Smokin Gun’s Prohibition Pass

Smokin Gun’s Prohibition Pass
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I’d be willing to bet that if you’re reading this right now, you have, will, or already are consuming a marijuana-based product. I’m also willing to take the bet that at some time in the not-too-distant future you’re going to run out of said marijuana-based product. If you’re a frequent recreational smoker looking for a better way to buy, then you should consider joining a local cannabis discount club like Smokin Gun Apothecary’s Prohibition Pass. Smokin Gun’s Prohibition Pass not only will get you access to special deals and promotions but is also an amazing way to save a little bit of cash if you’re a daily smoker.

Smokin Gun’s Prohibition Pass:Prohibition Pass 1

If you’re a good American consumer, chances are you might already have some sort of subscription service. Maybe it’s just an online streaming service to watch your movies or maybe you like to receive and an assorted box of knickknacks in the mail once a month. Have you ever thought that an even more practical monthly subscription would get you a healthy discount on your marijuana purchases? If you’re an avid fan of the kind, then there is only one service you should be signing up for, that’s Smokin Gun’s Prohibition Pass. The Prohibition Pass is a way for frequent marijuana shoppers to save buku bucks on their next marijuana product purchase at Smokin Gun Apothecary. Here’s how it all works out. You start by signing up for the Smokin Gun Prohibition Pass for $29.99 a month. Before you get worried by the phrasing “sign up” Smokin Gun has got your back with a non-contractual service, so you can cancel anytime you want with 15 days’ notice.

The Pass Pack:

As soon as you’ve signed up for The Prohibition Pass, you’ll be immediately rewarded with a welcome loot bag “The Pass Pack” which is loaded with merchandise and prizes from various different companies in the industry.

33% Off Your First Purchase:

Prohibition Pass-3
Now that the loot is out of the way, it’s savings time. You will get 33% off your next purchase at Smokin Gun Apothecary when you sign up for the Prohibition Pass. While this doesn’t include items that are already discounted, it only takes a bit of math to realize that if you’re planning on making a purchase that is over $100 you will already be saving money when you sign up for the prohibition pass. In fact, if you’re planning on making a large marijuana purchase in general, there is a whole lot of savings to be had right off the bat with a 33% discount.

$19.99 For Any 1/8th:

If you are one of those aforementioned daily smokers, chances are you go through a lot of weed on a daily basis. While I can’t say I’ve ever gotten to the “smoke an eighth a day” point, I certainly know people who are there. If you are finding yourself in the market for a daily fix, then you can expect as a Prohibition Pass member to always receive an eighth from Smokin Gun for only $19.99. This isn’t like some deals that limit you so certain shelves. With the Prohibition Pass $19.99 eighths, you can come in once a day to Smokin Gun and snag an eighth of any strain off their shelf.

$6 Unlimited Joints:Prohibition Pass-4

This is one of my personal favorite perks to the Prohibition Pass. If you’re a Prohibition Pass member you can walk into Smokin Gun and get yourself unlimited joints (up to the legal limit) for only $6 a pop. While this does exclude hash joints (for obvious reasons) It’s still an amazing service to be able to partake in when you’re in a rush and need a quick smoke, or if you want to treat your friends to a joint party!

$25 1G Of Wax & Shatter:

If you’re not a flower smoker and are instead more attracted to the realm of dabbing, then The Prohibition Pass has something in store for you too! Once per day, any Prohibition Pass Member can go into Smokin Gun and score themselves a gram of concentrate from Concentrated Love for only $25. The best part of this deal is, just like the $19.99 eighth a day, you can come back in every day and take advantage of this awesome concentrate price. Even if you’re not up for smoking a gram of shatter a day, you can always go in on it with a friend, or simply start your own Concentrated Love concentrate collection and capture an extract for every mood.

$149.99 Ounces:

If you’re finding that an eighth a day just isn’t enough for your blunt rolling habits, Smoking Gun’s Prohibition Pass also includes the enticing offer of $149.99 ounces. While the ounces are of select strains, Smokin Gun doesn’t deal in anything low quality. Always expect that you’ll find an ounce of high-quality Colorado chronic waiting for you whenever you’re ready to pick up a new ounce.

Medicinal Marijuana Prices Without a Med Card:Prohibition Pass 2

When legalization happened in Colorado something unexpected happened. Thousands of residents who had never even contemplated using marijuana for medicinal purposes found that it was an amazing way to treat a variety of symptoms and ailments. The problem for many though is that their conditions didn’t qualify them for medicinal marijuana. Things like PTSD, insomnia, and depression, while very real things, don’t make the list for medicinal marijuana despite the fact that marijuana can be very effective in treating all of them. One thing that makes the Prohibition Pass unique is that people who are ineligible for medicinal marijuana can still get medicinal marijuana prices on their products. In essence, you can get red card pricing without the doctor visit. This adds a whole new level to the Prohibition Pass making it not only a great way to save for recreational users but a boon for people seeking medicinal marijuana that may not be able to afford recreational prices to treat their symptoms.

Smokin SMS Specials & Access to Special Events:

Last, but certainly not least, Prohibition Pass members will receive exclusive text alerts through their phone, that include unique deals on products at Smokin Gun. This may include additional savings on strains or even discounts on edible products. As a Prohibition Pass member, you’ll also receive special access to events that happen at Smokin Gun, as well as over at Shotgun Willie’s and T-Bar. So not only will you get to save oodles on your weed purchase, but you’ll get the inside scoop on some of the latest happenings at the heart of Glendale’s nightlife.

If you’re serious about your smoking, dab away your days, or are just looking for a more affordable way to purchase your medicine, Smokin Gun’s Prohibition Pass has got the goods you need. As the Prohibition Pass reads “May our members never run dry”. Say goodbye to dry spells and say hello to the best bargain in town with Smokin Gun’s Prohibition Pass.#JessetheGrove

Smokin Gun's Prohibition Pass
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Smokin Gun's Prohibition Pass
Smokin Gun's Prohibition Pass will get you access to special deals, promotions, and is an amazing way to save a little bit of cash if you're a daily smoker.
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