AMCH – Alternative Medicine on Capitol Hill | Review : Denver, CO

AMCH – Alternative Medicine on Capitol Hill | Review : Denver, CO
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I might be alone in this, but as a Colorado native, I can honestly say that Capitol Hill (or Cap Hill, if you’re cool and trendy enough to call it that) is one of those neighborhoods that you not-so-secretly wish you lived. I’ve met several people who have lived or do currently live in the shadow of our gaudy, gold-domed capitol building, and whether they lived there two years ago, or twenty, the story remains the same. Cap Hill, since the 80s, has been inhabited by the generation’s hip and progressive city-dwellers, meaning the place has a strong appreciation for a well-mixed cocktail, a well-prepared breakfast sandwich, and a well-oiled fixed gear bicycle. Cap Hillers pride themselves on being the first to find the next big thing in town, no matter how many layers of mediocre garbage they have to dig through to get to it. I believe this appreciation for a cool spot translates well over to its dispensary scene, and with AMCH, this is one cool spot you don’t have to dig too deep to find.

For those of you who have even driven through the neighborhood, you’ll know that parking around Cap Hill can either be easy as Sunday morning, or a vehicular version of The Hunger Games. To continue my car puns even further, while the dispensary itself has no parking of its own, there was amble street parking during my visit, but your mileage may vary (I slay me). Sitting conveniently on the corner of 13th and Marion, AMCH is easily accessible by car, fixie, skateboard, or public transportation. Sitting outside was a security guard, who quickly asked me if I was shopping recreationally or medicinally, who then scanned my ID, and welcomed me into the place. The dispensary has two different rooms depending on whether you have your Red Card or not.

When you first walk in, it’s surprising how small the space is. On the left-hand wall was an impressive display case of smoking devices which range in shape, size and color. On the right side, a wall of various smoking acoutrements. AMCH DenverI was delighted to see the original volcano vaporizers, which bring me back to a simpler (and much more stoned) time. On the television behind the counter was some forgettable comedy movie of the 2000s. As I walked up to the counter, I was greeted by a bubbly and enthusiastic bud tender named Katryna. She was very excited to show me their bud offerings, including their Banana strain. This sativa-dominant juggernaut weighs in at an insane 29% THC, or as I like to call it, a “one hit wonder.” Call me a lightweight, but carrying strains with that much THC is nothing to shake a stick at. During my visit, there were some twelve strains available for purchase, and some being offered as low as $40 per eighth, post tax. Next to the display case was several page-protected sheets describing each of the strains they had available on the day. While it was a little confusing to have the information on the strains away from the actual strains, it was nice to be able to peruse these information sheets at my leisure, while the bud tenders helped other customers. If you’re more of an indica person, another notable in their selection was Kosher Kush: the first strain of marijuana legitimately blessed by a rabbi. Mazel tov I say, mazel tov.

To the left of the small bud containers were the concentrates. AMCH actually has a pretty large selection of various concentrates, from shatter, to wax, to bubble hash. To the right of AMCH Denverthe flower selection, you’ll find your edible selections. From the ever popular IndrEdibles, which have higher dosages of THC in them, to the Sweet Grass brownies and cookies, which are pleasantly mild strength, AMCH carries a few different varieties of treats to much on. One thing that irked me about their setup was I couldn’t, for the life of me, find a price on any product, and had to ask Katryna every single time I wanted a price check (which she was more than happy to do for me). I also found it odd that you could only buy grams of particular strains, and eighths and higher of other strains, and aside from one hastily written white board on the far wall, it was difficult to know which strains were available at which volume. Finally, I wanted to look at some of the products on the side wall, such as a few stray cases of pipe cleaning solution, but I was disuaded by several signs saying, “Do NOT help yourself! Please ask for assistance!” I like to look over things before I purchase them, but I do recognize the risk of theft that they may endure from time to time (but isn’t that what security is there for?).

I was very impressed at the different bud tenders’ level of customer service. I saw a few folks in from out of town buying small amounts of marijuana, AMCH Denverand the bud tenders tossing in a lighter into their child-proof container, and allowing the people to pick out a pack of rolling papers, free of charge. I heard one of the bud tenders patiently explaining the law to
a few men from Nebraska who, by the look on their faces, were probably convinced this whole “recreational dispensary” thing was just a corn-induced fever dream.

I think AMCH lives up to its neighborhood standard. Cap Hill is a cool neighborhood for cool, mustachioed people, and AMCH is a cool place. The staff is very low-pressure, and more than ready to describe the different strains and other product offerings they have available. Not surprisingly, AMCH was the second business in Colorado to have their medicinal license approved by the state seven years ago, and they have not slowed down since. Ever since adding a recreational side to their operations in February of 2014, their business has only gotten better. Cool, I say, that more people find this boutique-style staple in the heart of the city.max

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