Colorado Harvest Company | Review : Denver

Colorado Harvest Company | Review : Denver
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There is no denying the colorful nature of the acting college at the University of Northern Colorado. It always seemed like every weekend we would try to liven up droll nature of Greeley, Colorado by throwing some form of themed party. Although surely not enough people were involved to make a proper case study, I can’t help but think back to one of the most memorable parties I attended my Senior Year. The party was called the weed vs. booze party, and consisted of two teams of four which, as I’m sure you can guess, were either uproariously stoned or plastered drunk respectively. The two teams then needed to compete in some basic games and rudimentary tasks with the ultimate goal being able to ascertain which substance if harder to function on. Any guesses on the outcome? About an hour into the Olympiad of mindless fun the booze team had members wandering off and the members that were still competing were in a rage at the weed team members for taking an exorbitant amount of time to make their next move in Connect Four. The end result had the marijuana team defeating the alcohol team in pretty much every event. It was truly too bad for the booze team that the events were mostly trivia and logic based, since I have no doubt that if they were based around “who could be loudest and take of their clothes the fastest,” the booze team would have taken the gold medal. Not that 8 college students on a Saturday night makes for a great case study, it was a shining example of why I believe alcohol can be a much more harmful substance than marijuana. It’s nice to see years later that people are starting to realize the same thing that we came to the conclusion of on that Saturday night; Not only is marijuaColorado Harvest Companyna wonderful for people with medical ailments but it’s also an alternative to drinking like a fish. With a great selection of Edibles, Buds, and concentrates, Colorado Harvest Company is sure to have you rooting for the weed team by the end of the day.

During my visit to Colorado Harvest Company, I had no competitions for parking, mostly due to the massive amounts of street parking nearby. I entered the door and was greeted by Beej behind the counter, who welcomed me in and checked out my IDs so I might explore both the medical and recreational sides of the dispensary. The first thing that struck me was the amazing paintings around the dispensary by Daniel Gonzalez, who in that very instant became one of my new favorite artists. Prying my eyes from the walls, Beej sent me back to meet my budtenders, Mark on the med side and Justin on the rec side. Mark powered up the light on their trusty pivoting magnifying glass and started to grab some jars of chronic for me to view. First strain I took a peek at was Blue God. Blue God is a pure indica bred from Blueberry and God Bud with a rich and earthy scent, complimented by a hint of sweetness. Despite the fact that it’s an indica, Mark mentioned that it does give you a little bit off a sativa Colorado Harvest Companyhead-feel when you smoke it and it won’t completely couch-lock you either. Next was the 60/40 slightly sativa-leaning Flo. The Flo at Colorado Harvest Company was simply gorgeous, covered in a thick smattering of crystalline trichome bliss. Its olfactory profile was equally pleasing, giving off a hint of piney, earthen goodness. Lastly, I took a peek at their Strawberry Diesel. The genetic cross of Strawberry Cough and good ol’ Diesel join forces to create this splendid 80% sativa. With a high that was described to me as being “strong but not racy or paranoia-spawning,” I can see this strain as being a go-to for anyone who want to experience a sativa without any of the unwanted side-effects. After having a thoroughly good time looking at their strains Sherlock Holmes style via magnifying glass, Mark pointed out a few of their fat pre-rolls for $8 as well as their caviar joints.

After perusing their buds, I moved on to look at their edibles, topicals, and concentrates. As far as edibles are concerned, Colorado Harvest Company has a very sufficient selection on both their medical and recreation side. There were some great staples on the shelf including products from Green Hornet, Dixie, Bhang, Mountain High Suckers, Edipure, Cannapunch, IncrEdibles, Blue Kudus, and Sweet grass. There were also a few rarer options on their shelf including the some drinks from Flo EnColorado Harvest Companyergy and some amazing looking Karma Kandy from Gaia’s Garden. They carry a decent selection of tinctures as well, if you’re not a fan of edibles or have dietary restrictions. In the topical department, The Colorado Harvest Company has a great selection of lotions and salves on both the medical and recreational side, including patches and pens from Mary’s Medicinals and lotions from Apothecanna. If you like marijuana concentrates either for dabbing or for vape pens, their extracts looked great. Besides carrying a few different vape pens, they had O.pen cartridges ranging in volume from 150mg all the way up to some beefy 500mg. Their nug-run shatter produced by White Mousse looked awesome. Then again I expect nothing less from White Mousse. Colorado Harvest Company’s live resin extracts from Botanico had all their delicious weedy flavors intact. The shatter from Botanico was a little bit hazy, but their wax looked immaculate. The best part about their waxes was the amazing scent that they retained from the terpenes of their parent buds.

On my final spin around the dispensary I checked out some of their awesome looking t-shirts and looked through some of their pipes, including some quick and affordable toke-and-toss pipes as well as some of their more impressive art pieces. After taking a few final whiffs of their glorious greens, Colorado Harvest CompanyI said my final farewells and after taking one more moment to admire some of Daniel’s paintings on the wall I hit the dusty trail. Keep your eyes peeled as more locations from the Colorado Harvest Company will be opening up soon in Aurora. You can also visit their sister store, Evergreen Apothecary, and pick up some of the same outstanding products.

Well if it wasn’t already obvious, the secret is out, I’m an advocate for the legalization of marijuana (go figure). Not that I would necessarily advocate holding your own marijuana vs. alcohol party, but if you did I have no doubt that the results would be the same as our “highly scientific” college party. If you want to prove it for yourself though, visit Colorado Harvest Company and they can help you get your weed team fully equipped.

If you get an opportunity to visit Colorado Harvest Company of Denver, Colorado let them know you heard of them through the Dope Directory, and please give them a rating.




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