CAM | Review : Denver

CAM | Review : Denver
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I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream. I know I’m always up for having a scoop or two of tasty ice cream, and in tried-and-true Colorado fashion, I don’t really care if it’s below freezing outside when I have it. When I was a kid, my absolute favorite ice cream vendor was Baskin Robins. While I would never turn down a quick and easy soft serve from another location, there was something truly magical about being able to choose from such a massive smorgasbord of taste sensations at 31 flavors. Although it always ran a little bit on the expensive side compared to the cheaper soft serve options served up by the competitors, the quality and the selection was just unrivaled. Now that I’m older, I still love ice cream, but I’ve also formed a fond penchant for sampling our fine state’s abundance of cannabis strains. It’s no wonder that I get a little giddy when I visit a marijuana dispensary like Colorado Alternative Medicine (CAM), which during my visit had a phenomenal 50 different strains to choose from on their recreational side alone.

Winter is coming (har-har), and I’m loving every minute of it. I made my way to the verdant mile, also known as Broadway, and took in a nice deep breath of refreshing fall air. CAM is already a unique dispensary along the Broadway strCAM Denveretch in the sense that its building is split down the center into a Medical and a Recreational side. This means that they are able to serve Med Card holders who are under 21 and still conform to law. During my visit I took a peek at both sides of their dispensary, starting with the recreational side.

I sauntered through the left door and into their recreational waiting area. Wood floors and a vaulted ceiling gave this warm and welcoming space more character than your average waiting area. I was welcomed in immediately and met my budtender, Danai, who stood behind a long counter that was laden with all the “flavors” my heart could ever desire. Jar after jar of sweet chronic covered every square inch of their counter, and just like a kid in an ice cream shop I admit to being overwhelmed by all of the different strains. As Danai started picking me out a few select strains for my olfactory vacation, she explained that especially on their recreational side the majority of the strains they offer are sativas, and are all priced exactly the same. After all, when all of your products are top shelf, what’s the point of dividing them into different qualities? With this many top-notch strains to choose from, I wasn’t overly surprised to find out that the first two strains I whiffed were both 2014 Cannabis Cup winners. First was the LA Kush. Although this strain won first place in the “Best US Indica” under the name South Central LA, it’s truly a hybrid CAM Denverwith a number of properties reminiscent to a sativa. Words fall short when trying to describe the dank herbal ferocity of this award winning strain, but let me try; picture, if you will, a nugget of LA Kush before you, its green brilliance peeking through a sheen of glistening trichomes cradled ever so gently by a smattering of delicate orange hairs. You look at it, and it looks at you and says, “Hey, I can relieve your pain, and show you a good time. What more could you want?” Now that’s my kind of bud. CAM’s second award winner was their Raskal OG, which they were currently out of during my visit but should be getting more in soon. I did take the opportunity to sniff some other fine strains while I was there, such as their hybrid strain Gorilla Glue. Since smell-o-vision is still years off, let me set the stage for your nose. You’re driving by a tea packing facility, minding your own business when a massive diesel-filled eighteen wheeler careens past you, crashing into a Hershey’s chocolate van and sending them both haphazardly flying into the mCAM Denverint storage room at the factory. Now that’s what Gorilla Glue smells like. With 50 strains to choose from, I wish I could talk about them all, but I leave it to you to experience the massive selection for yourself.

If you like a little bit more oomph, CAM also carries bubble hash on their recreational side, ready to liven up your bowl with a little bit of extra THC. Edibles are in stock as well, including some dispensary staples like Edipure, Dixie, and Blue Kudu. If you would rather swab on your cannabis than eat it, you can pick up some salves from Mary Jane’s Medicinals. If you are just visiting from out of town and need to grab yourself a pipe in a pinch, CAM carries a small selection of glass pipes to cater to your needs. Also, make sure to grab yourself a nice legal souvenir in the form a Colorado Alternative Medicine t-shirt.

I took a final spin around their rec side and swung by next door to the view the medical side of things. I entered into an equally pleasing waiting area, was welcomed in, and was immediately able to go back to their bud counter. Mirada and Caiti stood behind the counter and told me about a few of the differences on their med side. First there is a larger number of indica options (logically), and of course a few additional edible options such as Bhang Medicinal Bars, Cheeba Chews, Green Hornets, and Mountain High Suckers. In addition to their Mary Jane’s Medicinal topicals, tCAM Denverhey also carry pens and transdermal patches from Mary’s Medicinals. Even more exciting was the additional concentrate options. Super White and Witches Weed strain specific shatters from TerpX and TC Labs add an exciting reason to visit if you’re a dabber and a med card holder.

While CAM’s recreational side, in particular, may be a bit pricier than other dispensaries, I’m forced to think back to my Baskin Robins experiences in my youth. Skip the soft serve and go right for the real stuff. Do you know the old adage “you get what you pay for?” this is absolutely true of CAM. Although it may cost $60 for an eighth, you can always mix from their truly gargantuan selection, until you find the strains that are just right for you. This truly is a connoisseur’s weed store, if you’re a seasoned professional to the field or a newcomer looking to take a dive right into the deep end of strain diversity, visit Broadway and swing into Colorado Alternative Medicine (CAM).

If you get an opportunity to visit Colorado Alternative Medicine (CAM) of Denver, Colorado let them know you heard of them through the Dope Directory, and please give them a rating.




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