Cannamart | Review : Littleton

Cannamart | Review : Littleton
Littleton Dispensary Review Marijuana Dispensary Review

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It’s here again folks. Sadly, I’m not talking about the circus. It’s that time of year for flus, colds, and general all around icky winter sicknesses. Having just experienced a tasty little dalliance with a winter-time ailment myself, I know all about this year’s phenomenal bug. It was about halfway through my sickness when one of the owners of dope directory asked me “are there any strains or products out there that would help with a cold or a flu.” At the time, I really didn’t know of anything on the market. It’s undeniably true that the medical marijuana industry focuses primarily on the chronic ailments that standard pharmaceuticals have issues treating. I’ve seen firsthand the nigh-miraculous things that cannabis can do for people with cancer, but what about a stuffy nose or a sore throat? Obviously if you have bacterial or a viral infection in your lungs, like I did, smoking just isn’t a possibility, unless I’m feeling the odd desire to hack my lungs up. However, now with a booming and expansive edible market, there is a plethora of different treatment options for those of us afflicted this winter. During my recent visit to the Cannamart chain’s medical only location in Littleton, Colorado I found a dispensary that is dedicated to supporting its long term patients, but is also there when you need to find a qCannamartuick fix for your pains, aches, bumps, and bruises. If only I knew about them before I got sick.

Heading West down Littleton Boulevard, it was a little bit of a challenge to get into their dedicated parking lot at Cannamart. I flipped around in a neighborhood just down the street, so I could avoid violating one of Littleton’s bountiful “no U-turn signs” and, now heading Eastbound, parked with ease. From the outside, I honestly didn’t know what to expect. Cannamart’s frosted windows left me guessing until I opened the front door and entered into a remarkably cozy little waiting area. I was greeted at the front window by Nary, who had me fill out a spot of paper work, and then welcomed me in. During my afternoon Wednesday visit, I didn’t have to wait for anyone in front of me but, to be honest, I can’t think of any other dispensary I would rather wait in. Have a visit with Gloria, their precious, but rather ineffectual guard-Chihuahua. Enjoy a fresh cup of coffee from their Keurig, or maybe just kick back while you wait for your turn and watch some television in one of their massage chairs. I followed Nary to the back towards their Christmas tree, t-shirt display, and their bud counter, where she started grabbing some jars off the shelf for me to investigate.

With 24 strains to choose from during my visit, I could stretch this review out into a small novel trying to describe the splendor of all the strains I whiffed and gazed upon during my visit. Since that’s just not an option, I’ll need to simply mention some of the real crowd pleasers. I’ll start with what I’m beginning to think may be CannamartColorado’s most popular strain right now, Golden Goat. If Cannamart’s Golden Goat was a real goat, it would no doubt be of the extra shaggy mountain variety. These nuggets of Goat, while not the densest packed hairs I’ve seen, were the longest. Of course the super long hairs were accompanied by that special sweet and skunky Golden Goat flavor we all know and love. Next up Nary popped the lid on the Purple Kush. The Purple Kush didn’t lie to me; in fact, it was very straightforward with me when it said “hey, have you ever seen this much purple in a strain?” I curtly responded, “No, my good friend, I haven’t.” I digress; this batch was astoundingly purple, a true testament to amazing genetics and a proper control of PH in the growing process. With a hint of ambiguous fruity goodness, and a high CBD content, Purple Kush is the perfect indica dominant strain to grab for pain relief. Last Nary grabbed out her personal favorite, Headband. While it didn’t knock my socks off like the other strains aesthetically, let’s be honest, the functionality is what counts the most. Really powerful earthy aromas and just a hint of diesel make Headband a good go-to if you want a nice clean and powerful smoke. I’ll also throw out an honorable mention to the Snowcap (a high CBD extra fruity sativa), the Lemon Skunk (their biggest seller), and Medijuana (a citrusy THC loaded indica dominant).

If you’re in need of a device to smoke your newfound marijuana with, Cannamart does carry a small selection of pipes and small bongs, but their selection is very modest. If you are looking for a fancy new vape pen, there are several options to choose from including RemPens, IPuff pens, and O.pens, along with 500mg, 250mg, and 150mg cartridges, in sativa, indica, and hybrid. Of course the easiest go-to option, if you don’t have a smoking device, is to simply grab one of their strain specific joints Cannamartfor $5. If you’re looking for topical applications, they carry the full line of Apothecanna. Sadly during my visit they were completely out of concentrates. If you’re a concentrate connoisseur, don’t let this discourage you. They normally carry wax and shatter in several varieties from several different extraction companies, I just happened to have hit at a bad time.

It came time to move on to edibles, and to the some of the products that would have really helped me when I was sick. All the big names were on the shelf including IncrEdible, Blue Kudu, Cheeba Chew, Dabba, Edipure, Canyon Cultivations, Mountain High, and Canna Punch. They also had an amazing selection of products from Sweet Mary Jane’s, including some amazing looking smiley face frosted cookies, and a bunch of tinctures, which I can imagine would have been a great addition to my mint tea when I was feeling under the weather. Their fridge also had several drinks from Chai High, which as Nary explained, didn’t taste great, but were simply amazing when it came to functionality. Finally there was an edible company on the shelf that I had never seen before, something which has become increasiCannamartngly rare. Gaia’s Garden had a full line-up of edibles as well as, wait for it, medicated cough drops. I would have killed for some of those when I was hacking in bed last week, and now I know where I can find some if I happen to be unfortunate enough to get sick again any time soon.

I just was finishing up when Nary mentioned a real deal closer. Cannamart  is here to help its patients, and if there is a product out there that works for them, they will make sure to get some on the shelf. Right as I was leaving a customer came in and was getting excited for an order that they had placed for him which was set to come in next week. Simply amazing! This is a truly a wonderful medicinal dispensary, not just for the ambiance and the products, but simply due to the fact that the staff genuinely cares about finding what medications work best for their patients. So if you’ve got aches and pains, or maybe just caught a little touch of what’s been going around the office, swing by Cannamart in Littleton and they will set you up with whatever you need to treat what ails you.

If you get an opportunity to visit Cannamart of Littleton, Colorado let them know you heard of them through the Dope Directory, and please give them a rating.




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