Super Bowl Marijuana Deals

Super Bowl Marijuana Deals
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It’s Super Bowl time again! While I’d be remiss not to mention my bitterness for not seeing the Denver Broncos back again for another year, I’m honestly not surprised. That being said, just because your team isn’t playing doesn’t mean that beer isn’t still cold, and wings aren’t still delicious. Regardless, it’s the perfect time for me to bust out some puns related to loading super bowls of marijuana. And while it would have been nice if Green Bay had made it farther (so I could make puns about marijuana bowl packers) I’ll have to make do with what I’ve got and lament the fact that NRG Stadium got rid of its grass two years ago. All kidding aside, the Super Bowl would be incomplete without the addition of THC. At least in Colorado it’s become a staple next to the meat plate and nachos. If you’ve been looking for a way to save some money on your Super Bowl cannabis purchase, then allow me to oblige you with a couple of the best deals in town!

Super Bowl Concentrate Discountblackberry-kush-sugar-wax-3

If you’re a concentrate smoker, and are preparing yourself for a few celebratory dabs during the Super Bowl then you need to check out Chronic Therapy in Wheat Ridge Colorado. Chronic Therapy is running a deal on concentrates that will have you comfortable dabbing every commercial break with product to spare. Right now if you go into Chronic Therapy you can pick up 8 grams of their own house made wax from Chronic Creations for only $120. For those of you out there opposed to math, that comes out to $15 a gram. This isn’t some crappy bulk wholesale concentrate either. All Chronic Creations concentrates are top shelf and ultra-pure. Hell this deal is so good, I don’t care if you don’t even like football, you should probably get some of these extracts anyway while the price is this low!

Super Bowl Marijuana Discountgorilla-glue-2

If you’re not a concentrate person and are more of a classic bud smoker, then there is a deal for you up at The Station in Boulder Colorado. I’ll just say it flat out (flatter than Tom Brady’s balls), The Station is selling entire ounces of shake for only $50! Again this isn’t wholesale, but shake from The Station’s very own top shelf marijuana strains. To be blunt (which is just what you should be rolling with an ounce of shake) this is the cheapest I’ve ever seen marijuana of this caliber. While we all know shake isn’t as light and fluffy as fresh buds, for $50 I honestly have been thinking about making the trek up to Boulder myself for this deal. If you’ve been looking for a phenomenal deal on high-quality bulk marijuana, then the Station has got you covered.

Hopefully I’ve got you covered now, and hopefully the coverage is better than the Broncos defensive coverage was. So fire up those TV sets and prepare your beers, bowls, and bongs, you’re in for a very stoney Super Bowl LI. Sit back and relax with some marijuana on this most American of holidays!


Super Bowl Marijuana Deals
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Super Bowl Marijuana Deals
Looking for a way to save some money on your Super Bowl cannabis purchase? Allow me to oblige you with a couple of the best Colorado marijuana deals in town!
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