Cannabis Station | Review : Denver, CO

Cannabis Station | Review : Denver, CO
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The morning I stopped in to Cannabis Station at 1201 20th Street, it was perfect timing. Desiree, the manager, invited me in the shop. I mentioned I was hoping to schedule a dispensary review, she said great let’s do it now. I spent the next hour getting to know Desiree and Anna, a budtender, and learning the story of Cannabis Station. Cannabis Station is affiliated with the Rocky Mountain High Dispensaries and has been at this location for 7 years. Cannabis Station is a recreational dispensary. It is a great spot, across the street from Jagged Mountain brewery and next door to Ophelia’s and Hostel Fish only walking distance from Coors Field. In a former life, I worked a block away from Cannabis Station, and I regret that this was my first visit. Cannabis Station Flower

Cannabis Station’s location was previously an automotive service business. The building has maintained that character, the waiting room is bright and inviting. Once you enter the back room, it gets even more interesting. The owners of Cannabis station collect antique and vintage memorabilia and it decorates the room. This is not a sterile place, you don’t get that Starbucks for weed feeling while doing your shopping. I wish this room was in my house, it’s a cool place to hang out. Enjoying the best dab rigs and oil rigs would be so much fun in this place.

Desiree and Anna were great hosts. I am always curious to hear about the top strains and they both had great input. At the moment, the Durban Poison and Golden Goat are top sellers. The Sweet Silver Haze, Jet Fuel were also in that conversation.
The Death Star and Kosher Kush were the top Indicas. The selection of strains at Cannabis Station was strong. They make it quick and easy with pre-packaged product. I know some people prefer to have the product weighed at time of sale but for me the pre-bagged is more convenient. Cannabis Station BarCannabis Station had a good selection of pre-rolls. They also had Kaviar in stock.

Cannabis Station has a good setup with separate stations for flower, edibles, and concentrates. The selections at the edible and concentrate stations were solid. I’m not a connoisseur of edibles, but the display had many of the common brands and products I see at other places. I don’t think you will be disappointed with what they have to offer. Many of the concentrates available were in-house strains. I like it when there is consistency across the offerings. In this case, they had both live resin and shatter of in-house strains. They offered Evolab and Indigo Pro vape pens and cartridges. They had a selection of glass pipes available if you need a new toy. Overall, I think they have something for everyone.

As a part of the Rocky Mountain High Dispensaries, Cannabis Station is one of seven locations. There is some confusion around this because Cannabis Station doesn’t carry the Rocky Mountain High Dispensary name, but this location is somewhat unique. That being said, I’m told that the group is working to standardize the selection of products across the locations. I like the effort to have that consistency.

Cannabis Station StaffThe staff at the Cannabis Station were knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. I have to thank Desiree and Anna for inviting me in on the spot and spending time with me. I could tell they know their craft and had a genuine interest in helping the customers.

The Cannabis Station has a relaxed shopping experience in a cool building They have free parking downtown, which is great. The hours for this location are 10:00am until 9:45pm. Although it is a recreational dispensary, they offer red card discounts. They have happy hour every day from 4:20 to 5:20, 4 joints for $20. That’s a great deal. They also have a local love discount for local Colorado shoppers, and if you ride the Looper bus downtown, which stops at the location, they offer a 20% discount with your ticket. They are located near Coors field, so make sure to check it out when you go to your next Rockies Game. You could also stop in if you are getting dinner or a show next door at Ophelia’s. If you happen to be staying at Hotel Fish, they offer specials for Hostel Fish customers, and Hostel Fish is smoker friendly.
If you get an opportunity to visit Cannabis Station of Denver, Colorado let them know you heard of them through the Dope Directory, and please give them a rating.

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