refined ways of getting weed out of the carpet, like using a vacuum cleaner and a pair of pantyhose. Not pretty, but very effective. For this spill, I had an entirely different outlook. I scraped the residuals off the table and grabbed what I could off my lap. As for the ground-up bowls worth of cannabis that was strewn on the floor? I vacuumed it up, sans pantyhose, knowing its destination will be the trash can. You see I know a little secret (all right it might not be that much of a secret) cannabis is a hell of a lot cheaper than it used to be. In a move that’s rare for anything in life as the prices have dropped the quality has gone up. When I found out I could pick up an entire ounce of strain-specific small nuggets from Chronic Therapy in Wheat Ridge Colorado for only $90 pre-tax I was excited. While there have been deals out there for the hundred-dollar ounce for some time, the quality was sometimes lacking, which is not the case with the small bud ounce from Chronic Therapy. The strain highlighted in the small bud ounce during my visit was the infamous 303 Kush.

If you want to get your hands on a Small Bud Ounce from Chronic Therapy in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, do yourself a favor and give them a call ahead to make sure the ounces are flowing. The small bud ounces have become so popular that they can easily run out. Just call ahead and remember that due to local laws they may not be allowed to tell you the exact price of all products, but they can tell you if they are in stock.

303 Kush

303 Kush is not only an homage to the Denver area code, Small Ounce Bud-2but a phenomenal proprietary strain crafted by the genetic geniuses at Chronic Therapy. To give you a little bit on the basics of 303 Kush, it’s a medium-high range THC content strain, displaying an average THC content around 18-20%. The big highlights of this strain are its inherent Kush traits which give it a dark, dank aroma. In 303 Kush the aroma is unique in that it has a very robust earthy scent which seemed to compound the tendencies of its Kush genetics. Aesthetically, these buds display a perfectly rounded appearance. There aren’t too many hairs and there aren’t too few. There is a good amount of trichomes, but it doesn’t look like a comically large number that will knock me on my ass. As far as size goes, they range from small nuggets about the size of a pebble up to some rather formidable size chunks that would retail as standard size bud, as opposed to small bud, at most dispensaries. The smoke on 303 Kush is delightful. The flower itself produces a particularly robust haze after even the tiniest of hits, but it is also miraculously smooth for how dense it appears. This is a truly delightful smoke and the high that it instills is rather potent, but since it does have indica in its heritage it doesn’t tend to send me into the paranoia zone that some heavy sativas can. As for the tastes? The notes from the smell impart perfectly into the flavor of the smoke and create a bold, earthy taste with a balancing note of sweetness that sneaks its way in at the end. 303 Kush is some dank bud.

Small Bud Ounce

The small bud ounce at Chronic Therapy will Small Ounce Bud-1change frequently based off which strains they have small buds available in. One thing that will stay the same is the $90 pre-tax price and the caliber of the cannabis. This is a particularly appealing offer for me as someone who prefers popcorn nuggets over full-size chunks. There are several reasons that popcorn nuggets are superior. For one, they are already tiny and ready to be mercilessly jammed right into a pipe for imminent immolation, no breaking up required. Second, and perhaps most important, when you purchase a weighed-out portion of small nuggets you’re getting quite a bit more bang for your buck than with large buds. Large buds, are plagued with large stems that tend to weigh down the scale and end up leaving you with less flower then you paid for. With popcorn and small buds, there are no bulky stems in the mix and you’re getting all the flower that your dollar demands. I personally love me some small buds, and when I can get amazing strain specific batches of small buds for $90 pre-tax, that’s a deal that’s hard to pass up.

If you’re in the market for an ounce and have been looking for one that won’t break the bank and won’t compromise on quality, then you’ve found your mark! What makes the small bud ounce at Chronic so alluring to me as well is that the strain highlighted in the ounce will change based on the supply. That means that while you can look forward to a fresh ounce of 303 Kush now, there is likely going to be another exciting option next time you head to Chronic Therapy. The days of picking weed out of the couch have passed! No longer will I scrounge around on the floor looking for an iota of smokable flower when I can go pick myself up an ounce of phenomenal small bud for the same price that I used to pay for a quarter that much. Exciting times to be a cannabis smoker!#JessetheGrove

Small Bud Ounce
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Small Bud Ounce
$90 Small Bud Ounces are now on sale at Chronic Therapy, a recreational marijuana dispensary located in Wheat Ridge, Colorado.
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