Smokin Gun Discount Through CannaSaver

Smokin Gun Discount Through CannaSaver
Marijuana Discounts Smokin Gun Dispensary

I’ll never let my friends live down the first few months of legalization. I heard all the bellyaching, moaning, and groaning about how expensive it was and how high the tax was on cannabis. In my unending compassion, I told them all to stop bitching about it and to be happy that we could purchase and smoke weed legally, adding in the historical context that this hasn’t happened for a century. I also knew full well that as the industry started to gear up and as larger grows started to spawn around the state that the supply would someday match the demand and the prices would change from being expensive to comparable to the black market and eventually (as we are seeing today) significantly cheaper than the black market for cannabis ever was before legalization. It only took a few years for the deals to become prominent in the industry and for dispensaries all around to start bellowing the best bargains on buds. Smokin Gun, a recreational marijuana dispensary located in Glendale, Colorado is taking the best deals in town and making them even more appealing by staying open until midnight every night. Not only is Smokin Gun open late but they also are making the purchasing process even more exciting than the run-of-the-mill dispensary by taking patrons through a miniature history lesson all inside one of the most welcoming environments I’ve ever seen for any store (dispensary or not). This makes it an ideal stop for people who are here in Colorado to check out the cannabis scene, or locals who want to purchase their products from a classy establishment with unparalleled selection and unbeatable prices.

Saving Money at Smokin Gun with CannaSaver

One exciting new way to save a few bucks on your next purchaseCannaSaver 3 at Smokin Gun is by consulting the list of coupons that they currently have available at CannaSaver. I reached out to Gabriel from CannaSaver to get a better idea of how the process works and what kind of deals I can look forward to getting on my next visit to Smokin Gun. For starters, I asked Gabriel what kind of deals that customers can look forward to finding. The deals may change based off what Smokin Gun is offering that month or week and has posted on CannaSaver. Gabriel mentioned that “Currently, you are able to find great deals on Ounces of Flower, Concentrates and Edibles [from Smokin Gun].” This can save you a whole lot on your next purchase if you simply check their site before heading into Smokin Gun.

Having always found myself sitting on a rather copious amount of cannabis I’d never visited CannaSaver before, so I asked Gabriel a little about how their system works. I’ll admit it right out that I’m not the trendiest nor tech-savviest individual in the world (I type as I woefully check my antiquated windows phone). For this very reason, I had to ask Gabriel how coupons work on CannaSaver and if I needed to print coupons or could simply show them off on my phone. Gabriel confirmed that I can do it either way, “Users on CannaSaver are able to print as well as show an image of the coupon on your mobile device to a Smokin Gun Budtender.” This makes it much easier for luddites like myself that would prefer to print a physical coupon while still catering to the crowd of people my age that act their age and use technology to the fullest. He went on to say, “In fact, it states on your coupon when viewing it on your mobile device to display this coupon at time of purchase.” Knowing how easy it is to get started saving using CannaSaver at Smokin Gun, my final question involved looking at potential flash sales, or discounted deals that may only come about when a product is reaching its shelf life or a large order needs to be moved to make room for more inventory. Gabriel mentioned keeping an eye on Smokin Gun’s page to look for any deals that might arise on the spot. He also said to keep an eye out for flash deals on their main page, “they will show up on CannaSaver’s Daily Deals as well as Deals Near You. It is easy and simple to use and find your Smokin Gun Deals!”

Prohibition Pass-3

Ask about Smokin Gun’s Prohibition Pass and find out how to save even more!


There is no better way to buy marijuana than to buy it from an awesome location with awesome products and at an awesome price. If you’ve never been into Smoking Gun before and never checked out some of that amazing discounts available at CannaSaver, then now might be the time to start. Remember that the process is as simple as it can get, and once you find the deal you want to use at Smokin Gun you can print or simply flash your coupon on your phone to the budtender when you’re ready for checkout. So not to be that one smug guy saying, “I told you so” to all my friends when it came to weed prices, but hey I told them so. As the industry advances even more and as supply lines are bolstered between shops and grows the savings for you as customers are only going to get better and better. So, if you’ve got a hankering for a good old-fashioned evening of cannabis-fueled fun make sure to check out Smokin Gun and take a peek at their deals on CannaSaver before you head down.#JessetheGrove

Smokin Gun Discount Through CannaSaver
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Smokin Gun Discount Through CannaSaver
Smokin Gun is a recreational dispensary in Glendale, Colorado that’s open until midnight. Check, out some ways to save with Smokin Gun and CannaSaver.
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