DANK Colorado | Review : Denver

DANK Colorado | Review : Denver
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So there I was, sitting on Farrand Field in my freshman year at The University of Colorado, Boulder, at one of the free shows being promoted for students. Unfortunately, I don’t remember who was playing, but I do remember them distinctly being some sort of groovy, “dude, let me take a fifteen minute guitar solo here” jam band. My smug teenage brain couldn’t help but grin; of course they would have The Phish Rejects or whoever play a free show in Boulder, Colorado. My attitude would soon change, perhaps being swept up in doobies that were inevitably being passed by and to everyone. While that was just the way of the world in college, I believe I was more struck by the sheer energy of the concert. You had your kids who were trying alcohol for the first time, yes, but to my left was an entire contingent of shoeless, patchouli-smelling people dancing. And not just shaking their hips and wiggling their arms like the default white man at a club – no – they were going after it. There were a few more people with scruffy facial hair and patched corduroys silently painting along to the jams. Perhaps I was reminded fondly of all the stories my father would tell me about being a twenty-something in 1970s New York City, but there was an odd comforting feeling to these people. Sure, they might have been walking, dancing, and painting stereotypes, but boy, were they having fun. While I nostalgically smile at myself, consider for a moment that not only does marijuana have medicinal properties (which are numerous and extremely valuable), but it can also be uplifting, hilarious, and experience-enhancing. I think this is exactly the “vibe” I got walking into DANK Colorado: a place that DANK Colorado Denverhas not let go of the fun side of cannabis.

DANK Colorado is actually part of a building that houses multiple buildings. Parking outside of the building is no problem at all, and there are plenty of customer banners and signs to guide you to the actual entrance of the dispensary, which is great because, as well as letting visitors know where they are, the banners and signs help draw new people in. Rather than the typical bulletproof glass that might greet you at most dispensaries, at DANK Colorado, you’re met by one of the budtenders at a podium, with a gumball machine standing oddly next to it. If you’ve never been in before, be sure to tell them, and you’ll get to play a game of “stoner” trivia for discounts in the store (It turns out, marijuana DOES kill sperm. Great!). When I walked in, I was immediately impressed by the sheer number of items carrying the DANK logo on it. From airtight jars, to shot glasses, to coffee mugs, to pint glasses, to t-shirts, there were plenty of items you could take home with you, especially if you live out of state.

Behind the counter, DANK Colorado had only eight different strains to choose from. While DANK Colorado Denverthis selection is small, there was a diversity of different types of strains for any situation. For instance, DANK Colorado’s Death Star, a heavy indica coming in at a formidable 23% THC, is the “let’s get high and not do stuff” weed, according to my budtender. On the other end of the spectrum was the ever-popular Golden Goat, or the “let’s get high and go running!” weed. Also, two strains were on special during the time of my visit: the Master Kush and the Green Crack, which you could walk home with for a mere thirty-five dollars for the eighth. Now remember, Green Crack is a caviar, and thirty-five dollars for an eighth of caviar is amazingly priced.

I should mention that everything, from flower to edibles to concentrates, is already prepackaged in the brightly-colored Kush Bottles, ready for you to take away immediately. While I have some reservations about purchasing my marijuana without seeing it weighed out in front of me, I appreciated the quickness that you could get your product. I also DANK Colorado Denverappreciated not having to remember my child-proof bag in this dispensary. There were plenty of edibles for you to snack on at DANK Colorado. From Star Barz, to THCream Rolls, you have plenty of choices in how to sate your sweet tooth. Why not wash it all down with a nice, refreshing Cannapunch? All of it is available at DANK Colorado. The dispensary also had a few waxes to choose from, but there was no shatter in the mix. Also, apparently the dispensary makes its own bubble hash, but they were sold out at the time of my visit. However, the dispensary more than makes up it with the wide array of smoking devices available. I especially enjoyed the fake cans of beer, or fake bottles of dish soap, which were actually discreet smoking devices, or stash spots.

I think what makes DANK Colorado one of my favorite dispensaries in Denver are the fun, enthusiastic people working. Everyone was more than happy to give recommendations, or just chat completely off the topic of cannabis. I had a great conversation with one of the budtenders about dark beers, and where to get great porters and stouts around town. DANK Colorado attempts to make the cannabis buying experience as fun as it can. If you go in on a Tuesday, you can grab one of their sweet branded shirts for only ten bucks. If you’re from the Park Hill area, DANK Colorado will show some local love, and chop fifteen DANK Colorado Denverpercent off your purchase. Don’t worry, everyone from outside of Colorado! DANK Colorado is right off of I-70, and they have a state of the day discount. If your license is from the state that happens to be the state of the day, they’ll take fifteen percent off. Hey, it’s a 1 in 49 chance, but that’s still an awesome way to bring people in. Be sure to stop by the map in the corner of the store, which is completely covered in pins. It was actually pretty sobering to see how far people are traveling to see our state.

So like I was saying, DANK Colorado is an extremely fun place. I left feeling nostalgic, remembering why I first initially became passionate about marijuana. Before I knew all of the absolute positive ways cannabis products can better people’s lives, to me, marijuana was just fun. This is Deadhead territory. There’s a lovely sign in the store that proclaims, “Potheads Always Welcome.” Now, while I don’t consider myself a “pothead” or a “stoner”, places like this remind me of those late Boulder nights, passing around a blunt in a circle, and just admiring the simple abandon of the barefooted people dancing in the moonight. Whoa.


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