Altitude The Dispensary East | Review : Denver, CO

Altitude The Dispensary East | Review : Denver, CO
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It’s happened to all of us, you’re tired, lazy, and busy. Finally, you cave in and swing into the drive through window in a desperate attempt to scrounge up enough sustenance to sustain you to your next meal. As you bite into your taco, all you can think about is how guilty you feel about eating processed food. Then again, it was just so easy. The menus were simple and laid out before you, and everything was streamlined to get you in and out with relative ease. Altitude East dispensary may be analogous to a fast food restaurant in the sense that it’s quick, efficient, and affordable, but the analogy doesn’t fit perfectly due to the high quality product on location. You don’t need to feel guilty about patronizing Altitude East; and even better, it won’t have any adverse effect on your waistline, except for the Cheetos you will inevitably pick up at the store on the way home.

As I found my way to the main entrance of the dispensary, I was presented with my first surprise in the form of a large and fairly well maintained parking lot. There was an abundance of spaces and the storefront was clean cut, including a masterfully poured concrete ramp and patio with shade. I walked through the front door into a small room and was greeted behind the window by Joel who initiated the common process of the ID check and then guided me to their waiting area. Right as I crossed the threshold, I knew I was in for just the right weed experience. Cool wafts of minty floral goodness accosted my nose. Quite fitting to the context, Cheech and Chong were waiting for me on the big screen TV, ready to prepare patrons for their transcendental herbal experience. It was only a moment in the impeccably furnished waiting area before I was summoned past the next door and up to the counter.

As I entered, I passed the small medical counter and started my experience on the recreational side of things. This is the part where you can take or leave my fast food analogy; there were 3 budtenders working between the rec and med side, and if I wanted to get in and out fast, I have no doubts that it could have happened in a heartbeat. If, however, you want a laid back visit, the employees are more than willing to throw some metaphorical indica into to the process, and slow it down to answer all your questions. My budtender, Max, despite giving me the caveat that he was a new employee, already knew the ropes and gave me the rundown on the location. The selection of strains and concentrates wasn’t large, but smacked of quality. In the edible department, all the basics were covered from Loves Oven products to a selection of sodas. They also had a small selection of smoking devices. Even though there was a limited number of smoking tools, they again had all that you need to get started from precious little glass rigs to Atmos vape pens. Many of the smoking devices they had on location were very well priced and could be used as nice cheap vacation pipes.

The medical counter was much smaller than the recreational counter, but included all of the basics, and again unlike a fast food restaurant, has your health in mind. They had all the basic topical products you would need from lotions to lip balms. In the back of the cabinet was an intriguing looking tea and some basic candies from The Growing Kitchen. Also available on the medicinal side of things were small baggies with seeds from select top shelf strains just waiting to go home to a loving, compassionate new owner.

Just when I was sold on the simplicity and ease of navigating the store and the products, Max threw in an additional perk. Let’s be honest: every hour in a weed store is a happy hour, but from 2:00 PM to 4:20 PM every Monday through Friday, Altitude East throws in additional incentive to “happy up” your visit. 10% off all buds, buy two get one half off edibles, and $10 off of your purchase of wax. Definitely worth planning your visit for happy hour pricing. So come and indulge yourself but, as Cheech would say, “Responsibility is a heavy responsibility! “ So if this is one of your first times in a dispensary, don’t be afraid to ask about strength of the products, and the staff will be more than willing to educate you in the wide world of weed.

In my opinion, Altitude East is a great place to service both newcomers and seasoned dispensary nomads. If you know what you want, this can be a great place to swing by (preferably during happy hour) and pick up some affordable high quality product and get in and out in flash. If you’re just visiting Colorado, or are new to the scene, this is also a great location for a first visit. The parking is simple, the facility isn’t large or overwhelming, and the staff are completely willing to slow it all down for you and help you pick out the product that’s just right for you. Swing in grab some buds and buy yourself a nice little $10 pipe to make your hotel room much more interesting. Altitude makes up for its modest selection by having a large scope in the sense that they seem to have at least one of everything. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable, and also, if you’re coming from Aurora, it is the first dispensary you will hit in the Evans lineup. In retrospect, maybe it’s best to think of Altitude East as ordering to go from that nice little Italian restaurant down the street, minus the heartburn of course.#JessetheGrove

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