Botica Del Sol | Review : Denver, CO

Botica Del Sol | Review : Denver, CO
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Having visited my fair share of Colorado dispensaries, I’ve seen things that would curl your toes; likewise, I’ve seen things that would make you grin from ear to ear. Some dispensaries are loaded with budtenders who are too stoned to give me the time of day, while others hire budtenders who don’t even partake of marijuana. Every once and a while, I’ll visit a dispensary with an extremely knowledgeable budtender, and sometimes their cannabis know-how is on par with mine. Even rarer yet, sometimes I will run into a dispensary with a budtender who is a veritable encyclopedia of ganja, whose knowledge of the industry far surpasses that of my own. The latter was just what I got when I visited Botica Del Sol, nestled right between Lincoln and Broadway, within spitting distance of I-25. Botica Del Sol is a brand new Denver dispensary, and they reaffirm the passion and the drive to help people that is lost to so many other locales.

Whether you’re arriving at Botica Del Sol from I-25 or from Broadway, it can be a little tricky to spot. Luckily they have a dedicated parking lot next to their building, so once you do narrow down the location, parking is a breeze. I walked in to their extremely spacious lobby and made my way to the back window and was greeted by Monica, a truly apex budtender. She welcomed me in and gave me a very brief one-page agreement. Monica invited me back to their bud room and told me that I had arrived at a rath#265CFF"]er fortuitous time. As a brand spankin’ new dispensary, Botica Del Sol was still running wholesale from Boulder Wellness, and had just finished replacing the majority of their stock with their own grow; boy, what a grow it is!

Wasting nary a moment, Monica proceeded to whip out the full line-up of Botica Del Sol’s meticulously manicured minty green goodness. Botica Del Sol’s buds are grown hydroponically using a surface fertilization process as opposed to deep water culture. The only gripe I ever have with hydro grows is when the grower fails to flush the plants properly and you’re left with 20 different strains that taste and smell exactly the same. That was not the case at Botica Del Sol. As I started my olfactory tour of their strains, it was very clear to me that these buds were treated with the utmost care, and flushed properly. Not to diss the wholesale buds from Boulder Wellness, but the new harvest from Botica Del Sol, simply stated, put it to shame.

I started by whiffing a classic, Sour Diesel. Most likely, lest you’ve found a comfy rock you live under, you’ve heard of the sativa-dominant Sour Diesel. This is the real deal: sweet and mild on the nostrils and even sweeter on the eyeBotica Del Sols; Monica held a nugget underneath their back-lit magnifying glass so I could see the mountains and valleys of this trichome-laden exquisiteness. Next we moved on to the growers’ pride and joy, their Kurple Fantasy. The Kurple Fantasy at Botica Del Sol is the harmonious marriage between OG Kush and Granddaddy Purple, creating a hybrid strain that is sure to sooth what ails you. I would equate a whiff of these big beautiful buds to visiting a candy factory specializing in pillow mints. The smell was sweet, but not cloying, and exceptionally fresh. As for the aesthetics, just like every strain on the shelf: loaded with trichomes, and in the case of Kurple Fantasy, ever so daintily dappled with little traces of deep royal purple. I would feel wrong if I didn’t mention my personal favorite smelling strain, their Sage. I’ve smelled my share of Sage before, some of which even more aptly captures the namesake plant, but never before have I smelled a Sage this spicy and life affirming. Think I’m kidding? Go smell some for yourself and get hurled down an alpine slope, through a field of fresh allspice, past the sandalwood trees, and right in to a giant spearmint bush (metaphorically speaking of course.) As Monica pointed out the petite calyxes on the tiBotica Del Solny buds, and pointed out the extremely delicate little orange hairs on each nugget under the magnifying glass, I had to ask, “How do you keep your weed looking this nice?” Monica concisely responded, “We have a policy here, as few containers and as few hands as possible.” As a final note on strains, if you’re an OG fan, definitely visit Botica Del Sol to check out their selfed OG’s like their Pure Kush and Jupiter OG. If you’re looking for pre-rolls, look no further, Botica Del Sol has a massive selection (almost 20 different strains during my visit) and for $5 each, you’ve got no excuse not to have a good day after your visit. I could write an entire saga on the strains that I explored during my visit, but alas, space is limited. The best way to explore is to visit for yourself, and peruse the little signs that Monica has written up for each of their strains explaining the genetics as well as the flavor profile of each strain. Much to my dismay, it was time to close the jars and I had to peel myself away to look at the concentrates, edibles, and more.

During my visit, Botica Del Sol had a large selection of full-melt bubble hash from Native Roots Harvest, produced by Rasta Bubble and had one shatter produced by Nectar Bee. The 120 micron full-melt hash came in a large variety of strains, including: Lemon Diesel, Mandarin Cookies, Sour Kush, Flo, and Purple PakisBotica Del Soltani Kush. During my visit, the shatter they had on the shelf was Prezzy Goat Stomper. Monica pulled out a sample for me to look at, and while she was underwhelmed by it, I still though it was some damn fine looking shatter: very translucent and clean. It just goes to show how high the standards are at Botica Del Sol. If you’re an O.Pen user, they also stock refill cartridges and have a few pens from Atmos to choose from.

To finish off my visit, Monica showed me their selection of edibles and glassware. While their selection of edibles wasn’t massive, it was fairly inclusive in the sense that there was something there to suit the needs of every client. If you’re looking for a quick fix, you can try syrup from Caregivers for Life, or just grab some classic gummy candy from Edipure. If you have dietary restriction relating to sugar or sodium intake, check out their large selection of edibles from Julie and Kate’s. Another staple making it onto their shelves are the candies and baked goods from Wana, there to sate your sweet tooth and get you feeling nice and melty at the same time. Last but certainly not least, they have several different candies from Gaia’s Garden, which are extremely tasty and powerful. The selection of paraphernalia was nothing to scoff at either, with evBotica Del Solerything from simple $5 dollar pipes up to gorgeous little $80 adaptable rigs/water pipes. With grinders, silicone dab containers, nails, pouches, papers, and more, you can make your trip out a one-stop shop.

After perusing the wares and absorbing a great deal of information from Monica, I snapped a few photos and prepared for my departure. We briefly sidetracked ourselves talking about dead artists, terpenes, and industry gossip. Monica also mentioned that Botica Del Sol has an order-ahead program for is current customers. It’s a simple system with a card they will provide that allows you to place your order ahead of time, so that it will be ready for you right after work. If you’re looking for phenomenal buds and a budtender who knows just about everything, you’ve found your new home dispensary at Botica Del Sol. Remember while you’re there, don’t be afraid to ask questions, Monica probably will have the answer.

If you get an opportunity to visit Botica Del Sol of Denver, Colorado let them know you heard of them through the Dope Directory, and please give them a rating.




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