The Green Solution Concentrate Discounts

The Green Solution Concentrate Discounts
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If you’re having trouble concentrating on the newest inventions in the cannabis industry, let me shatter your concepts and wax away any flaky thoughts and doubts you may have about dabbling with the world of cannabis extracts. By the way, if you can’t handle bad puns, you’re in the wrong place. Cannabis concentrates have taken front and center stage in the cannabis industry over the last half decade and dispensaries like The Green Solution ® in Denver, Colorado has been leading the way by producing a massive variety of extracts through its own extraction company, Nectar Bee™. Nectar Bee™ and The Green Solution ® offer an unrivaled selection of different (and in some cases strain-specific) shatter, wax, rosin, hash, pie crust, oil, and resin. All of their extracts are produced in-house with cannabis plants from The Green Solution ®, all of which ensures that as a customer you can expect some of the purest and freshest concentrates in the world. Not only does The Green Solution ® offer some of the tastiest, freshest concentrates in town, but for a limited time, you can score some amazing discounts and deals on a huge variety of Nectar Bee™ extracts. If you’ve been on the fence about exploring cannabis concentrates, I’ll hash out some of the details on what’s what.


Cannabis Shatter is hailed by many to be the purest and most elevated form of cannabis extract. Golden, glassy honeycombs of THC goodness make Nectar Bee’s ™ Pure Shatter seem like a very fitting candidate for cannabis’ highest form. Shatter is created primarily for dabbing, but that doesn’t limit its versatility. As a huge bowl smoker myself, I’ve been known from time to time to put a small chunk of shatter into a fresh bowl to add a little oomph to my day. With potency weighing in from 65% up to a mind-numbing 85%, Pure Shatter from Nectar Bee™ packs a punch and tastes good doing so. You can pick up some of this amazing extract starting for as little as $17.95. If you would like to find out more about cannabis concentrates similar to Shatter, you may want to visit somewhere like

Pie Crust

Nectar Bee™ Pure Pie Crust,pie-crust-closeup-4 sometimes known as flake, is an extra flavorful and easy to dab extract known for its buttery smooth texture and trademark holes and divots. On paper, while very similar to shatter, Pure Pie Crust exhibits a much softer consistency and is less likely to crack and end up on the floor while you’re digging in your dabbing tool. Another concentrate formulated for dabbing, pie crust is the perfect extra-flavorful extract for your rig. With THC concentrations ranging from 65% – 80% Nectar Bee’s™ Pure Pie Crust is a real delicacy that will treat you to an outstanding high. The Green Solution ® has Nectar Bee™ Pure Pie Crust for $19.95 and up.


If you’ve been looking for a perfect starter concentrate, then I would recommend taking a peek at some of Nectar Bee’s ™ wax options next time you visit The Green Solution ®. Nectar Bee ™ currently produces two different types of wax, wax4-1Pure Wax and Natural Live Wax. Nectar Bee’s™ Pure wax is crafted using a solvent-based process utilizing hundreds of different varieties of strains to create unique blends and strain-specific varieties. Pure Wax is crumbly and smooth, and while it’s ideal for dabbing, can also be used to top a bowl or used in addition to bud inside a joint or blunt. Nectar Bee’s ™ Pure Wax bears concentration levels ranging from 65%-85%, and starting at only $17.50 is a real bargain for anyone looking for affordable concentrates. Nectar Bee ™ Natural Live Wax is a real next level concentrate. Unlike the Pure Wax, it’s created using a solvent-less ice water extraction process on frozen buds. This yields immaculate piles of golden blonde crumbles which are ideal for bowl topping and have a flavor second to none. While the Natural Live Wax can be dabbed as well, it takes a warm dab tool and a little bit of skill to coax it onto a nail. The more modest THC potency levels ranging from 25%-55% are compensated by some of the most amazing flavors and smells imaginable from this solvent-less extract. You can pick up some Nectar Bee™ Natural Live Wax starting at $22.50.


Nectar Bee™ Pure Live Batter, live-resin-closeup-7sometimes known as live resin, is a truly unique cannabis concentrate, with flavors that you have to taste to believe. While produced in a very similar manner to Nectar Bee™ Pure Wax, The Green Solution ® has a trick up its sleeve when it comes to production time. Instead of using already cured buds, The Green Solution ® flash freezes plants to lock in all of the flavors and terpenes before extraction. The same solvent-based process is performed as on their wax, except this time, since the flowers were frozen while they were fresh, the flavors and smells are transferred in a manner that preserves the essence of the plant. Pure Live Batter is at its best when dabbed, but it can also do an admirable job adding flavor and complexity to a bowl or joint. Nectar Bee™ Pure Live Batter has a respectable potency ranging from 55% up to a formidable 70% THC. You too can get a sample of some of the best tasting batter in town starting at $20.25.


You’ll find two different types of hash live-sift-closeup-3on the shelf when you visit The Green Solution ®, Pure Jelly Hash and Natural Hash. Nectar Bee™ Pure Jelly Hash is just about as back-to-basics as you can get. This hash, which is very similar to finger hash, is created by congealing cannabis oil with kief. The end result is tight little balls of high content THC, which are perfect for bowl topping or, if you’re brave, smoking on its own inside a pipe or a joint. As one of the most labor intensive concentrates around, Pure Jelly Hash starts at $34.95, but it’s well worth it for the flavors and high induced by these little nuggets of extract. Nectar Bee™ Natural Hash, sometimes known as bubble hash or ice water hash, is one of the purest forms of cannabis extract on the market. The ice water extraction process on sweet leaf yields a crumbly bowl topper, that is just sticky enough to get on your fingers, but not sticky enough to congeal for dabbing. With potency ranging from 25% up to 55%, if you’ve been looking for a way to combat your ever-growing tolerance to cannabis you can pick up a batch of this extremely affordable extract starting at only $7.46.


