The Green Solution Halloween Discounts & Deals

The Green Solution Halloween Discounts & Deals
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It’s that time of year again. It’s time for my favorite holiday, Halloween. While I know you’re all saying, “Halloween’s not an adult holiday,” if you give me any excuse to dress up in a costume and make a fool of myself all while eating copious amounts of sweets, I’m taking it. Now that we live in a day and age where I can purchase legal Colorado cannabis, I’m going to take any holiday as a perfect reason to celebrate with cannabis. The Green Solution ®, a Colorado dispensary chain, is getting in on the fun with deals on concentrates and a full selection of edibles to reward yourself with some sugary treats ranging from truffles to gummies. Check out some of The Green Solution ® Halloween specials today and make sure that you’re the life of the party at your next pumpkin carving session. I make no promises that you’ll be able to make a perfect jack-o-lantern when you’re high, but it can’t hurt to try out some of The Green Solution’s ® concentrates if you need some inspiration on what to carve.

Cannabis Concentrate Discounts and Deals

Looking for Halloween cannabis deals? Lookmip-tgs-11 no further. The Green Solution ® has one of the largest selections of concentrates anywhere in the state, and there are some hauntingly attractive ways to save on your next extract purchase. If you’re a bud smoker, like me, but still are in need of some concentrates to throw into the mix, take a peek at some of The Green Solution’s ® bowl toppers. Nectar Bee ™ Kief is the perfect addition to any bowl and is one of the most affordable bowl toppers out there starting at only $11.36. If you’re looking to make that kief even cheaper, then take advantage of The Green Solution’s ® Bowl Topper Deal. If you purchase any flower during your next visit, you will automatically receive 10% off your purchase of select Nectar Bee™ concentrates. Remember, whoever brings weed to the next party may be lauded as a hero, but if you bring along a jar of golden Nectar Bee ™ kief to your next party, you’ll be a legend. If you’re not much of a bud smoker and are into the realm of dabbing, The Green Solution ® has another epic Halloween cannabis deal for you! You can moon-rocks-1come into any Green Solution ® location and save 10% off of your purchase of extracts if you buy four grams or more. What makes this deal even more exciting is that you can mix and match any with any four Nectar Bee ™ one gram concentrates. That means you could get some Pure Caviar or moon rocks, ooze some Nectar Bee ™ Pure Oil over it, and then sprinkle it with Natural Hash and Kief, to create a Halloween bowl that will get you scary high. Since The Green Solution ® produces all of their amazing concentrates through Nectar Bee ™ at their own private blasting facility, you can rest assured that any products that you’re purchasing are lab tested for potency and contaminants to make sure that you’re smoking the safest, cleanest extracts.

Cannabis Edibles

Let’s not play coy, while dabbing and smoking may be all good and fine, the real joy of the Halloween season is eating obscene amounts of sweet treats. If you’re in the market for cannabis-infused gummies, chocolates, or baked goods, then you absolutely need to check out The Green Solution’s® Nectar Bee ™ mip-tgs-13edibles. Nectar Bee ™, using the same in-house created extracts you can buy in any Green Solution ® location, creates a full line of edibles that are sure to sate your sweet tooth. If you’re a chocolate lover (you are my ilk) then you should take a look at some of Nectar Bee’s™ infused chocolate bites. Grasshopper chocolates mix luscious chocolate with fresh cooling mint to create an infused treat that pairs perfectly with coffee. Nectar Bee ™ Cookies & Cream bars are the perfect amalgam of creamy icing with a dense chocolate base. Of course, they wouldn’t be complete without the obligatory sprinkling of chocolate cookie crumbles on top. If you want a hint of caramel with your chocolate, then you absolutely need to try out Nectar Bee ™ Chocolate Caramels. These infused chocolate caramels are so delicious, that you’ll wish they didn’t even have cannabis in them so you could eat even more. I also feel like I need to mention my absolute favorite edible from The Green Solution ®, Nectar Bee ™ Brookies. Ever since my first dalliance with these cookie brownie hybrids, I haven’t been able to get enough of them. A sinful combination of dark moist brownie top meets a crumbly cookie bottom to form an infused cannabis treat that’s simply too good to pass up. More of a fruit person than a chocolate person? No worries. The Green Solution® has all the fruity mip-tgs-14treats that you could ever desire all under one roof. If citrus is your weakness, then Nectar Bee ™ Key Lime Truffles and Key Lime Bars should be the choice for you on your next visit. These tart and sweet infused cannabis treats are the perfect accouterments for your Halloween plans. If you want a fruity treat to suck on, then check out the full line of Nectar Bee ™ Lozenges. With flavors like cinnamon, strawberry, butterscotch, and rainbow sherbet, these little hard sugar gems are the perfect adult treat to enjoy this fall. Although, the summer may be over, that doesn’t mean it’s too late to enjoy an icy cannabis-laden snack. Nectar Bee ™ Grape and Cherry Icicles are cool fruit-infused delights, that are just like the frozen sugar pops you may remember from yesteryear.

Consume Responsibly

In a panic, you run from room to room. Your heart races and you’re sure that there is a man with a chainsaw around the next corner. Sounds like a fun haunted house right? Actually, I’m describing the feeling of consuming too much cannabis. If you’ve never experienced the paranoia caused by consuming too much cannabis, let me tell you, it’s not fun and it’s very easily avoided. This Halloween make sure that your treat doesn’t become a trick, and follow the tried and true rule for consuming cannabis: start low and slow. When consumed, cannabis takes a much longer time to affect you, so don’t assume it’s not working and eat more than a recommended dosage or you might regret it. All of The Green Solution ® Nectar Bee ™ products are clearly labeled with milligram contents, and for beginners, it’s recommended that you start out with 10 milligrams and wait at least two hours for effects before consuming any more. Even then, be careful that there isn’t a lurking cumulative effect, and only eat additional 10-milligram doses. Don’t ruin your Halloween or your vacation sitting on a couch with Blue Widowthe world spinning. If you have any questions on dosage, ask a retail associate at any of The Green Solution ® locations about their full selection of edibles and a dosage that’s right for you.

There you have it my fellow ghosts and ghouls, the perfect way for adults to celebrate this fall. So if you’re hosting or attending a Halloween party this year, you should plan a trip by The Green Solution ® before the festivities start. Remember, not everyone has the desire to partake in cannabis-infused products. As of October 1st of this year, it is mandated by the MED that all cannabis-infused edibles are clearly labeled THC on the food item itself. This is a tell-tale sign on any cannabis edibles produced after the first and is already in effect on Nectar Bee ™ products at The Green Solution®. Now you know what to look for at The Green Solution®, and you know how you can save a few bucks on your next concentrate purchase, so what are you waiting for. It’s trick or treat time, get out there and fill your carry-out bags with loot, The Green Solution ® has just what you desire.#JessetheGrove



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