Caregivers For Life | Review : Denver

Caregivers For Life | Review : Denver
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No complaints come to mind when walking through the streets around the Cherry Creek Mall on a crisp summer morning. Enshrouded by trees, and welcomed by stores and restaurants preparing for the daily crowds, I made my way down the street. I remember the area well from childhood visits to the Wizards Chest for board games and Halloween supplies. The area around the mall really hasn’t changed much in the last 20 years, save for the delightful addition of establishments providing green refreshments. If you’re in the area shopping, lay down the heavy burden of bargain hunting and allow yourself a short, green filled, reprieve. Take a lovely 5 minute walk up to Caregivers For Life tucked away off of St Paul Street just blocks away from the shopping center. Take a moment to enjoy the lovely shaded seating area out front, and prepare to be as high as the birds chirping in the trees around you. It’s a perfect distance from the mall; it’s not too close, it’s not too far, this spot is just right. If Goldilocks had a lust for chronic, rather than soup, Caregivers For Life would be her choice.

Parking in the morning was easy, thanks to an abundance of spots on the street. Even when the crowds start to build up, Caregivers For Life has several dedicated spots for customer parking along the back side of the store. This morning was the perfect time for this visit. The sun was still goosing the sidewalks with the promise of another hot August day, and the trees generously obliged me their shade in the front courtyard. I absolutely had to take a moment to sit and enjoy the Caregivers For Life Denversights and the sounds. I walked in the front door into a warm, inviting waiting area and a front desk. I was greeted by Kellie who proceeded to show me around the store as my budtender. Caregivers For Life has been helping medical patients for four years now and branched off into the recreational department, while still maintaining their medicinal side. On initial inspection, the selection looked about average. There were around a dozen different strains, access to wax, and some offerings from Dixie and Canapunch. Then my eye was drawn to some unique edibles and products I’d never seen before. Kellie informed me, that the majority of their edible products are actually made on site.

Let me put this bluntly, if you’re extremely hungry, don’t go in here lest you desire the embarrassment of literally drooling on the glass windows as you look down at the amazing baked goods. It doesn’t stop at just brownies and sinful-looking gummy candies; they also have a unique selection of house made syrups. The, made-on-location, Colorado Cannabis Tears Syrup comes in six flavors: Blueberry, Cherry, Raspberry, Grape, Citrus, and original. The versatility of the syrup is impressive, drop some Raspberry in your hot chocolate or some cherry in your soda. As Kellie recommended, drizzle some over your favorite ice cream and sprinkle with nuts for some truly uplifting dessert. Their products have become so popular that they ship some of their goods out to other dispensaries in Caregivers For Life Denverthe area. There is something to be said though about getting them at the source. Cost benefits aside, there is nothing quite like knowing that your baked goods were made right downstairs. The last time I saw baked goods this fresh, I was in some dude’s basement in Boulder.

Kellie then told me about some popular strains including Iced Grapefruit, Golden Goat, and her personal favorite, the comically named booger strain, which she described as her “happy” inducing Pharrell Williams weed. All of the buds were very well trimmed and ready to be weighed up to make the mall fairing experience much more colorful. The selection of glass pieces was modest, but had all the basics, including some very inexpensive small pieces, catering to herbal tourism. Expansion is in the works down below as well, and with any luck they should be producing their own RSO on site soon. I must admit to being impressed at this location’s ability to cater to both recreational and medical patients, with an emphasis on safety and well-being. The charts breaking down cannabinoids and a selection of topical lotions showed me a location that knows that medicinal benefits shouldn’t be disregarded by recreational users. This is an extremely versatile store.

Overall this was a great Caregivers For Life Denverexperience that I would highly recommend to any Colorado locals, or any visitors that want to make their visit to Cherry Creek a little greener. Not to condone loitering, but do take some time to sit in the lovely courtyard in front and really experience this wonderful part of town and this fantastic dispensary. I promise you a great visit with friendly and helpful staff that are willing to take the time educate you in the herbal canon of Colorado, or just get you some special syrup for your ice cream. If you are also in the mood to lower your ecological impact, it can’t get any better than buying your baked good at the same location they were made. I’m sure this dispensary will be there to offer me an extremely nostalgic visit to the Wizards Chest down the street next time I’m in the market for some new games or a new Halloween costume. If you yourself have been having any issues finding just the right dispensary for you, this might be it. Just remember Goldilocks if you eat too much Raspberry syrup, you won’t be able to run away if the bears come home early.#JessetheGrove



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