Buddy Boy Brands Kalamath | Review : Denver, CO

Buddy Boy Brands Kalamath | Review : Denver, CO
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As the possible benefits of medicinal marijuana gain attention, and as the “this is your brain on drugs” commercials are slowly starting to disappear in the light of their apparent impotence, I admit that I’ve seen first-hand the medicinal properties of this stellar plant. One of the first people I met who used marijuana medically (mind you this was before medical marijuana was legal) was one of my friends from college. We met in Greeley, Colorado in the acting program. This friend, who I’ll call Jay for the purposes of anonymity, was one of those guys who was pretty much perpetually stoned. I found out as I got to know him better that he smoked primarily to alleviate severe migraine headaches which would affect him at random times and were so severe they were practically debilitating. Jay combatted this with copious amounts of dank green ganja. I would be lying to you if I said “we never got high before going to acting classes.” When I’m high, I become completely useless as an actor; I’m too stoned to emote, my lines are lost to the void of my mind, I’m too rubbery for stage movement, and I already can’t sing when I’m sober. Jay, on the other hand, became a true artist when he was stoned; his emotions became easy to read, he somehow remembered his lines, his posture became loose and fluid, and he gained the confidence to sing (and do a damn fine job at it). In other words, if Jay were Popeye, then weed was his acting spinach. Besides the uncanny super-human-esque acting talent he gained when he was high, more importantly, the severe migraines that had plagued him in his youth quickly became a thingBuddy Boy Brands Kalamath of the past. To this day, I’m pleased to find a medical dispensary that is loaded full of buds and concentrates that would be up to Jay’s high standards. That’s precisely what I found when I visited my first Buddy Boy Brands dispensary right off of Kalamath, conveniently close to I-25.

It was a gorgeous early April day when I made my way to Buddy Boy, and just as I pulled up half the dispensary crew was already outside to meet me on a smoke break between patients. Jamie kindly forwent the smoke break and invited me and introduced me to Justina. This particular Buddy Boy Brands location had only been a Buddy Boy for about 9 months, and both Justina and Jamie had been employees in the previous dispensary at that location, so they already knew the patients in the area. I followed Jamie down into their bud room and she explained to me a little more about what makes a Buddy Boy Brands dispensary tick. First, every Buddy Boy is unique from one another in the fact that they will have different strains available for purchase, and certain locations become renowned for those specific strains. At the Kalamath Buddy Boy, the heavy hitters on their bud shelf were their OG, Agent Orange, and Blue Magoo, the last of which was currently out of stock. The OG and the Agent Orange were very much in stock though, and I wasted no time burying my nose into them. The Agent Orange smelled amazing! The jar was filled with thousands of delicate, beautiful little nuggets, still glistening with trichomes. I know so many people are vexed when they receive popcorn nuggets, but let’s think about it for a moment; when you’re Buddy Boy Brands Kalamathgetting big nuggets you’re also getting big stems, and everyone knows, smoking stems is no fun. Next up was the OG Kush, a true classic. While the nuggets on Buddy Boy’s OG were larger than the nuggets of their Agent Orange, they weren’t quite as sparkly and pretty, but they did, however, emit a marvelous dank smell inherent to this classic strain.

As Jamie had mentioned, every Buddy Boy Brands dispensary tried to find its niche in the area. As we moved away from their leaf and on to their concentrates, with over 40 different extracts to choose from, it was pretty clear what this location’s niche was. Not only was the strain specific selection massive, I also didn’t see a single extract on their shelf that I wouldn’t smoke myself. The budders were buttery blonde, the shatters were crystal clear and immaculate, and the Live Resin looked like flakey rolling hills of yellow. Besides a huge variety of concentrates, Buddy Boy also takes advantage of a multitude of different extract companies including Tclabs, 710 Labs, Colorado Concentrates, Better Concentrates, and more. What’s even better is the price point on their massive selection of concentrates; regardleBuddy Boy Brands Kalamathss of the extraction company and even if you aren’t a member, you can pick up a gram of wax at Buddy Boy for only $25. If you are a member, you can knock even more off that price and bring it down to $22.50. To sum it up concisely, if you’re a dabber, then you’ve found your haven.

The fun doesn’t stop there, as Buddy Boy also has a proficient selection of edibles and topicals to choose from. Naturally, industry staples Edipure, Incredibles, Blue Kudus, Dixie, and Cannapunch made it onto their shelf, but a few other more unique options were there too. Several options from the ever-delectable Wana were on their shelves as well as a decent selection from Canyon Cultivations. There was a large selection of baked goods and chocolates from Medibles as well. An edible option that caught my attention were their drink mixes from The Mad Hatter Tea and Coffee Company. Besides the fact that a medicated Chai Tea mix sounds amazing, Mad Hatter has drink mixes that are sugar-free, gluten-free, GMO-free, and vegan to boot. If you prefer to swab on your medication in topical form, Buddy Boy has a decent selection of lotions, salves, and oils as well, including a full line-up from Apothecanna and pens from Mary’s MedicinalsBuddy Boy Brands Kalamath. If it’s not pain relief you desire and you’re feeling a bit risqué, then you should definitely check out their marijuana infused personal lubricant from Evos or Foria. As far as smoking implements go, Buddy Boy didn’t have any pipes. They did, however, have a couple of nails available and a few vape pens to choose from. If you’re an O.pen user, Buddy Boy carries 250mg and 500mg cartridges produced with buds from their grow.

As it came time to take pictures, Jamie introduced me to Shorter, “the best budtender in Colorado,” who was more than happy to pose with a few of their products. He ensured me that he was Shorter by name only, and was not a shorter when he is weighing out your ganja. I know Jay and I always appreciated this mindset. After a short photo shoot, I said my farewells to the entire Buddy Boy crew and hit the dusty trail. As their name suggests, bring a buddy along, why not, and I’ll bring one too!

If you get an opportunity to visit Buddy Boy Brands of Denver, Colorado let them know you heard of them through the Dope Directory, and please give them a rating.




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