Cross Genetics | Review : Denver

Cross Genetics | Review : Denver
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This spring, I made a visit down to Florida for a family wedding. My girlfriend and I made the most of our visit by renting a convertible and setting aside a day to visit Disney World. The place was still larger than life, as were many of the patrons visiting as well. Having enjoyed several theme park priced beers at Epcot, we decided to find a nice spot off the beaten path to sit and enjoy some equally expensive lunch. We found a nice shady tree to escape the sun, and sadly realized that we couldn’t escape the humidity. As we were sitting, a lady sauntered past us to the other side of tree and sat down where we she assumed no one would see her, and proceeded to, less conspicuously than she thought, light up a massive joint. Quite taken aback by the brashness of this action, we finished our meals in silence trying not to laugh. It was clear that we weren’t the only ones that noticed what she was doing, as we watched people pushing their strollers by on the path, raising their nose to the air and either smiling or scoffing off in our general direction. We finished our meal and left her to finish the rest of her joint. As we merged back onto the path and into the line of people, a man with his two daughters turned around and said to us “I guess the Magic Kingdom wasn’t ‘magic’ enough for her.” His two daughters looked at us with blank expressions as we started cackling. An undoubtedly good visit filled with food, wonderfCross Genetics Denverully maintained gardens, and awesome rides. I figured it would be a long time before I would get a chance to visit again, little did I know we have our own magic kingdom here in Colorado, it’s called Cross Genetics off of Broadway. Just like the Magic Kingdom, Cross Genetics is filled with fantastic edibles, an abundance of beautiful flowers, and a products that will give you a ride in the cerebral fast lane, or a ride straight into a good night’s sleep.

Cross Genetics is a medical only dispensary that puts the ‘all’ in ‘all inclusive.’ My first pleasant surprise happened out in the parking lot, that surprise being, that there actually is a parking lot. Due to the space constraints on Broadway, most of the other dispensaries I’ve visited only have street parking available. So if you’re like me and hate parallel parking, this is a first major selling point. I walked in and went to the small window off to the side, and exchanged the common paperwork formalities with the guard who was on duty to check red cards. After aCross Genetics Denver brief wait in the clean, well lit, and impeccably decorated lobby, I went back into the selling room and was greeted by Stephen, my budtender, and a glass counter full of jars of marijuana that seemed to go on forever.

When I came in there was roughly 50 different strains to choose from in two different octane levels (like fuel quality): 93 octane and 101 octane. Wasting no time, Stephen grabbed some jars off the shelf and opened them up so I might delve nose first into a small world of marijuana. First off, I took a big whiff of Fruity Pebbles. This strain is so sweet and fruity smelling that I have no doubt in my mind that Fred Flintstone himself would love to get stoned off this wonderfully balanced hybrid. Next up, I investigated the jar of Tangie, a Sativa that is a cross of California Orange and a Skunk hybrid. True to its name, it smelled like Pepé Le Pew after taking a bath in some fresh squeezed orange juice. Sweet and tangy in smell it also was loaded with delicate orange hairs to complement its aroma. Last was the sativa, Thai Lights. I have never smelled a strain that has as much olfactory character as this one. Put on your smoking jackets and whip out your tobacco pipe and take a deep inhale of what smells like some of the finest cognac that you’ve ever had in your life. The smell was uncanny, and I honestly had a hard time setting it down. As I selfishly Cross Genetics Denverhogged all the smells from the Thai Lights one of the patients picking up products next to me mentioned that he comes here for multiple strains they carry that have over 27% THC content.

If your medical needs aren’t met by flowers, don’t worry; Cross Genetics has you covered. Stephen walked me over to the left side of their bud counter which housed all of their concentrates. Both 250mg and 500 mg O.pen cartridges, Atmos vape pens and, CO2 cartridges produced for them by Rest and Relaxation sat on the shelf ready to go home and help relieve pain. They also carried BHO oil syringes also extracted by Rest and Relaxation who, as Stephen mentioned, have a great working relationship with their dispensary, and will often let them use their kitchen to produce products for their store. There was a great selection of CO2 oils, bud run shatter, hybrid wax, and even some strain specific waxes. They also had some scrumptious looking keif for $9.99 a gram. If you need a way to smoke your newly purchased products, look no further, Cross Genetics has an ample supply of smoking devices as well, to suit pretty much any need you have, including a full selection of interchangeable components for Oldboi vape pens.

Last but most certainly not least, Stephen led me over to their topical and edible counter. Another great selection presented itself. The full selection of Apothecanna lotions sat next to transdermal pain patches from Mary’s Medicinals, ready to be applied to troublesome aches and pains. 500 mg containers of Edipure for $35 were there to provide patients with 50 doses of gummy goodness and of course Cheeba Chews and Blue Kudus were also another welcome guest on their food shelf. Canyon Cultivations, Suck IT and Pop IT products were available as Cross Genetics Denverwell as some hot coco and tinctures from Rest and Relaxation. One chocolate that was new to me at the time of my visit was produced by WeHi. These vegan friendly dark chocolate candies came in 300mg dosages in sativa, hybrid, and Indica.

Tearing my mind away from the mystical smells of Thai Lights, the time had come for me to leave this local Colorado magical kingdom. If you are a red card holder and you want a place with superb selections, and uncompromising quality, then I would recommend you head over to Broadway and visit Cross Genetics. While this location does have everything, there is no doubt in my mind that the highlight is their amazing selection of high quality buds. Regardless of the octane you pick, you’re going to be getting superior plants produced by some amazing growers that are sure to help cure what ails you.

If you get an opportunity to visit Cross Genetics of Denver of Denver, Colorado let them know you heard of them through the Dope Directory, and please give them a rating.




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