City-Med | Review : Denver

City-Med | Review : Denver
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If you ever need a reminder why Denver is such a kickass place to visit and live, take a stroll down East Evans. First of all, the street runs through South Denver, so it’s the part of town that parking isn’t quite a disaster. The street is lined with small commercial buildings and houses from an era long-gone. You can really get a sense of the laid back side of Denver on the quiet side streets that surround The University of Denver, which is an architectural delight all on its own. On top of all of this, you can reward yourself with some late-night schwarma at Jerusalem, or some hookah at one of the many hookah bars in the area (if you don’t mind the throngs of DU students getting “wild” on a Friday night). Sometimes things do get a little too wild, and if you end up in a dispute or altercation, then you may want to contact someone like these Denver Trial Lawyers who can provide legal representation. When you add all of these great regional characteristics together, it is no surprise that Southern Denver is one of the most desirable places to live. I suppose, then, it makes sense to put a dispensary right smack-dab in the middle of it all. Fortunately, the nonchalant attitude of City-Med in South Denver compliments the relaxed vibe of the area.

City-Med is nestled in a small strip between a New York style pizzeria, and the world’s first Chipotle (A perfect spot for a place that sells marijuana, am I right?). Aside from the six or seven spots on the sides of the building, parking can be tricky. Fortunately, the blocks in the area are short, and parking is free, so it won’t be challenging for you to find a spot not too far away. I managed to find myself walking in with a group of tourists, who were eagerly tittering about “weed, bro.” The waiting room is a green-painted city med denver 1room, with a flat-screen playing advertisements for the dispensary, and a large and impressive art piece depicting John Lennon brandishing his famous peace sign. The manager Moe checked all of our IDs, and we were walked into the product room. Interestingly enough, this process was a lot less structured than I’ve seen at other dispensaries. Moe walked out into the lobby, checked our credentials, and then let us all in as one big group. The weed bros and I were then asked, “Who can I help right now?” Instead of the traditional business motto of “first come, first serve,” Moe went the way of “who’s ready?” which, for this kind of store, makes a lot of sense.

Even though City-Med’s product room isn’t the biggest or most impressive, it has a little bit of everything. On the right side of the product room, there’s an assortment of ornately designed glassware, rolling papers, blunt wraps, and eye drops. On the left there’s a collection of City-Med shirts, and a cooler filled with drinks and edibles by King Caviar. In the corner, there’s a palate of bottled water, next to where they have their clones for sale on display. In the display cases, there are seeds that they have got from some of the best seed banks that ship to the UScity med denver 3, shatter, and wax from King Caviar, and pre-rolled joints. What I kept noticing, though, even after the “weed bros” left with all their pre-rolled joints, more people came in for more pre-rolled joints. City-Med allows its visitors to set up for text alerts, where they will periodically send out specials for products. It just so happened that on the day I visited the dispensary, they were offering five dollar pre-rolled, after tax. Even though the joints were all shake from various strains they sell, a five dollar joint after tax is a five dollar joint.

“You’ve gotta keep it fun,” Moe explained, as I was admiring the fourteen gram bud that was on display. Apparently, City-Med has crazy giveaways all the time. Between raffles for giant buds, to strains of the month, to cheap gram pre-rolled joints, City-Med seems to always have a reason to come back. They also have several unique in-house strains, with equally amusing and unique names. You could go home city med denver 2with your very own “Greentarded” or “Redhead Stepchild” if you so choose. City-Med has a fine balance of sativas, indicas, and hybrids for sale; around six of each. It’s likely you’ll find something smokable here.

While there are some stores that go for the doctor’s office look, City-Med has intentionally moved away from that since being one of the first stores to go recreational on January 1st, 2014 (they still accept medical cards, so worry not, my Red Card holding friends). “I really like the nonchalant vibe,” manager Moe mumbled to me. And it’s true: the place is incredibly relaxed and laid back. While some places might intimidate with a bank-teller window to speak through, City-Med employees, at least on my visit, will walk out into the waiting room, and greet you first hand. Maybe this changes when it’s busy, but it’s still something you don’t quite see all the time. In some stores, you’ll notice that bud tenders are practically chained city med denver 4behind their counter. At City-Med, however, the bud tenders were walking around the small area, sometimes gazing at the TV, sometimes interacting with customers, and sometimes fixing the stock. The entire place was free-flowing, and natural. To me, like I said before, this energy is precisely the correct kind for a Southern Denver dispensary.

There are times that I wish I had been a DU student, because every time I am in Pioneer territory, I get this tinge of jealousy. While not in the heart of Denver, Southern Denver still has its own heart and culture that I have yet to find anywhere else. I would say there are few places that embody this spirit of “relax, man” better than City-Med. If you’re looking for the official, uptight, and starch-laden dispensary, go somewhere else. On the other hand, if you’ve ever told someone to “go with the flow, man,” perhaps this place will be perfect for you.


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