Ballpark Holistic Dispensary | Review : Denver, CO

Ballpark Holistic Dispensary | Review : Denver, CO
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Without a doubt, downtown Denver is home to some of the most unique, the most uproarious, and oftentimes the sloppiest celebrations Colorado has to offer (and that’s coming from a guy who graduated from CU Boulder). Wander around LoDo at two in the morning, and you’ll be incredibly lucky not to have someone drunkenly stumble into you, or try to sell your burritos, or a ride on their busted up rickshaw. Frankly, if you’re looking for a spot to chow on some delicious pizza, shoot some pool, and listen to a Shaka Khan cover band, all in the space of twenty minutes, perhaps the nightlife in downtown Denver is perfect for you. A jovial part of town needs an equally jovial source for cannabis. Now, as we know, no dispensaries are open that late in Denver, so you’ll have to prepare early on. When it comes to variety of flowers, and variety of concentrates, Ballpark Holistic Marijuana Dispensary, a dispensary so named because of its proximity to Coors Field in Denver, has ample selection of either, to get both tourists and locals alike ready for many of downtown Denver’s finest festivities.

Like you’d expect in downtown Denver, parking can and probably will be a nightmare in front of the dispensary; however, if you’re lucky, Ballpark Holistic Dispensary has four designated spots for its patients and customers. I didn’t know about this little perk, as I parked my car a block away on the street (between two people who, apparently, have Ballpark Holistic Dispensary Denvernever parallel parked in their lives, or somehow think being four feet away from the curb is acceptable), and walked up the sunny street to the dispensary’s entrance. The opening room is straightforward enough: you walk up to a desk, tell the person working if you’re medical or recreational, and then head into the product room. It seemed to be a really nice environment to work in too. I’d imagine any dispensary jobs that become available here are highly sought after. Everyone goes into the same room, which explains why the dispensary is 21+ for both medical and recreational users. The dispensary’s product room is a big, spacey, echoey room painted a sort of battleship gray, with a turquoise racing stripe across the midsection of the wall. Not much else hangs on the walls of ballpark, aside from several large televisions displaying the bud menu for both medical and recreational customers. Grizzly, the store’s service dog, sat in the corner quietly, apparently more interested in the red rubber ball he was devouring than the exciting world of weed happening around him. Compared to other dispensaries in the area, the decor was a bit bland (if you could count a few t-shirts and hats pinned to a wall actual decor), but the shelves upon shelves of bud more than made up for it.

I counted no less than 28 strains available for recreational users, and another 29 for medical. Keep in mind, part of Ballpark’s massive variety is due in part to Kindman, who Ballpark Holistic Dispensary Denverthey wholesale several of their strains from. By no means is this a negative; Kindman has plenty of delicious and high-quality strains to choose from (if you’re so inclined, grab a gram of the Spirit of ’76. Holy patriotic marijuana, Batman!). If you’re looking for something homegrown, you just have to ask which strains are grown by Ballpark. The first of such strains on your list ought to be the Denver Maple, because Ballpark Holistic Dispensary is the only spot you can find the award-winning indica. With a buttery and sweet scent, the Denver Maple is exactly what it promises. Kirk, one of the dispensary’s managers, said smoking the Denver Maple “tastes like you’re eating breakfast.” Hey, you don’t win third place in the Denver Cannabis Cup for nothing, right? On top of that, the dispensary offers a massive selection of all kinds of sativas, indicas, and hybrids. Not sure what to try? Keep an eye out for the dot specials. For recreational users, any orange dot on a jar means that bad boy is going for $30 an eighth, or $10 a gram. Any green dot means $40 for the eighth, and $15 for the gram. In both cases, it’s a better deal to just spring for the eighth, but this is an excellent way to simultaneously save money, while trying something new. For you Ballpark Holistic Dispensary Denvermedical card holders out there, the dispensary has several BOJ (bottom of the jar) specials, which come to $5 for a gram, or $29 for the quarter. Now, while these buds didn’t have the best jar appeal, if you’re a person who tends to grind their flower before smoking it, you cannot beat this deal. The dispensary also offers to its medical patients ounces of trim shake for $50. Trimshake. Perfect for baking and converting into edibles, not perfect for smoking, unless, of course, you like the taste of chlorophyll and plant matter.

“At one time, we were completely stocked with an insane variety of concentrates, but people keep buying us out,” Kirk said. Even so, the dispensary had plenty of concentrate options for both medical and recreational users. If you are red (purple?) card holder, you can pick up some Rocky Mountain Remedies shatter and wax for $50 and $40, respectively. On the other hand, if you’re shopping recreationally, the dispensary carries a very extensive supply of 710 Labs shatter and wax. Moving down the counters, the Ballpark Holistic Dispensary Denverdispensary had a smaller selection of edibles for both rec and med patients, which was a bit shocking, considering the variety of concentrates and flowers available. However, the Denver favorites – Edipure, IncrEdibles, and Sweet Grass, are available on both sides. At the very end of the counter was the dispensary’s meager smoking device selection. This really isn’t the place to go if you’re looking for a larger smoking apparatus. However, the dispensary carries its small throwaway pipes, which go for around six bucks. They also carry several different flavors of Zig-Zag blunt wraps. If your preferred method of cannabis smoking involves a blunt, this might be a very good spot for you to check out.

Aside from the predictable covers that the bars around LoDo charge, being part of downtown Denver’s night life is certainly a wild and enjoyable experience that no other part of Colorado has gotten close to. Sure, the smaller cities such as Boulder, Fort Collins, and even Colorado Springs have their moments (like, for example, the rare occasions when the CU Buffs win a football game, the town goes berzerk, and rightfully so). Unlike a lot of shops I’ve visited downtown, which have only a handful of strains available in an effort to clear people out of their dispensary as fast as possible, Ballpark Holistic Dispensary maintains a fun, jovial, urban vibe, while providing extensive menus of high quality product. As I always say, a neighborhood needs businesses that reflect the culture of that area in order to thrive and survive. While you can’t rent a rickshaw in Ballpark Holistic Dispensary (that I know of), the dispensary is definitely right at home in Denver’s upbeat and exciting LoDo.

If you get an opportunity to visit Ballpark Holistic Dispensary in Denver, Colorado, let them know you heard of them through the Dope Directory, and please give them a rating.


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