Backcountry Cannabis Company | Review : Breckenridge, CO

Backcountry Cannabis Company | Review : Breckenridge, CO
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If I were to tell you I’m not a sucker for themed events and locations, I would be lying. Maybe if comes from working for years at the Colorado Renaissance Festival, or maybe it’s from one too many trips to Epcot Center, but when I walk into a place that’s themed – and perfectly decorated to match said theme – I just get a little happy inside. While many of the dispensaries I visit are undeniably swanky on the interior, I wouldn’t say that I’ve ever encountered a dispensary that meets the standard for what I would consider “themed.” To be honest, it’s more than a little surprising to me that with all the cannabis being smoked in the industry that there haven’t been a slew of creatively decorated dispensaries. Alas, many of my visits are to leather-couch-filled and bland-white-wall-adorned establishments that sometimes look questionably clean. While some out there might be shaking their heads thinking “who cares what it looks like, as long as the weed’s good,” don’t forget, a consumable product is being sold. I for one love at least having a semblance of a clean place to buy a producBack Country Cannabis Cot I’m going to imbibe. About the closest I’ve ever come to finding a themed dispensary was my visit to Backcountry Cannabis Company, a recreational dispensary in Breckenridge, Colorado.

Located smack-dab in between two other dispensaries, Backcountry Cannabis Co is right in the heart of Breckenridge’s Airport Road dispensary jumble, which makes it a lot easier for the best cannabis waste companies to do their jobs for the multiple dispensaries waste, after all, the dispensaries have to stay within compliance in many different ways. While parking wasn’t a problem for me in the middle of July, I can see it being a possible issue in the busy winter months. Since it shares a parking lot with two neighboring dispensaries, parking is no easier at any one over the other so as far as parking goes it’s a simple case of six of one and half a dozen of the other. I walked in the front door and was greeted by Joe and Max at the back of a half-walled hallway that leads to the bud counters. Backcountry Cannabis Co.’s old fashioned mine aesthetics definitely made me blink twice when I walked in the door. Rustic timber ceilings are accented perfectly with warm yellow light, and the hemp rope strung between the various wooden support beams made me feel like I was walkinBack Country Cannabis Cog into a Colorado mine tour. After taking a peek at my ID Joe invited me in to take a peek at their selection.

I saddled up to one of their three identical selling stations and Max grabbed some of the jars of their organic, soil-grown chronic off the shelf for me to inspect. I started by taking a look at their Grape God. Grape God is a hybrid strain, and the Grape God at Backcountry Cannabis Co. was simply loaded with trichomes. I took a whiff and the first scent that came to my nose was a crisp sweetness followed by a delightful cheesy odor. Next up, I took a look that their Critical Mass. As Max reported, their indica-heavy Critical Mass is the prefect thing to knock you out for a long nights sleep. The smell on the Critical Mass was extremely earthy, mixed with a little bit of fresh tomato garden smell. As a testament to its effectiveness, Max admitted that he always keeps a little of it by his bedside in case he needs to ensure an extra restful evening of sleep. To finish the line-up, Max grabbed out a jar of their Super Lemon Haze. Super Lemon Haze is a sativa-dominant strain with a lemony skunky one-two