BotanaCare | Review : Northglenn, CO

BotanaCare | Review : Northglenn, CO
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As you travel north of Denver, into the suburbs of Thornton and Northglenn, things start to get a little… different. Houses start to spread further apart. Dollar scoop Chinese restaurants begin to appear on every corner. On every other corner, you’ll find some of the best Mexican food you can find in the state. The people, while still identifying as residents of the greater Denver metro area, recognize that they are unique, and play by a separate set of rules from everyone below 80th Avenue. Perhaps it’s because their morning commute is mostly clear of I-25’s notorious congestion, and they are all the better for it. One thing is for sure, when you are north of the city, you expect to see businesses that simply break the mold. While my summary of the northern suburbs might seem flippant, I can honestly say I have never been in a dispensary that was as enlightening and informative as the short time I spent at BotanaCare in Northglenn.
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BotanaCare has now become B Good North. Come check out the brand new B Good North in Northglenn, Colorado. While the name may be different, the entire floor staff is still there to help you with your cannabis needs. If you’ve also become a fan of the products that BotanaCare grew, never fear, the same growers and the same products will still be available to all of the B Good North Customers and patients. If you’re new to the dispensary scene, and have been looking for a laid back yet classy location to purchase superior cannabis products, then you’ve found your spot.


Take the I-25 exit onto 120th north of the city. Try your hardest to resist the siren’s call of the Cracker Barrel, and make your way into the quasi-residential area that BotanaCare calls home. At first, you might think you’re in the wrong spot. Certainly, the dispensary’s location is extremely unorthodox; it’s in a large building with garage-style doors that slide up during business hours, secluded from any other major businesses in the area. Interestingly enough, this off-the-beaten-path spot was intentional, says co-owner Robin. BotanaCare NorthglennThey’re a destination location, because BotanaCare’s owners strongly believe in keeping their product from wandering children, as children are want to do in more populated areas. While they could have opted for a more convenient location, their philosophy is simple: if they provide a great enough service, people will come visit.

Upon entry, the recreational side of BotanaCare’s dispensary (which opened earlier this year) is not much to brag about. As soon as you walk in the door, you are at the counter, where there are friendly staff eagerly ready to help you out. It’s not like you can smoke on site anyway, so the expectation is to get in, grab what you need, and leave. Recreation is not really BotanaCare’s game, even though they’ve been massively successful at it. “Getting people high is easy. We could get you high with our eyes closed,” Robin joked. In fact, the money from recreational sales has gone to continue BotanaCare’s ultimate goal: to provide a scientific approach to end people’s pain, and cure people’s suffering, and they’re using cannabis products to dBotanacare Northglenn 1o it. BotanaCare in Northglenn is all about the medicine of cannabis, and I must tell you, they are dead serious about it.

On the medicinal side, you are greeted in a smallish waiting room, reminiscent of a doctor’s office. The only difference, however, is an interesting bulletin board, which is an eclectic mix of marijuana joke pictures, advertisements for cannabis industry companies, and peculiar Tea Party propaganda. After being walked back into the medicinal side, you start to understand what BotanaCare is all about. I was sat down at their consultation table, which was little more than a desk with several comfortable chairs, with some informative charts detailing the different active cannabinoids in marijuana. Robin was nice enough to take me through the entire spiel. If you are a medicinal patient, and you are serious about ending your pain, or curing particular ailments, they believe they have an answer for you. It was explained to me that cannabis has beneficial effects in both its heated and non-heated forms, both of which Botanacare Northglenn 2BotanaCare has plenty. Whether you are a cancer patient, and you want to promote bone growth, or you are a diabetic with troubles regulating your blood sugar, Robin believes – no – she knows she has the answer for you.

Robin, who co-owns the store with her sister Cheri, was patient number one. After suffering debilitating spinal damage, she began researching, and reading everything she could about the medicinal properties of cannabis. Her pain levels were incredible, until she started to medicate based on the scientific papers and studies she basically taught herself to read. BotanaCare is merely an extension of that knowledge: it is their gift to the world. If you’re a patient of Robin and Cheri’s, “We won’t give up on you, but you can’t give up either.” And it’s this thinking that has transformed thousands of BotanaCare’s patients from depressed, tired, and downtrodden, to strong, confident and optimistic people.

What makes BotanaCare in Northglenn amazing and unique in its own right is it is home to the largest active study on cannabis use on humans in the entire world. BotanaCare keeps a database of people’s ailments, their pain levels, and the different regimen of cannabis products tried. For instance, I recently broke my toe (because I’m an idiot), and Robin was able to recommend several strains of flower, as well as a large host of edibles, topicals, soaps, and other cannabis products, based on their massive database of people who have broken bones (unfortunately, there is no cure for being an idiot whilst playing soccer).

Inside the dispensary’s grow room, there are over fifty different strains growing, which are constantly being selected for their THC, CBD, and other cannabinoid properties. They are constantly building their arsenal of strains, to find one with properties unique to any they already have. To get the long-lasting effects of cannabis, it must be eaten, says Robin, which explains BotanaCare’s massive selection of edibles. For this reason too, you will find edibles here that are cheaper than anyone else in the area. Again, the dispensary offers a full line of creams, oils, salves, soaps, and other cannabis-infused products to help with what ails you.

On my way out, I found a sign that summarizes BotanaCare’s mission: “Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional.” So here’s the lowdown: if you are suffering, and you are serious about giving cannabis a try, swing by Robin and Cheri’s place. Become educated. Listen to what these women have to say. I guarantee, when they explain to you exactly what they are doing, and why they are doing it, you will understand why BotanaCare has so many patients who swear by them. You will understand the immense amount of passion and compassion these women put into their business, while furthering the research on cannabis more than anyone in the game. While the dispensary itself is not the prettiest, you will walk out of there with a head full of newfound knowledge and optimism, and also the nagging question, “Why isn’t the sale of cannabis legal in every state?!”

If you get an opportunity to visit Botana Care of Northglenn, Colorado let them know you heard of them through the Dope Directory, and please give them a rating.


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