Dacono Meds | Review : Dacono

Dacono Meds | Review : Dacono
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Dacono, Colorado might be one of those places that you pass by on the highway, bleary eyed from the miles, and not think twice about. While the small town sits neatly off of I-25, it’s decidedly an embodiment of small town, USA. The surrounding landscape is dotted with cows grazing lazily, flat and vague farmland, and oil rigs churning endlessly, day and night. It’s a town just like any other its size: a main street with the town’s commercial sector, made up of a gas station, a supermarket, and a handful of farmhouse style houses. Blink too hard, and you might miss this place where people have made their entire lives. Like any other small town, it’s also a hotbed for small and independent businesses. Dacono Meds, a dispensary with a colorful history, is one such small business that has made its home in the great plains of Colorado. Being the only joint in town, it’d be easy for this place to squeeze as much profit out of the residents, and then get out of Dodge. It might seem like a small and unassuming spot, but what Dacono Meds lacks in decor, they more than make up in spirit.

Located on one of three of Dacono’s major roads, Glen Creighton Drive, Dacono Meds sits in a strip of buildings just south of Highway 52. As I said before, the dispensary is unassuming enough: if not for the small sign over the entrance, you’d probably pass by Dacono Meds Daconowithout much of a second thought. The inside of the dispensary is equally tame, and strikes one as more of a place to get your taxes done rather than purchase medical cannabis. In the waiting room, however, the dispensary’s dramatic story begins to unfold. On the far wall, behind a small television is a bulletin board filled with newspaper clippings from the last two years. While Dacono Meds had been serving the towns of Dacono, Frederick, and Firestone for years, until a city council decision halted the operations of marijuana dispensaries in the tiny town in 2012. Thanks to a special ballot initiative in May of 2013, the people of Dacono voted to allow dispensaries back in. As you might expect, dispensaries don’t open overnight, and it took until the middle of 2014 for Dacono Meds to officially say “Welcome back” to its patients.

“We’re growing steadily,” said Karen, the general manager of Dacono Meds. “Since our reopening in June, we’ve seen five hundred different faces, and have started the processDacono Meds Dacono of getting our patients back.” Walking back into the product room, the dispensary’s success becomes apparent. Let’s start with the flower. At the time of my visit, the dispensary had some 21 different strains to choose from. Old school smokers: this is the spot to find all your old favorites, from Trainwreck, to AK-47, to Afghani, the dispensary’s focus tends to be the time-tested classics, and can be yours for $10 or $11.50 for the gram, depending on the strain. The dispensary also features several varieties of strain-specific shake for only $7 for the gram. I’m actually incredibly surprised that such a small dispensary could supply such a large variety of flower. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m just as much of a new strain hunter as anyone, but sometimes it’s nice to sit back with some classic White Widow, and reminiscing about a simpler time of marijuana consumption.

A dispensary who had its doors closed for eighteen months has a bit of catch up to do. Before, everyone wanted bubble hash, all the time. After, almost like the proverbial caveman frozen in ice, when they awoke, the world demanded concentrates. Not wanting to fall even further behind, the dispensary now has a full line of budder, wax, and shatter Dacono Meds Daconofrom Colorado concentrates. They also carry several different vape oils, oil cartridges, and vape pens for smokers looking for a discreet and mostly odorless way to consume their medicine. The dispensary also carries a large variety of topicals and edibles as well. With staples from Apothacana, and Mary’s Medicinals, as well as several medicated “bath bags” from Healthy Creations, Dacono Meds is equipped to make muscle and joint pain a problem of the past for Dacono medical card holders. On top of that, if you’re more of an edible fan, there’s no shortage here. All of Colorado’s biggest brands can be bought here, from Cheeba Chews, to Wana, to IncrEdibles, to Edipure. On that note, one of Edipure’s lesser known products can be bought here: Trokie drops. These sublingual drops are sugar free, vegan, and gluten free, making them a suitable choice for anyone who has any sort of dietary restrictions. Finally, in a stunt of small-town pride, the Dacono Meds Daconodispensary carries a few glass pieces, many of which were made just up the road in Keensburg, and equally small and dusty pit stop off Highway 76.

Like any medical facility in any small town in any state of this vast and mostly empty country, Dacono Meds serves a population who, without them, would be forced to purchase their medication off the street. Many of the patrons of the dispensary are local, and their feet are their only mode of transportation. To the city council members who roll their eyes and say they can travel twenty-five minutes west to Boulder for marijuana, it’s just simply not an option for many of the dispensary’s patients. Frankly, do we want a population of chronically ill people roaming city parks for people who will sell to them on the black market? I’m sorry – I’ll get off my soapbox here. I think it goes without saying, the dispensary has a heart which is tough to match in today’s dispensary scene. Through the sheer dedication to the people who needed them, the dispensary held on, with closed doors, for a year and a half, just to serve their community again. That’s small-town America. That’s small-business America. That’s Dacono Meds.

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