Breckenridge Organic Therapy | Review : Breckenridge, CO

Breckenridge Organic Therapy | Review : Breckenridge, CO
Breckenridge Dispensary Review Marijuana Dispensary Review

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If you’re anything like me, you’ll never forget the first time that you went into a recreational dispensary. It all started innocently enough. I met up with a group of friends at the closest dispensary we could find after legalization and gathered in the massive line outside the door waiting to get our own little nugget of history. The atmosphere was beyond jovial as people of all ages and all walks of life congregated in line with us. As people walked out the door, they would frequently hold up their white paper bag and the surrounding crowd would hoot and applaud. Our time finally came and we entered the miraculous temple of pot in which we would make our offering in cash and receive our blessing in the form of sweet Colorado chronic. The budtender, still discombobulated from the first day of legal rec sales in the country, had very little experience and even less knowledge about the products they were selling. I purchased an eighth of sativa and grabbed a standard 100mg Cheeba Chew to take home with me. Being the consummate cannabis professional that I am (or thought I was at the time) I proceeded to pop the entire Cheeba Chew when I got home, and spent the rest of my long evening holding on to the couch so I wouldn’t fly away. A lot has changed since those first days of recreational sales. The first recreational dispensary I visited has long since vanished. The dispensaries that remain are the ones that were able to adapt with times and were able to provide their customers with the attention, knowledge, and service that they require. I’m always Breckenridge Organic Therapypleased to walk in the door of a dispensary that optimizes the best traits in the industry by taking the high road and weeding out the bad, while still maintain a mom-and-pop shop feel. Breckenridge Organic Therapy, in Breckenridge Colorado, was one such location I’ve visited that has maintained a low profile while still providing superior products and services.

Breckenridge Organic Therapy is another one of the recreational dispensaries that makes up Breckenridge’s illustrious Airport Road dispensary mash-up. Unlike the other dispensaries, Breckenridge Organic Therapy is a touch closer to the highway and isn’t located in the same strip mall as the other three in town. Other than the obvious advantages (like not being literally next door to your competition), a big perk was the large dedicated parking lot out front. I walked in to Breckenridge Organic Therapy and was greeted by Scott and Ryan at the apex of a long hallway that led back to the bud counters. After taking a peek at me ID, They invited me back to their two matching bud-counters. The first thing that caught my eye before any of the buds on the shelf, were the owl and llama paintings on the wall, crafted by a local artist – truly great accoutrement to any good dispensary’s walls.

For starters, I was impressed to seeBreckenridge Organic Therapy how large the selection of buds was at Breckenridge Organic Therapy. With over 25 different strains on the shelf, it was the largest selection of buds that I’ve seen anywhere in the Summit County area, making this rec location an important stop for any travelers who want variety. What makes their cannabis stand out even more is the fact that they don’t use any components in the growing process (other than PH balancers) that aren’t 100% organic. Take into account the fact that they’ve been up and growing for over 5 years, their buds are hand-trimmed, glass jar cured, and flushed for at least two weeks and it’s no wonder that the cannabis at Breckenridge Organic Therapy is so phenomenal. Scott started out by grabbing a few crowd-pleasing strains off the shelf for me to peruse, the first being the indica strain Pre-98 Bubba Kush. Their Pre-98 Bubba looked amazing; plentiful little trichome-choked calyxes grew upwards into a mass of sage green and neon orange. The smell was wonderful, leading off with a dankness indicative of Kush, followed up with an extremely sugary pine odor. Next up was their award winning Alien Band hybrid strain. Alien Band took home second place in the 2015 Abakus Flower Cup held in Aspen Colorado. It wasn’t hard to Breckenridge Organic Therapysee and smell why; with a smell analogous to fruit stripe gum, and a practically absurd collection of trichomes, this strain has award winner written all over it. To finish, I had to take a peek at one of my favorite strains that they just happened to carry on their shelf, Chernobyl. While not as high in THC as their Bruce Banner (which has tested as high as 31% THC), Chernobyl definitely doesn’t limp to the barn, with a THC content testing around 28%. While not as trichome-laden as some of the other strains on the shelf, Chernobyl made up for it with one of the most amazing cheesy mint smells I’ve ever experienced.

Moving on, Scott and Ryan pointed out some of the concentrates, edibles, topicals, and glass options at Breckenridge Organic Therapy. All of their blasting is done for them by Bolder Cannabis & Extracts. Their shelves were very well stocked with strain-specific shatters and waxes. While frequently they use standard trim to produce their concentrates, they will occasionally send in a batch of buds to produce a nug-run batch which makes for a shatter or wax that’s simply chock full of terpanoids. Their edible selection was very inclusive, with products from Dixie, Canyon Cultivations, Ganjala, Incredibles, Edipure, Sweet Grass, InstaBreckenridge Organic Therapy High, Flo, Mary’s Medicinals, Tincture Bell, and Cannapunch’s Moto Energy. I also was excited to see an edible that hadn’t crossed my path before, or in this case a drinkable. Magic Buzz are small drinks that are made for either buzzin’ (sativa), chillin’ (hybrid), or snoozin’ (indica). What makes the Magic Buzz drinks unique is that all of their flavor comes from brewed tea, rather than high fructose corn syrup and artificial flavors. Next up was topicals, and yet again Breckenridge Organic Therapy didn’t disappoint. Their topical selection included patches and pens from Mary’s Medicinals, Lotions and salves from Apothecanna, balms and bath additives from Dixie, and the ever-stimulating THC enhanced personal lubricant from Foria. To round off my visit I took a peek at their glass counter in the front of the dispensary, which was loaded with glass ranging from tiny toke-and-toss pieces all the way up to miniature elephant pipes and dab rigs. Their offering was a fair bit more diverse than many of the other locations in the area, and while I’ve seen larger selections, there was no scoffing at their unique variety.

Dispensaries have changed a lot inBreckenridge Organic Therapy the last year, and now with experienced budtenders like the ones up at Breckenridge Organic Therapy, I know I won’t be having any more Cheeba Chew-tainted evenings akin to my first dispensary experience. I know that when I go in I’m going to be talking to a budtender that will help me find what products are right for me and avoid spending an evening gripping the couch for dear life. To be honest, by favorite part about Breckenridge Organic Therapy is the fact that they have managed to cram a large selection or amazing products into a storefront that’s not overwhelming. Breckenridge Organic Therapy still has the heart of a hole-in-the-wall cannabis store, but is capable of catering to the massive ski crowds that swarm the city every snow season. This ski season, if you’re planning on visiting Breckenridge and want to swing by a laid back location with some killer cannabis, check out Breckenridge Organic Therapy.

If you get an opportunity to visit Breckenridge Organic Therapy of Breckenridge, Colorado let them know you heard of them through the Dope Directory, and please give them a rating.




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