The Station 420 Deals 2018

The Station 420 Deals 2018
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If you consider Colorado to be the very heart of the new age of recreational marijuana then the heart of that heart would undeniably be Boulder, Colorado. Boulder has always had an affinity with cannabis, even way before legalization I remember it as being the kind of marijuana Mecca even for Coloradans. Whenever 4/20 season would come around, a visit to Boulder was almost obligatory. I will shamelessly admit that many 4/20s I should have been in class for were spent in Boulder eating snacks and smoking weed out in a field with a bunch of like-minded individuals. As much as things change they also stay the same. Boulder is still a pilgrimage point for many Colorado cannabis connoisseurs. What has changed is the fact that I no longer need to purchase my cannabis from a stranger in a park when I visit Boulder. Now I can enjoy beautifully cultivated cannabis from dispensaries like The Station. This year The Station is pulling out all the stops with deals on flower, concentrates, topicals, caviar, and swag. The deals last all day and depending on what you are looking for might constitute a trip to this oh-so-sacred weed city.

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Flower 420 DealsG13-1

If you’re like me there’s one thing that any 420 can’t do without, that’s good old-fashioned flower. While, of course, I have my frequent dalliances with edibles and concentrates, my tried-and-true favorite is bud. This year The Station is taking their deal on flowers to the next level. If you have never tried any of the cannabis from The Station, you’re doing yourself a great disservice. This marijuana is absolutely phenomenal, including a large variety of house-grown strains. What makes these flowers so special for 420 you might ask? How about an entire ounce of this amazing grow for only $88.40*? That would be a hell of a deal for crappy marijuana much less for grade-A top-shelf Station cannabis. If you’re a big-time flower smoker like me then this is one deal you can’t pass up.

Concentrates 420 Deals

Perhaps you’re more pulled to the persuasion of concentrates. The Station has plenty of deals out there for all you concentrate maniacs as well. If you’re wanting for wax, take advantage of The Station’s deal on Denver Dab Co. wax. You can pick up two grams of this amazing wax for only $27.32*. What makes most of this wax unique is that it is produced by Denver dab Co using fresh strains grown by the station. tea-tree-sugar-wax-3The Cannabis from The Station’s superior grows mixed together with Denver Dab Co’s masterful extraction and blending processes makes for some sugary wax that is to die for! If you’re totally about the terpenes The Station has a deal on live resin going on as well. Live resin is the absolute cream of the crop, top-shelf cannabis extracted gently to maintain terpene profiles and provide a flavor that simply surpasses all other forms of concentrate. You can pick up two grams of live resin for $64.30* this 420 at The Station. If You’re looking for a more natural form of concentrates, then you might want to get in on The Station’s bubble hash. Their bubble hash will be retailing for $30* a gram this 420. Bubble hash is the best of both worlds. Unlike some other forms of concentrates, bubble hash is produced using a solventless process. That means no harsh chemicals ever touch this delicious bubble hash and all of its amazing flavors are preserved naturally.

Caviar 420 Deals

Don’t know what caviar is? Depending on what region of the country you’re from you may know them as moon rocks. Regardless what you call these little suckers the basic formula stays the same. Take fresh nuggets slather then in cannabis oil and then coat them with fresh keif. This makes for a sinfully delicious cannabis smokable that is sure to give you that heady tingle. This 420 you can swing by The Station and pick up two caviar-loaded joints for only $14.46*. If you’ve never smoked a caviar joint before, let me give you a small piece of advice. Bring a friend; this is some potent stuff.OG Sin X Grape Caviar-1 Also, if you’re planning on stocking up on your cannabis supply at The Station this 420, if you make a purchase over $100 you can snag one of these amazing caviar joints for only $4.20*.

Topicals and Swag 420 Deals

The Station hasn’t forgotten about those of you out there that don’t like to consume cannabis but would rather use it topically. The Station is offering 15% off all topicals on 420 this year. If you’ve been looking for a way to save on your topical applications of cannabis this 420 this is the chance you’ve been waiting for. There’s another added little bonus this 420. If you end up spending more than $95 on your purchase The Station will hook you up with a shirt for only $4.20*. With all these deals going on, the hard part is going to be spending that much!

This year’s 420 will be yet another one for the record books. After several years now of celebrating 420 legally, I can’t see that it’s lost any bit of its charm. While the rebellious nature of it might be somewhat squelched out by the new legal status of cannabis in Colorado, that doesn’t make 420 any less of a fun! Whether you make your yearly pilgrimage to Boulder or not is up to you, but if you do find yourself up by the Flatirons this 420 don’t forget to swing by The Station and get fueled up on green!#JessetheGrove