Diego Pellicer | Review : Denver , CO

Diego Pellicer | Review : Denver , CO
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It was five days after 4/20 in 1898 (not that 420 was a thing back in 1898) and the USS Maine was making safe harbor in Havana Cuba when an explosion rocked the ship. Quick to lay blame on the Spanish and entwine ourselves into its imperialistic war against Cuba, The US entered into would be known as The Spanish-American War. The world away in the Visayas island chain in the Philippines, another Spanish-controlled island Cebu was entangled in a dilemma. Thanks to the US Wilson-Gorman Tariff of 1894 the once wealthy Spanish sugar farm owners of the Visayas were receiving less and less business. Diego Pellicer-9With a war starting the demand for a luxury good like sugar was overtaken by necessities like food and clothing. On the tiny island of Cebu, there was one farm owner who wasn’t worried. Diego Pellicer hadn’t hedged his bets on sugar and spices like the rest of the islands but instead had focused on hemp and bananas (AKA the food and fiber needed for the war). This quickly made Diego his fortune and he became the first true hemp entrepreneur of the modern age. Three generations later, the call to grow hemp is still in the family blood and Diego’s great grandson co-founded the first Diego Pellicer dispensary in Washington. Just like his great grandfather’s hemp empire grew, so is the modern Diego Pellicer Dispensary chain. Located right off of Alameda and Federal you too can experience what it means to be part of a revolution and see what Diego Pellicer a Denver, Colorado marijuana dispensary has to offer.

I made my way to Diego Pellicer on a rather unassuming Thursday morning. The temperature was already warmer than I would like it, and the traffic was being less cooperative than I had hoped. Nevertheless, I very easily located Diego Pellicer, seeing as its two doors over from my favorite dim sum spot in town. I found a spot in their dedicated parking lot and went into the newly remodeled location to see what was in store for me. I popped open the door and was greeted by Ryan in their small yet swanky waiting area up front. After peeking at my ID, he welcomed me into Diego Pellicer, one of the sexiest dispensaries I’ve ever seen in my life. The patterned tile floors, fit in perfectly with the dark wooden display cases and gorgeous ceiling tiles which perfectly mimicked a beaten copper design. Diego Pellicer-4Light poured in through the tactically placed Southern facing windows, and the effect of a wealthy Spanish style courtyard was completed by strategically placed plants and lighting fixtures. No doubt, Diego Pellicer is a spot worth visiting just for the aesthetics alone. I met up with one of the managers Nick and a whole slew of other workers. Jamie and Rich were out and about doing their budtender thing and Louis, one of the growers, was in the store to check up on stock and supplies. Let me tell you the stock was looking quite full during my visit.

Is started by having Nick show me around their selection of strains. During my visit, there were a dozen different strains on the shelf. I find this to be just about the perfect number for me. It’s not too overwhelming but it’s still diverse enough to slake my needs. As Nick explained, they have two grows here in Colorado and they do provide most of their own flower not only for the shelves but also for their extractions. Nick picked out a couple amazing Diego Pellicer strains for me to sample Purple Kush and Northern Lights. The Purple Kush exhibited all the traits I would want from it. Everything from its remarkably sweet and unmistakably Kush aroma down to the perfect dappling of purple plant matter throughout its buds. This all seemed to pale in comparison to its flavor, which is both uncannily smooth and scrumptiously sweet.

Diego Pellicer-2

Purple Kush

The high is also right up my alley and was perfectly mellow without being a complete couch-crashing experience. The Northern Lights, an indica on paper ended up being much more cerebral in its high, which was not beyond reason considering its mid-upper THC content testing as high as 26.85%. Its flavor was much earthier than that of the Purple Kush, and the taste behind these explosive little light green nugs was rich, sweet, and spicy. What could make it even better? How about daily $20 eighths, $82 popcorn ounces, and $114 premium ounces (pre-tax)? This quality paired with this pricing is simply out of this world! Completely sold on the grows that Diego Pellicer has out here in Colorado, I was excited to move on to look at their pre-rolls, concentrates, edibles, topicals, and more.

