Boulder Marijuana Company | Review : Boulder

Boulder Marijuana Company | Review : Boulder
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Full disclosure: I’ve lived in Boulder County for seven years, and in the city for the vast majority of that time (except for a brief stint in Amsterdam, and a less-than-brief sentence in Longmont). Living in one place for long enough gives you an interesting perspective on the city that you live in. When something new comes along, you can’t help but explore, much like the early hominids discovering the monolith in 2001: A Space Odyssey.  When something comes along, or when you discover a place that you’ve driven past hundreds of times, you can’t help but be excited. Sure, there will be those people who roll their eyes, scoff, and declare, “What a shame. This used to be the old sporting goods store,” or something banal along those lines. Those people are jerks. Life is about discovery, and experiencing the new. This was sort of my experience with Boulder Marijuana Company, which, unbeknownst to me, has been serving the Boulder community with medicinal marijuana since November of 2009. Now, they have recently reopened as a recreational spot, and could be considered strong contenders in the Boulder cannabis market.

Let’s start with the basics: Boulder Marijuana Co. is located off 30th Street in Boulder, between Pearl and Walnut. Take a turn into where Ras Kassa’s is, drive past the Ras Kassa’s, and you’ll find yourself in front of a small commercial outlet, which I initially confused as a row of townhouses. There’s plenty of parking around, so don’t worry about Boulder Marijuana Co Boulder
not being able to get into this small establishment. As I walked in, the owner, Mike, was just finishing up a conversation on the phone, after which he greeted me warmly, and welcomed me back into their product room. Their decor is an interesting mix of East Asian iconography, and rustic Americana, as if a bunch of Buddhists set up camp in the middle of Rocky Mountain State Park (hey, it is Colorado. It could happen). Polished hardwood floors are accentuated by clever tables cut from tree stumps, which is all dimly lit, creating an extremely comfortable vibe inside the store. While the product room is not nearly the biggest I’ve been in, Boulder Marijuana Co. has two product counters with identical offerings.

It also turns out that Mike, who I spent the majority of the time talking to, also has a hand in the growing operation, and so he was able to tell me just about everything I asked about every single strain that he showed me. They price their cannabis into four different categories (named after the biomes on the front range). Their cheapest selections are as little as $10 for a gram, increasing in price to $20 out the door. While the THC content in these cheaper strains wasn’t the highest, ten dollars out the door for a gram is frankly unheard of for recreational customers. The dispensary had a massive selection of over twenty different strains while I was there, and Mike lovingly went through all of them with me. I was allowed to smell each, and listened as he described the crossbreeding that went into the plant, as well as the intended effects of each strain, or what situation each strain would be good in. For instance, since it is Boulder, people will often wake up, stretch, and say, “Let’s go hiking!” In that case, perhaps a strain like Strawberry CoughBoulder Marijuana Co Boulder would be ideal for you, or so says Mike. It was a lot to remember, so I was happy to see a laminated menu with the exact same information on it.

If you are looking for bubble hash, Boulder Marijuana Co. has several different to choose from, in varying quality. If you are a concentrate user, and you are looking for some great pain relief, take a look at their Purple Angel bubble hash, which clocked in at an impressive 10.8% CBD. They also have several different types of shatter, made from indica and sativa blends. For instance, their sativa blend is a hearty mix of Durban Poison, Sour Diesel, and Chemmy Jones: certainly a mix not for the faint of heart. They also had a smattering of different edibles and tinctures, as well as mints, salves, and other transdermal products. Their refrigerators are stacked with cookies and brownies from the delicious Sweet Grass edible company. Positioned around the store were several display cases filled with a few glass smoking devices, but they appeared  to function more as aesthetic pieces than products you’d actually buy. However, at the counter were a few cheap acrylic pipes, as well as plenty of rolling papers. If you are looking for Neos vape pens and cartridges, Boulder Marijuana Co. might be a good stop for you.

While I was sitting on one of their couches in the product room, vigorously taking notes, and thumbing through the store’s literature, a group of four men from Chicago nervously tiptoed in. You could tell, these gentlemen had never been close to a dispensary in their lives, mostly by the way they cautiously looked over their shoulders, how they kept muttering incredulous expletives, and how took pictures of everything. What blew me awayBoulder Marijuana Co Boulder was how Mike picked up on this instantly, and patiently went through the entire menu with these guys, explaining what CBD is, and what THC is. “If you want to get high, you don’t want the Skunk Haze, because that is high CBD and low THC. You want the Chemmy Jones. That one is 25% THC.” After their purchase, Mike threw in some free rolling papers, to allow these gentlemen to get on their way. It was clear that the business model at Boulder Marijuana Co. is not like many other dispensaries in Colorado, who are just trying to grind out as many customers as they possibly can in a short amount of time. These folks are proud of their product, and it shows.

Now, unlike the apes in Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece, after discovering this new spot, I didn’t immediately equip a bone, and vanquish my rival with it.