You know it, you love it, it’s kief. kief_3-2When you shake the little trichomes off of a fresh nugget of cannabis and are left with a little pile of sugary goodness, you have kief. What sets Nectar Bee’s ™ Natural Live Kief apart you may ask? Unlike many dispensaries that collect their kief from already cured plants, The Green Solution ® and Nectar Bee ™, harvest their tiny trichomes from freshly frozen raw cannabis plants. This assures that all of the weedy flavors are preserved for the perfect smoking experience. Natural Live Kief is best utilized by sprinkling over a bowl, or if you’re feeling industrious, can be sprinkled onto the outside of a twaxed joint. With a THC potency ranging from 25% up to a hearty 55%, Natural Live Kief is the perfect addition when you want to add some flavor and strength to your daily bowl. Not only is it delectable, but it’s also affordable, starting at only $11.36.


If you haven’t heard of or tried Rosin rosin-closeup-v2-6before, you’re missing out. The Green Solution’s ® very own Nectar Bee ™ Natural Rosin is the highest THC content solvent-less product you may ever find. Natural Rosin is produced in a similar manner to their Natural Hash except with an added pressure treatment at the end. This treatment mashed the trichomes into an amalgam of THC laden concentrate that is similar in texture and consistency to shatter. While not as translucent as shatter and not as soft as pie crust, Nectar Bee™ Natural Rosin, is truly the pinnacle of solvent-less extracts. With a very potent THC content ranging from 60% up to 75%, this dab-ready extract is the purest high money can buy. Starting at only $16.87 it’s a remarkably clean extract that anyone can afford.


If you’ve been looking for cannabis tgs_lightboxes_fall2016_04-8oil in either syringe or disposable cartridge form, then The Green Solution® and Nectar Bee™ have you covered. Using a standard solvent extraction process, Nectar Bee’s™ Pure Oil Cartridge and Pure Oil C-Ringe provide an excellent low-odor cartridge and a pure oil that’s ready to be dabbed or vaporized. Not only are the oils used in both products extra-pure, but they also bear a potency ranging from 30% to 85% and come in sativa, indica, and hybrid varieties. You can pick up Nectar Bee™ Pure Oil Cartridge starting at $29.95 and Pure Oil C-Ringes as low as $22.50. If you’re looking for a concentrate that utilizes a CO2 extraction process, then you should take a look at Nectar Bee’s™ Ultra Pure Oil Cartridge and Ultra Pure Oil C-Ringe. It starts with the same wonderful leaf from The Green Solution® but rather than using a standard solvent-based extraction process, Nectar Bee™ utilizes the power of CO2 extraction to create crystal-clear oil for their Ultra Pure line. With comparable THC contents to the Pure line, Nectar Bee’s™ Ultra Pure Oil Cartridge and Ultra Pure Oil C-Ringe are too good to pass up, starting at $34.95 and $20.97 respectively.

The Green Solution Discounts and Deals

Now that you know what you’re looking for, let’s talk about how you can save in the process. Having seen prices on extracts from around the state, I can tell you right off the bat that the concentrates produced by Nectar Bee™ are extremely competitive in their pricing. This fall you can save even more than normal with special deals from The Green Solution®. If you’re like me and enjoy buds as much as concentrates, then you should take advantage of The Green Solution’s® Bowl Toppers deal. If you purchase any flower during your visit, then you will automatically receive a 10% discount on one of Nectar Bee’s™ select concentrates. I would recommend some Natural Live Kief or Natural Hash for the best bowl-topping experience. If you’re not into flower, and are all extracts, all the way, then The Green Solution® Bulk Oil deal is right for you. This deal allows you to mix and match four different concentrates from The Green Solution’s® Nectar Bee™ products and save a total of 10% off the extracts. Four grams not enough? If you really want to stock up, buy 14g or more from The Green Solution® and save a phenomenal 25% off your concentrates. Still not enough incentive? Hurry in fast, while their supplies last, everyone purchasing over $35 in concentrates will receive a free gift!

There you have it. An unrivaled selection of different concentrates with unmatched purity and discounts that fit into any budget. If you’ve been hesitant to start, The Green Solution® has the perfect way to get your feet wet. Check in store for one of three separately priced dab kits. Each kit comes with everything you need to get started dabbing. With the Nectar Glass Straw set starting at $39.95 there’s pretty much no excuse not to try. Not only do all of the kits come with a torch, smoking device, and fuel, but every set comes with a batch of Nectar Bee™ Pure Wax Concentrate. You can spend more than $40 on concentrates alone at other dispensaries, so these dab kits are practically a steal when you do the math. Hopefully, now you know a little more about what’s what in the world of concentrates. I’ll also add the caveat, that this is in no way an exclusive list of all of the concentrates out there. As new methods and extraction processes come out daily, the industry of cannabis concentrates evolves and adapts to meet the needs of customers and patients alike. So whether you’re a seasoned dabbing professional or an old school hippy ready to experience the high of the twenty-first century, Nectar Bee™ and The Green Solution® are here to welcome you with open arms and pure golden cannabis concentrates.

The Green Solution Concentrate Discounts
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The Green Solution Concentrate Discounts
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