Aurora Dispensary | Review : Aurora, CO

Aurora Dispensary | Review : Aurora, CO
Aurora Dispensary Review Marijuana Dispensary Review

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My friends could tell you that I tend to be a little bit of a home body. When I travel, I don’t like sleeping in a strange bed or leaving my sweet chronic behind. Of course I can’t avoid traveling altogether, but when I do find myself flying to another part of the country, the best I can usually hope for is a comfy enough bed and beer or two, but sadly no marijuana. Several years back I flew out to Ohio for my cousin’s wedding, which was going to take place on a huge farm out in countryside. With six kegs and a fully paid-for open bar and a comfy bed waiting for me back at my relative’s house, I really didn’t have much to complain about. As the day went on, the kegs slowly emptied and the (extremely classy) wedding cake made out of a conglomeration of hostess products was slowly consumed into nothingness. Taking full advantage of the situation, I was very efficiently plastered by the time my other cousin and her boyfriend drove me back to their house. Everything was right in the world – well almost everything, I really wanted to smoke an evening bowl, but being hundreds of miles away from my home stash, I had all but given up hope. Just as I was about to pass out, my cousin’s boyfriend came out of their bedroom and asked if I smoked weed. I’m sure I would have loved to say, “why yes sir, I would love to sample some of your fine chronic” but in all actuality I just spouted a line or two of Aurora Dispensaryunintelligible curse words followed by an excited “yes!” We sat and enjoyed a bowl of surprisingly good marijuana, and just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, my cousin asked if we wanted her to drive us to White Castle for sliders… I’ll just leave it at that, and add in that it was one of the best days of my life. I’m picturing in the not too distant future a United States where I can hop off a plane in pretty much any state and drive down the street to a dispensary and grab myself a nugget for the evening. That dream is already a reality when you’re here in Colorado; if you find yourself at the airport, head south, and in 15 minutes you’ll find yourself at Aurora Dispensary, right off of Highway 225.

Being the true paragon of directional aptitude that I am, I started my visit to Aurora Dispensary by driving right past it. After I pinned down the address, I found a spot in their parking lot and went on in. As soon as I walked in, Cody popped out from the back and greeted me in their extremely pleasant contemporary-decorated waiting area. After Cody took a peek at my ID, I followed him back to their bud room. Although their selection of products isn’t nearly as massive as their sister store (Metropolis Medical), which I had visited a few weeks earlier, all the basics were present. Also unlike their sister store, Aurora Dispensary is a recreational-only dispensary andAurora Dispensary is set up perfectly to cater to the airport crowd as well as the local Aurora citizens who want a close location to pick up their favorite marijuana products. Perhaps the most alluring aspects about Aurora Dispensary is the fact that they are open until 10 PM. That’s right, you heard me. If you don’t get off work until 7:30, no longer are you doomed to wait until the next day to pick up your favorite buds.

After taking in the full scope of their bud room, I walked to one of their two check-out stations and met Chris, who kindly obliged me by pulling out several jars from their 10 strains for me to peruse. Having recently sampled some Super Lemon Haze from Metropolis Medical, I knew that I was going to get to smell some amazing buds. The first jar opened was Phantom Cookies. What a great name, and what great looking buds on this indica dominant hybrid. When I closed in for a sniff, I got a really strong sweet odor, balanced out by a rich earthen, and almost oaky aroma. The hybrid strain, White Fire, was next in my line-up. These obviously dense nuggets were graced by some of the brightest, nigh-florescent little orange hairs I’ve ever seen. With a smell I would akin to a mild minty diesel, I can only imagine that this strain must be a heavenly smoke. I finished off my tour with a bigAurora Dispensary ol’ whiff of Columbian Gold. This old school sativa has all the minty dankness you would expect from a strain that is pretty much as close to a pure sativa as you can get. If you’re in the market for an uplifting heady marijuana, then Columbian Gold is what you should be asking for.

Understanding that their proximity to DIA, and the fact that many people visiting their dispensary may not have a smoking device, Aurora Dispensary has strain specific pre-rolls for $8.48 out the door pricing. If you’re not a fan of joints and would prefer a clean smoke from a pipe, they have pipes for as cheap as $4. If you’re in the market to spend a little bit more, there is a small selection of mid-priced pipes round the $10-$20 range that are a little more aesthetically pleasing than the $4 toke-and-toss pipes. If you’re a dabber or are ready to get a rig of your own, you can also pick up tiny dab rigs for $32, which is a phenomenal price for the quality of the devices on their shelf.

Moving on to their concentrate selecAurora Dispensarytion, Chris grabbed out their oil, shatter, and wax for me to look at. First off they carry oil syringes produced by Dr. J’s which are made using a CO2 process. Their shatter was produced for them by The Growing Kitchen, and came in a few different strain specific varieties. Of their shatter options, the Qrazy Bruce looked the best by far, and was just about as translucent and beautiful as I’ve ever seen shatter get. Their waxes are also produced by The Growing Kitchen in several strain-specific varieties. My favorite wax was their Mr. Pink, which looked amazing and better yet, still had all of its delicious smelling terpenes intact. If you want a quick and easy way to smoke your concentrates, you can pick up a vape pen from IPuff, or grab an O.pen with a 150mg, 250mg, or 500mg cartridge.

To finish off my journey, I took a look at their edible options. Although not the most diverse selection of edibles I’ve ever seen, Aurora Dispensary will probably have what you’re looking for. With some industry standards from Sweet GAurora Dispensaryrass, Edipure, IncrEdible, Canyon Cultivation, Mountain Medicine, Dixie, Love’s Oven, Stixx, and Blue Kudu, there really is a little bit of everything for everyone.

Although Aurora Dispensary is a recreational only location, their company is compassionate, and that compassion is what, in my opinion, kick-started this industry in Colorado over five years ago. They still carry high CBD edibles like the lollipops from Mountain High Suckers, which are ideal for pain relief, as well as patches and roll-on pens from Mary’s Medicinals, to help people who want a to apply cannabis topically. Also, if you’re a veteran, let your budtender know at any of their affiliated locations, and they will add a discount to your purchase. I can’t say for sure that the next time I need to subject myself to getting on an airplane that there will be legal dispensaries waiting to help me out when I land, but I can always hope. What I do know however, is that if you find yourself wandering around Aurora, even if it’s after 7:00, looking for the dispensary that’s just right for you, swing by Aurora Dispensary.

If you get an opportunity to visit Aurora Dispensary of Aurora, Colorado let them know you heard of them through the Dope Directory, and please give them a rating.




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