Alpenglow Botanicals | Review : Breckenridge, CO

Alpenglow Botanicals | Review : Breckenridge, CO
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Let’s face it, we’ve been spoiled here in Colorado with our legal cannabis. Running into a dry-spell where you can’t find any weed is simply a thing of the past. But trust me, when it did happen in the past it was always a bit disheartening to say the least. During one particular dry spell back in 2000-something, I was passing some time at the Starbucks, waiting for my “friend” to swing by, hopefully with a green bounty. Much to my dismay, he pulled up in his father’s old Volvo, bearing no gifts, and mentioned that even he had needed to go without over the last week. We hopped in his father’s car and, resigned to being cannabis free for the evening, decided a movie was in order. Just as we had given up hope, one of my friends opened the glovebox and in the bottom corner was a tiny nugget of the crummiest, driest, schwagiest brick weed to ever come out of Mexico – we were so excited! Not asking why it was in the glovebox of our friend’s father’s car, we simply partook of our newfound bounty. It seems like a lifetime ago now since you could even find brick weed in Colorado. But you still can’t surpass that wonderful feeling of finding weed right when we wanted it most. Just like the illusive glove box nugget, hidden away in a strip mall off of airport road in Breckenridge you’ll find Alpenglow Botanicals. Alpenglow is a modern, streamlined recreational dispensary designed to serve the swarms of skiers who flock to Breckenridge every autumn. There are no dry spells here and, needless to say, both the quality and selection simply put the old Volvo’s glove box selection to shame.

I walked into Alpenglow and, to my Alpenglow Botanicalssurprise, was already right up against the bud counter. I was greeted by Matt, Jordan, David, and roughly 15 different strains to choose from on their shelf. David started my bud tour with one of the dispensary favorites, and a real crowd pleaser, Mango Kush. Mango Kush is an indica-dominant strain with a heavy hitting 24% THC content and a plethora of glistening little trichomes to augment its aesthetics. The smell of Mango Kush is expectedly fruity, but also has a lot of dankness to it too, thanks to the Kush in its lineage. Best of all, it’s one of the house favorites, and will most likely always be on the shelf. Next up, David grabbed a sample of their Chocolate Heaven. While I wouldn’t go so far as to say the Chocolate Heaven smelled like chocolate, it did smell extremely sweet. The bud structure was also phenomenal, even the calyxes on these nuggets were covered in trichomes, and just begging to be burnt. I finished off with a peek at their Agent Orange. If you’ve ever had Agent Orange before, then you know just how splendid this strain is. Alpenglow’s Agent Orange did not disappoint. With a hint of orange, a hint of sweet, and Alpenglow Botanicalsa whole lot of hairs, this is what Agent Orange should look like. If you’re just visiting and looking for an easy way to scratch that itch, Alpenglow has a large selection of extremely affordable $5 pipes, perfect for a toke n’ toss session. If loose leaf isn’t the thing you’re in the market for, Alpenglow has you covered with strain specific pre-rolls in either singles or a 5 pack, depending on how industrious you’re feeling.

Moving on to Concentrates, David mentioned that Alpenglow was just finishing the extremely arduous process of getting their MIP license to produce their own concentrates. This is extremely exciting; anytime a dispensary is able to blast their own concentrates, everyone wins. The dispensary saves money since they no longer need to ship out their products for extraction, and therefore can lower the cost on the concentrates they sell, and pass the saving on to you as the customer. Besides saving you money, its eco-friendly and, let’s be honest, just downright cool to know your cannabis was grown, cultivated, and concentrated in-house. In the meantime, Alpenglow has a several different waxes, shatters, and oils to choose from, blasted using their Alpenglow Botanicalsproducts by Lab 710. If you’re a vape pen user, you’re in luck, not only does Alpenglow carry O.pen, but more specifically, the O.pen reserve. This badass pen isn’t cut with any propylene glycol and is instead 100% pure C02 extracted cannabis.

To finish off my visit, I took a look at their edible and topical selection. The staples were all there, including Star Barz, IncrEdibles, Cannapunch, Canyon Cultivations, Blue Kudus, Wana, and Loves Oven. A few other edibles made an appearance like tea-pot with some amazing looking medicated teas, including Raspberry, Orange Cinnamon Spice, and Crimson Berry (decaf). I also wasn’t too surprised to see a mountain town staple, Ganjalas. These little taffy strips taste pretty darn good, and really do pack a wallop for those out there who have built up a tolerance. Their topical selection was also very nice for being a recreational location, and not only did thAlpenglow Botanicalsey have patches and pens from Mary’s Medicinals, but they also carried lotions and slaves from Apothecanna as well. I can see topicals like this being very popular to sooth the aches and pains of someone just getting off of the slopes.

There you have it, a great selection that won’t run dry ready to suit your needs next time you visit Summit County. If there’s one thing Alpenglow’s done right (other than having some awesome staff members and formidable selection) it’s the streamlining they’ve performed at their bud counter. If you’re looking for a spot that can get you high quality cannabis and do it quickly and efficiently, look no further. Looking back, I may never know why there was a nugget of weed in the glove box of that old Volvo, but if I’ve learned anything over the years, it’s not to scoff at free weed. In the case of Alpenglow, the weed might not be free, but it sure does hit the spot!

If you get an opportunity to visit Alpenglow Botanicals Breckenridge, Colorado let them know you heard of them through the Dope Directory, and please give them a rating.



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