Moving to the left of the bud station, Nick showed me their massive selection of pre-rolls. Now normally a dispensary will carry a couple different strains of pre-rolls, but Diego Pellicer takes this to the nth degree. The selection included strain specific pre-rolls, gold leaf joints, marijuana caviar joints, half ounce monster cones, and even all natural marijuana leaf blunts. The Sabo Especial Cannabis Cigar (named after the employee who first rolled it) is a very special treat for the elite marijuana smoker in all of us (loaded with flower and rosin they make for a smoke that Nick said can last over two hours). Directly above their pre-roll shelf was a shelf dedicated to cartridges and oil. This shelf included the best from EvoLabs, ebbu, Craft, IncrEdibles, and Pyramid. As I moved onto extracts I drew my attention to the left where Diego Pellicer was sporting a humongous selection of concentrates.

Diego Pellicer-3

Northern Lights

With many blasted from their own flower Diego Pellicer’s selection of extracts was superb containing literally dozens of different concentrate options. Some of the best extraction companies around were represented on their shelf including Viola, Green Dot, IncrEdibles, Essential Extracts, olio, Craft, and Mahatma. There were even some rare options from smaller extraction companies like One: Eleven and Chronic Creations.

Not only was the selection massive, but the price was right too with grams of wax as cheap as $20. If you’re looking for concentrates and are alright with being a little overwhelmed by a massive selection, then you ought to check out Diego Pellicer. Moving on from the extracts I peeked at their edible selection which was (go figure) equally as massive.

Rather than rattling off a nigh-never-ending list of edible companies that would take up the rest of my article, I’ll simply put it this way; if you’re looking for an edible product Diego Pellicer probably has it. You may think I’m exaggerating, but I assure I’m not. The majority of shelf space inside the dispensary is dedicated to showcasing the massive selection of Colorado edibles that are on the market. The center islands acted to highlight specific vendors for the month. As Nick explained, these are a perfect spot for vendors to showcase their displays in a nice environment to show off to other possible investors. Diego Pellicer-5It’s also worth noting that if you have a medicinal marijuana card, Diego Pellicer also has a medicinal marijuana patient only shelf, that includes high-dose versions of all the standard edibles on the shelf. Prying my eyes away from the walls laden with every kind of marijuana edible I could dream of, I moved on to look at their topical marijuana selection.

What, no topicals? Just Kidding. As I had already come to expect, Diego Pellicer had a very formidable selection of topical marijuana as well. Their selection included the full line-up from Mary’s Medicinals, Apothecanna, and Mary Jane’s Medicinals. The same shelf also had some other amazing medicinal options available for recreational users including Stratos pills, Dragon Tears (AKA Rick Simmons Oil or RSO), and even a pre-menstrual support supplement from Herbanoids.

I finished my mini tour by the front counter, where a large two-sided cabinet style shelf sat loaded with all kinds of extra goodies. I’m not used to a location that’s so well rounded and expected Diego Pellicer’s selection of pipes, rigs, and paraphernalia to be lacking, but that was not the case. Diego Pellicer-8They carried everything from large double percolated rigs for only $125 down to little $3 toke and toss chillums for out-of-state visitors. Papers, wrappers, vaporizers, and pens all took up the rest of the space, in what I must say was one of the best-stocked accessory shelves around.

The best part about Diego Pellicer, in my opinion, is that it offers a true connoisseur experience and selection without the connoisseur price tag. The selection was so large that I didn’t even have time to cover things like their clones, raffles, and punch card savings, but I’ll leave it to you to pick up where I left off. The ambiance and the genuinely happy staff members make a visit to Diego Pellicer delightful whether you’re in for a $20 eighth or a $225 super elite all cannabis cigar. Whether Diego would be happy about his family business going to America, history may never know, but I can tell you about one American who’s happy that his family has taken to growing their trademark crop here. Keep on growing Diego Pellicer, and I’ll keep on reaping the rewards of your harvest!



If you get an opportunity to visit Diego Pellicer of Denver, Colorado let them know you heard of them through the Dope Directory, and please give them a rating.




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