Colorado Best Budz | Review : Pueblo, CO

Colorado Best Budz | Review : Pueblo, CO
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Regardless of the inherent praise or scorn often lobbed at the marijuana industry, one thing neither side can deny is the remarkable power that cannabis has to bring people together from all different walks of life. Where else do you see dreadlock toting hippies and clean cut white collar retirees smiling, laughing, and exchanging stories? Is there any other forum when you think of where clean cut, young college students sit and share a joke with the most grizzled urbanites around? Many have labeled marijuana as “the gateway drug,” a term that is accurate, not in the sense that it will lead to use of heavy drugs, but in the sense that it’s a gateway to bringing together people from many different walks of life. Every dispensary I walk into has a certain ambiance to it, an essential mood that is conveyed to the patron from the art on the walls, the rhythm of the music, and temperature of the lights. During my recent adventures in Pueblo, I encountered one dispensary on the cutting edge of cool, simply soaked in modern personality yet ready to cater to a wide variety of clients. Colorado Best Budz is a shrine, an homage to the melding of worlds where rap mixes with reggae and touch screens with budtenders. If you’ve been stuck in a loop, buying yourColorado Best Budz cannabis from a sterile, white walled box, break away from the boring and check out Colorado Best Budz for your medicinal and recreational cannabis needs.

Colorado Best Budz is fairly easy to spot driving East away from downtown Pueblo, and is located in a rather large green and orange stucco building. I found a spot to park with relative ease and walked up to the orange “Enter” door, excited to see what was in store for me. I walked in to a high open ceiling, colorful walls, old school rap, industrial themed lighting, rustic wood accents, glass cases loaded with product, and Josh and Richard behind the counter, both with a smile on. Josh welcomed me in and gave me the scoop on how the bud buying process works at Colorado Best Budz. Along the walls were small jars each with little nuggets of chronic, and next to them were touchscreens linked in with Leafly’s strain database, each depicting their respective strains taste, smell, and effect. As a customer, you have free reign to browse along the wall for all of the tasty products you desire and then report your finding to a budtender Colorado Best Budzat one of their multiple check-out stations so they can get what you need. As Josh mentioned though, don’t be afraid to ask a budtender for help if you’re not entirely down with the tablet strain browsing method. I started my self-guided adventure with a little bit of herb browsing along the wall. Colorado Best Budz didn’t have a large selection of different strains, but the few that they had seemed to be very solid. While the grow their using still isn’t their own, there is a good chance that by the time you’re reading this review, they are already starting to get their own products on the shelf. One bud related product that I really liked was their mini joints. These little doobies come in a 5 pack for $20, and as Josh explained to me were the perfect choice for a break when you just don’t have enough time for a full roach.

Moving on from their humble bud Colorado Best Budzselection I turned to their main counter which was loaded with a very formidable smattering of topicals, as well as several different extracts to choose from and a moderate selection of edibles. If you’re looking for a place to buy cannabis for topical applications, you’ve found it. Whether you’re looking for pain patches from Mary’s Medicinals, lotions from Apothecanna, intimate oil from Foria, salves from 315 Extreme Relief, or maybe just some THC infused bath additives from Mary Jane’s, Colorado Best Budz is your place. During my visit there were over 30 different topical products from nearly half a dozen different companies. So many topicals I would dare say the largest selections I’ve ever seen. Their concentrate selection, while not as sprawling as their topical selection still had the bases covered with wax, shatter, and vape pen cartridges. Wax and shatter were provided gratis Caregiver’s for Life and Mahatma respectively. I was particularly impressed by the Death Star shatter, which was spicy, pure, and looked absolutely delectable. Their vape pen section was dominated by Evos and O.Pen cartridges, but there were also other options like Karing Kind’s CO2 Labs cartridges, and refillable pens from IPuff and Rempen. Lastly I took a peek at their edible options. The classics were all there, including gummies, candies,Colorado Best Budz and chocolates from IncrEdible, Edipure sugary treats, Dixie sublingual drops, and the ever classic Cheeba Chews. Along with the dispensary staples were a lineup of options from Kief Kola, Bhang, Blue Kudu and Gaia’s Garden.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the awesome merchandise and killer events they have planned before I round off the saga of my visit. Colorado Best Budz is loaded with swag like hats, hoodies, and shirts making it the perfect place to get some accoutrements for your evening smoking session or just a place to snag some memorabilia to bring home from your Colorado dispensary touring. If you’re in the department for a new smoking device, Colorado Best Budz carries a few different smoking apparatuses ranging from humble little dugouts, ready to be loaded with a nugget on the run, all the way up to little dab rigs and torches for the aspiring new concentrate Colorado Best Budzaficionados out there. Perhaps the most exciting thing happening this year at Colorado Best Budz is their sponsored back yard concert taking place June 17th-18th, featuring Kid Rock himself. If you’re looking for a ticket check out for more info.

As the various cannabis related cultures inexorably combine into a new society of modern like-minded marijuana-hungry patrons, it is places like Colorado Best Budz that will be the proving grounds for these unlikely unions. It really is a remarkably unique community that has formed around cannabis use, both for medicinal and recreational purposes. As the great green curtain swings open onto the world of modern cannabis, only time will tell how this uniquely merged society of oddly paired friends will start to shape the world around them. In the meantime, you probably should pack another bowl, and when you run out, just know that Colorado Best Budz will be there to fill up your supply when you’re running short.

If you get an opportunity to visit Colorado Best Budz of Pueblo, Colorado let them know you heard of them through the Dope Directory, and please give them a rating.




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