DenverDam | Review : Denver

DenverDam | Review : Denver
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I guess you could say wanderlust runs in the family. For me, it hit midway through college. I packed my bags, hopped on a plane, and found myself in Amsterdam, where I would remain for some eight months. Amsterdam is quite an impressive city. As a history major, I flipped out numerous times, walking on cobbled alleys that had been in place for hundreds of years, or touching doorknobs that were older than the United States. It was the first place I ever drank a beer legally, and it was the first place that I ever bought marijuana “legally.” I remember fondly, sitting out by the canal that ran by my flat, smoking a spliff while several police officers rode by on bikes. One grinned at me, waving, and said “Hey! That smells nice! Be safe!” What a concept. You must understand my excitement, then, finding a dispensary with a name based on that magical, indulgent city. For me, on the medical side of dispensaries, it is important for a place to be magical and indulgent as well. While there is no major dam nearby, I believe DenverDam is a fine medicinal facility that absolutely lives up to the Dutch’s dammed city in terms of its pro-cannabis attitude, its selection, and its incentives for members and nonmembers alike.

DenverDam is located right off of I-70, in the part of town where you have to cross about eight or nine railroad tracks to get to where you want to go. Surrounded primarily by heavy industry, you really wouldn’t expect much going into the dispensary. As Joe was taking my information down, I was welcomed into a spacious waiting area, where a large stack of snacks, and an entire shelf of sodas awaited me. I sunk into one of the large couches, DenverDam Denverwhile Homer Simpson shouted at rodeo bulls on the large, flat screen TV in the lounge. While there was no wait when I was in the dispensary, I could have comfortably waited for quite sometime in their waiting room (never underestimate a man who habitually smokes marijuana when there is a stack of snacks nearby). After my paperwork was cleared, Joe brought me back into the product room, which was cozy, but stocked completely full of product.

Looking to try some bud that you probably won’t find anywhere else in the city? DenverDam had well over twenty strains to choose from, all of which are considered connoisseur, or top-shelf strains. If you’re looking for a very strong, but very balanced indica and sativa hybrid, take a look at their Andy OG. A cross between Moby Dick (that’s an Amsterdam strain! Woo!) and OG Kush, and the personal baby of DenverDam’s grower, it is a strain you do not want to miss. Another homemade strain is the Chewbacca, which is a cross between Chem Dawg and Moby Dick, named by how incredibly hairy the bud appears. Smoking too much of this stuff, because of its high THC, and heavy indica traits, will almost certainly let the Wookiee win. DenverDam DenverFinally, if you’re a medical patient who wants to “chill hard,” take a look at their Thai Lights. Joe described this strain as a “creeper,” in that you can smoke it, and then fifteen minutes later forget everything that you were doing. “I was walking over to a friend’s for Thanksgiving. I smoked [the Thai Lights], and literally forgot why I was going to my friends house in the first place. Thanksgiving!” Joe remembers fondly. While their selection is indica-heavy, there are plenty of strong sativas for those smokers looking for an uplifting, euphoric experience. On a budget? No problem! You can pick up two ounces of shake for $95. Two. Ounces.

DenverDam also had a generous selection of concentrates, from a variety of different manufacturers, for all of your “let me get incredibly stoned” needs. The dispensary had several different choices of shatter, most notably the Mahatma Platinum. You can also pick up a gram of Colorado Concentrates, which makes a delightful butter, or R&R’s flake is another solid choice. Finally, if you are interested in CO2 concentrates, take a look at taffy made by Evolab. If concentrates are your game, DenverDam will get you squared away in minutes.

What really impressed me was the extreme variety of other cannabis products DenverDam DenverDenverDam had to offer. If you’re looking for a traditional candy bar with a twist, the dispensary carries pretty much every product from Tincturebell, as well as plenty of high-flying selections from Wana and Bhang Bars. You could also pick up a medicated pretzel stick from Medibles, priced at five bucks for a 50mg dose of THC. I’m not sure that price point can be beat, medical or otherwise. If you want to be quick and discreet about your cannabis use, take a look at the Popit pills from Canyon Cultivation. DenverDam should also be a place to check out if you are looking for clones or seeds. Now YOU can have your own fun little pot garden at home! The dispensary also has a few pipes and bongs available, and just about every single kind of oil pen and cartridge available on the market. For those about to vape, DenverDam salutes you.

There are plenty of reasons to become a member at DenverDam, but the deals for nonmembers are also sweet. Not sure how you want your medicine today? Take a look at DenverDam’s bargain basket. Anything in said basket is 25% off. Talk about savings! Also, Joe explained to me that the dispensary rewards patients who buy in bulk. It is not uncommon to see price discounts for buying four of a product. You can also see the some really fantastic deals as you buy your flower by the ounce, rather than the gram. If you do DenverDam Denverbecome a member, there are plenty of other benefits. Aside from flower that is discounted, you can also skip the wait (and those darn comfy couches), and jump right to the front of the line.

If you don’t mind the jaunt out into the industrial sector of northeast Denver, and if you are a Red Card holder, DenverDam might be a nice spot for you to check out. I was absolutely thrilled by the sheer number of choices the dispensary had to offer. While the product room itself was rather small, and the line could potentially get long, the incentives and bargains you are likely to find at DenverDam more than make up for it. While there will never be a dispensary that replaces good ol’ Amsterdam in my heart, DenverDam does a splendid job combining selection with friendly, informed attitudes. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to stare longingly at some photographs of canals and bicycles.


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