B•Good | Review : Denver, CO

B•Good | Review : Denver, CO
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As a native of Colorado myself, I must admit I have a great love for my home state. Having traveled my fair share of dispensaries, I can’t deny the unspoken comradery that seems to exist within the industry. It might be due to the fact that the industry is still fledgling and the rivalries just haven’t had time to manifest. It might be due to the fact that many of the young businesses in this state have been founded by other locals, who want to see the industry thrive. Or maybe it’s just the fact that many owners and employees enjoy their fair share of their own ware, thusly harboring a peaceful attitude indicative of many cannabis smokers. Regardless of the why, it refreshing to know that most dispensaries I visit don’t have a hatred for their next door neighbors. Along these same lines, more and more dispensaries are starting to consciously support other local business, industry related or not. It’s no big secret, as a homegrown Colorado company ourselves here at Dope Directory, we love running into dispensaries that have the same Colo-centric views that we do. Just a hop, skip, and a jump away from the cacophony of Broadway’s Green Mile lies B•Good, a medical-only dispensary that shares a passion for kindling Colorado small business. When you go into B•Good, it’s hard to find a product that’s not Colorado Proud; from the glass, to the art on the wall, and of course their amazingly manicured buds, B•Good touts Colorado’s awesomeness.

I found a nice spot to park in B•Good’s small dedicated parking lot. It was a remarkably lovely early spring morning, and I started my day with a stout cup of coffee from the trendy little coffee shop right next door, then made my way over to B•Good after the initial crowd of patients had cleared out. I was greeted by Lama, Jerry, and Cassie, who wasted no time showing off some of their amazing buds. Their strains were very cleverly divided into red, yellow, and green labels to mark whether they wereB-Good indica, hybrid, or sativa respectively. Cassie said to think of it as a stoplight with red for indica being stop, yellow for hybrid being yield, and green for sativa being go. We started our visual and olfactory tour on the indica side with the extra saucy OG Cheese. OG Cheese was just as cheesy as its name alluded, giving off a delightful sharp cheddar odor mixed with a fair share of dank OG goodness. As Jerry cradled the jar of OG Cheese like a new born babe, he said “If I were to go home with any jar tonight, this would be the one.” Next up, Cassie popped the top on their NYC Diesel and offered me a little handheld microscope to view how remarkably intact all of the little trichomes were. The combination of Sour Diesel and Afghani mixed with Hawaiian come together to make the remarkable hybrid NYCD. The buds looked amazing, but that simply paled in comparison to the blissful odor emitting from the jar. Remarkably floral on the initial whiff then delightfully sweet to finish, B•Good’s NYCD is the perfect middle-of-the-road hybrid to craft a perfect high that is balanced and mellow. On the sativa side of things, I insisted on taking a peek at their Chernobyl, one of my all-time favorites. Their Chernobyl didn’t disappoint; its rich piney notes play perfectly with a hint of mellow sage, all balanced out with an earthy-sweetness that I just couldn’t get enough of. Simply put, the buds at B•Good are all top shelf high quality medical strains, B-Goodcultivated with care and shown off to the public with panache. As a final note on their buds, Cassie explained the unique system that B•Good uses to keep its patients up-to-date on what’s on the shelf. At any time you can hop on to their website and check out pictures of all the strains that are currently available. If they run out of a strain, they immediately take it off of their website. If they add a strain, they snap a photo under their microscope and put it on their website, a truly unique idea that I’ve never seen at any other dispensary I’ve visited.

Next we moved on to B•Good’s selection of concentrates, topicals, and glass. While their selection of topicals is not the most expansive I’ve ever seen, the quality of the products they did carry were superb. First and foremost, the concentrates that are produced for B•Good are all manufactured using nuggets rather than shake, which is extremely advantageous when attempting to retain the terpene characteristics from each specific strain. If you’re a disposable vape pen user, you can pick up cartridges produced by Next Generation Health. If you prefer to purchase your extracts loose, then you should check out their shatter produced by Colorado Concentrates and their strain specific wax produced by Green Cross. The wax is what really caught my eye. Golden, flakey-fresh and jusB-Goodt begging to be dabbed, this wax is top-notch. As Cassie explained, the flavor is also superb coming from a propane extraction rather than a butane or hexane, which creates an exceptionally clean finished product. If you prefer to dab your cannabis on your skin rather than into your lungs, B•Good has a full supply of topicals to help remedy your bumps and bruises. With lotions from Apothecanna and patches, salves, and pens from Mary’s Medicinals, if your dermis needs some tender lovin’ cannabis, look no further. Next Cassie showed us some of their amazing glass, particularly their custom rigs forged for them by local glassmaker Geoff Boyton. These rigs are some of the coolest in town, and best of all, if you have a favorite color, just swing on by B•Good and let them know; Geoff will custom make the rig that’s right for you. Theses custom rigs also come with a custom Pelican case (a case originally created for carrying around delicate camera accessories). The cases have custom foam interiors that hug the sides of the rig, they’re water resistant, and could probably fall off a cliff and think little of it. I myself use a Pelican case for my rig, although I must admit that my rig is nowhere nB-Goodear as exciting as the ones of Geoff produces. One other product that stood out to me was their e-nails. The e-nails at B•Good work on both 90 and 45 degree angled rigs, all you need to do is plug them in and you’ve got a nail that’s at perfect temperature for dabbing, no torch involved.

I finished up my visit by taking a peek at their edibles and merchandise for sale. Cassie detailed how every edible that they carry on their shelf has to earn its place. Every product is tested by the staff at B•Good, and if the edible doesn’t live up to its promised potency or just tastes like the underside of a shoe, it doesn’t make it onto their shelves. That being said, their selection is still fairly inclusive, with options from IncrEdible, Wana, Canyon Cultivations, Better Baked, and Dixie. They also carry my favorite CBD rich products from Mountain High Suckers, and some amazing candies including sugar free options from Gaia’s Garden. Making a full circle back to B•Good’s commitment to local business, they also have some extremely cool merchandise for sale, including a smattering of paintings on the walls from local artists and patients. I also was quite enamored with the B-GoodColorado transplant t-shirts they carried. Each t-shirt has the outline of a different state transposed with the Colorado flag, making them a perfect gift for any non-natives that have decided to call Colorado their new home.

B•Good’s quaint location, local business oriented mindset, and superior products make it an ideal place to visit if you’re a medical marijuana patient. As a final note, Cassie mentioned that for anyone out there that is new to the medical marijuana scene, B•Good is an amazing location to visit. Their discrete storefront, dedicated staff, and diversity of products makes it a great stepping point into the realm of cannabis. Drop by and don’t be afraid to ask questions! Whether you are new to cannabis, a seasoned veteran coming back after a hiatus, or are already a medical marijuana enthusiast, visit today to and experience superior customer service, along with of some of Colorado’s finest local art, buds, and more. Coloradans unite, and join in the pride at B•God today!

If you get an opportunity to visit B•Good of Denver, Colorado let them know you heard of them through the Dope Directory, and please give them a rating.




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