Chronorado | Review : Denver, CO

Chronorado | Review : Denver, CO
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There’s a lot to be said about a name, especially when it’s the name of your business. It’s the first thing your customers see when they are perusing your wares online or driving by your storefront on the street. It’s your first line of marketing that will stand the test of time and inevitably be a boon or the potential downfall of a business. You would think that thanks in part to a certain skunky fresh plant, the marijuana industry would be loaded with some of the most ingenious and amusing names around; sometimes I find this to be true, but more often than not, I’m served up the same repetitious names all with a slightly different twist. THC is by far the most notoriously abused acronym when people are attempting to come up with names for their dispensary. Go ahead and check out the Dope Directory map and I’ll bet you every fifth dispensary has abuses that acronym. Despite all the lackluster and undeniably droll names I’m confronted with on a daily basis in the marijuana industry, every so often I run into a place with a name that makes me honestly chuckle. When I come to a place in Denver with a name like Chronorado, I know I’m not only in store for a great time, but as the name would imply, I’m also in store for some great chronic.

Chronorado is just now back in action Chronoradoafter a year-long hiatus, and is up and operational for medical patients. It’s extremely easy to spot from Leetsdale; just look for the big neon “Chronorado” sign on the East side of the road. My experience started on a positive note when I swung my car into their extremely spacious and well-maintained parking lot. After reconnoitering my gear, I opened the front door to a rather roomy waiting area lined with plushy leather sofa chairs, accented by deep brown stucco-esque walls, sleek black tile floors, and the sound of the trickling fountain in the corner. I was greeted behind the window by Jarell and Lee, who took a peek at my med card and invited me in. The bud room was as impressively open as the waiting area and parking lot had been. A smattering of different paintings from local artists adorned the walls, and right at the heart of it all was their main glass cabinet lined with buds, concentrates, edibles and topicals. I followed Jarell, who, besides being a budtender at Chronorado, is also their multimedia producer and is in charge of showcasing their phenomenal soil-grown buds. Along with this job Chronoradocomes the painstaking task of sampling the products as to know which ones to highlight both as a budtender and as a media man. Jarell started my tour by showing me Candy Kush, his favorite strain out of the dozen strains they currently had to choose from. Candy Kush is a hybrid strain that is both sweet and earthy, but best of all, endows the smoker with that pleasant “I’m not getting off the couch for anything short of the apocalypse” feel. Other than the great smell, I couldn’t deny its shimmering trichome-laden aesthetic. It wasn’t hard to see why this was Jarell’s favorite. Next up was the indica-dominant Cali Orange. As I picked up the jar, it was clear that this was a very aptly named strain. So many little orange hairs graced its surface that it looked – well orange, and when I put my nose into the jar it smelled like – care to wager a guess? While I’d love to tell you more, there isn’t really much else to say about the Cali Orange, other than it isn’t a liar. To finish off, Jarell showed me one of their best sellers, Durban Grunk. Durban Grunk is the culmination of the Skunk, Grape Ape, and Durban. They join forces to form a spicy, skunky, and grapey masterpiece of a strain, which has an extremely nostalgic odor that I just can’t seem to be able to place. Finding mChronoradoyself still somewhat perturbed by the scent that time forgot, Jarell ended my bud-tour by showing me their strain-specific pre-rolls, and then moved on to show me their selection of concentrates, edibles, and topicals.

Chronorado has a very robust selection of concentrates, so many in fact, I would dare say that their diversity in extracts is reason enough to pay them a visit. I was particularly enamored with their live resin, produced for them by Endocanna, which looked so buttery, so flakey, and so smooth, you could have mistaken it for butter on your pancakes. Their selection of wax and shatter from Highway 710, Better Concentrates, and Mahatma were nothing to scoff at either. I’m always a fan of any spot that uses multiple extraction companies, and as Jarell explained, Chronorado does so
simply so they can weed out (har-har) the weaker companies, and leave their shelves glistening with only the purest glittery extracts in town. Their edible selection was fairly inclusive as well, including edibles from some of the big-name staples like: Edipure, Cheeba Chew, Kief Kola, IncrEdibles, Dixie, Green Hornet, and Epic Edibles. Their shelves were dominated by a pair of my favorite edible companies, Mountain High and Gaia’s Garden. Mountain High, simply put, are pros at loading their products with high CBD doses, surpassing the standard of “vaguely palatable” and entering the flavor realm of “damn tasty.” Gaia’s Garden had their full line-up of products on the shelf, including everything from their small candy drops up to their TKO bars which Jarell could personally vouch for. When you load up a THC-laden treat with nougat, peanuts, pretzels, and marshmallow-peanut butter and then dip it in milk chChronoradoocolate, how can you go wrong? While the selection of topicals at Chronorado was not massive, they did carry several different products from Apothecanna, intended to sooth any transdermal aches and pains.

As I finished up my visit by snapping a few pictures and taking a few more minutes to admire some of the local art on the walls, Jarell mentioned a rather exciting addition to Chronorado’s arsenal. As of August 8th, Chronorado is now carrying 2g pre-rolled blunts (I see you all smiling). These bad boys will also come in little boxes with three different strain specific blunts for only $60. Hurry in fast, because I have no doubt in my mind that Chronorado’s blunts will fly off the shelves. It’s also worth a peek at some of their awesome merchandise, including some extremely dope hats, shirts, and water bottles. So what’s in a name right? Well if that name is an awesome name like “Chronorado” the answer is a whole lot of amazing cannabis-based products.

If you get an opportunity to visit Chronorado of Denver, let them know you heard of them through the Dope Directory, and please give them a rating.




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