Altitude Wellness Center : Denver, CO

Altitude Wellness Center : Denver, CO
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I know you’ve done it, I’ve done it, and hey – even your grandma has done it too. Get your mind out of the gutter; I’m talking about bargain hunting. Whether it’s just an intrinsic part of being American, or if it’s just a sign of the times, there is no denying that thrill you get from saving money. When you see that big “buy one get one half off” sign in the supermarket, it’s hard to resist taking advantage of that offer and getting that extra pie that you’ll hate yourself for buying later. My mother always calls it the fine art of spaving (that is spending while you save). The search for bargains doesn’t end at the supermarket: when it comes time to refill your supply of medical marijuana, the market is undeniably rife with spaving opportunities. Out of the plethora of medical dispensaries I’ve visited, I don’t think I’ve ever encountered one that gives you more opportunities to save than Altitude Wellness Center.

This Denver medical dispensary is located right in the heart of what used to be my old high school stomping ground. This location is a great spot to grab some medication and then go grab a bite to eat across the street at Citron Bistro, or at India’s (my favorite Indian restaurant in the state). In this hub of small businesses, it only seems right that the family-owned Altitude Wellness Center would pick this spot to settle in. I went upstairs, and was greeted by Crissy the manager. I found out that she was also the niece of the owner, and the significant other of the head grower for their two dispensaries in Denver and Garden City. Already pleasedAltitude Wellness Center Denver that I was in a family owned business, my attention wavered to their whiteboards stating the deals of the day being announced by a few wonderfully drawn South Park and Simpsons characters. Crissy had me fill out a short bit of paperwork and then I followed Natalie, my budtender, back from their main waiting area.

We passed by a second waiting room with an ATM and very inviting couch. Passing by the secondary waiting area, we walked into what I could only describe as miniature head shop. This middle room was simply loaded with every type of smoking device you could imagine, from dab rigs, to volcanos and beyond. I’d never even seen a selection of glass this robust in a recreational location, much less in a medical only dispensary. After gazing at some of the awesome artistic pipes on their shelf, I went with Natalie back to their main counter which was pleasantly stocked with an abundance of buds, concentrates and edibles. As Natalie started to pull out a few choice strains for me to smell she explained to me that all of their pAltitude Wellness Center Denverlants are organic and soil grown. I started out with the minty-fresh and brilliantly verdant Space Bomb. This Sativa is ready to fight depression and increase appetite with hairs so neon orange they could blind a gambler in Vegas. Natalie then presented me with Hells OG. This Indica boasts a deep green color and a remarkable earthy odor indicative of fresh soil grown organic cannabis. Next was the sativa dominant Island Sweet Skunk. True to its name, it gave off magnificently sucrose smelling skunk odor, which Natalie equated to some fine blue cheese. Last but not least was the Armageddon Skunk. Not only does this hybrid possess a tangy bouquet of mint, but as Altitude Wellness Center’s bud of the day, it decided to come home with me in the form a $7 gram and I can personally attest to its minty fresh flavor and undeniable pain relieving potency.

Altitude Wellness Center, beyond having some amazing buds for sale, also carries a great selection of edibles, vape pen cartridges, and concentrates. They keep the majority of their edibles in the refrigerator by the door to assure freshness, and the undeniable star attractions are the edibles they produce themselves. They produce butter, baked goods, gummies and even phoenix tears for their location in Denver and their location in Garden City: Natures HerbsAltitude Wellness Center Denver and Wellness Center. Besides a premium selection of products produced with their own organic weed, they also offer an abundance of edibles from third party companies including IncrEdibles, Canyon Cultivations, Cheeba Chews, Dixie, Cannapunch, Edipure and Dabba. Behind their main counter they carried a full supply of O.pen cartridges in varying milligram dosages, and their ice water extracted bubble hash sells for $20 a gram and looked amazing. The shatter that they carried during my visit, was extracted by The Growing Kitchen.

Now to the best part: all the ways that you as a patient at Altitude Wellness Center can save. Besides the $7 grams of the bud of the day, they also have a different bargain for every day of the week. I had the fortune of coming in on a Wheelin’ Wednesday, when they bring out the prize wheel, which you can take for a spin with any purchase of $20 or more to win some great prizes like 35¢ joints (limit 2), half price gummy candies, or $5 off your purchase. Some other highlights are the Medible Mondays when you can buy one get one half of on select edibles, the Smokin’ Sundays when premium shelf grams are only $7, and Scissor Hash Saturday, when you receive $5 off of scissor hash. Their best offer of all is perhaps is their membership reward. If you sign up Altitude Wellness Center as yourAltitude Wellness Center Denver primary caregiver you will receive 8¢ to every dollar that you spend. Just days before my arrival, Crissy informed me that one of their patients had redeemed his store credits and purchased himself a volcano vaporizer.

Trust me when I say that there are even more ways to save at Altitude Wellness Center. For example, I received $10 off my entire purchase since it was my first visit. Plans are also in the works to turn this location into a recreational dispensary while still retaining their medical side. If they do end up going recreational, I have no doubt that Laser Quest across the street will be seeing increased attendance. This is a great dispensary to spave and prosper, with their superb organic marijuana products, and their friendly and knowledgeable budtenders.

If you get an opportunity to visit Altitude Wellness Center of Denver, Colorado let them know you heard of them through the Dope Directory, and please give them a rating.




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