Doctor’s Orders | Review : Denver, CO

Doctor’s Orders | Review : Denver, CO
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Let it show for the records that the inclusion of Marijuana based industries has not only bolstered Colorado’s economy, but has also reshaped entire cities, and burgeoned economies in small areas of the state that never saw any growth like this before. Before anyone thinks Marijuana is just handed out to anyone, when it is for medical purposes, patients need to have medical marijuana medical cards issued by the doctor before moving forward. If you want to look into this further, you can look into something like medical marijuana doctors in illinois, to find out the process in a state like Illinois.
Up North in Garden City, an eerie repeat if Greeley’s past prohibition of alcohol is happening again. As the city of Greeley snubs its nose at cannabis, Garden City has welcomed it, along with new street sweepers, additional law enforcement, and increased road repair, all gratis the new tax flow. Small metro area cities like Mountain View, are now making oodles of revenue off of the new marijuana dispensaries that they have accepted while their neighboring cities scoffed. Entire regions of Denver have been reshaped, and many would argue, all for the better. Although the gentrification of Denver’s iconic Highlands, can’t be attributed entirely to the addition of new retail dispensaries, it definitely didn’t hurt. This historic region was originally a gathering point for many Italians immigrants and later Hispanic immigrants. The Highlands region, which used to be a, how should I put it, less desirable location to call home, is now the “hip” spot to live. While the land value goes up, so do the unique art galleries, fancy breweries, and of course designer dispensaries. Just a hop, skip and a jump away from the historic Navajo Street Art District, you’ll find one such dispensary, Denver’s very own Doctor’s Orders. Driving down 38th in either direction Doctor’s Orders medical and recreational dispensary is rather hard to miss; just look for the doctor giving you a big green thumbs up, and you’ve found the spot.

One undeniable downfall to buildiDoctor's Ordersng in older and historic regions, is having to deal with an infrastructure that may not be quite up to par with other regions. This comes in to play particularly when it’s time to find a parking spot. I ended up circling Doctor’s Orders several times before I found myself an appropriate spot to park on the street. While Doctor’s Orders does have several dedicated parking spots, there is only a fraction of what they need to keep up with the huge amount of traffic that swings through this location. After I took a walk up the street, I entered into the medical side of Doctor’s Orders. During my visit the recreational side was open, but still being operated out of a very small spot while they are in the process of converting the next door building into a full size rec-storefront. I hit the buzzer and was welcomed in by Evan, behind the counter. He had me fill out a short bit of info for medical sales and, after admiring the patient-designed Doctor’s Orders clock in their waiting room, Evan opened the door for me to go back and check out the goods. Let me start by saying, if you’re looking for a little box, where you get to go and spend a half hour talking to a budtender about strains, look elsewhere; Doctor’s Orders was simply bustling with people, even on a Tuesday afternoon. Don’t let this discourage you though, there was order, despite the semblance of cacophony around me. I only waited a moment before one of the half-dozen budtenders on duty called me up.

Cody, my budtender, started by Doctor's Ordersgreeting me with the caveat that he was new, even though he seemed to be extremely knowledgeable from my perspective. Wasting no time, Cody started to grab a few sample strains off of their shelf of 20 different varieties. First and foremost, all the buds at Doctor’s Orders are soil-grown, use all organic nutrients listed right on the bottle, are all priced with tax included. On top of that, a little bit of tender lovin’ care (in the form of hand-trimming) ensures that every gram of bud you buy at Doctor’s Orders is going to be top shelf connoisseur grade chronic. I started by scrutinizing their Purple Kush. Sweet and fruity smelling, these buds had the look of being hand-trimmed, as they were still glistening with intact trichomes. As Cody mentioned, this is the perfect strain for those of us looking for a mellow body high. Next I took a peek at, and a whiff, of Lemon Cookies. Crafted with Lemon ISS (Island Sweet Skunk) and the ever-classic Girl Scout Cookies, Lemon Cookies is a masterfully engineered hybrid that will baffle your senses with a little bit of everything. The initial odor is sweet citrusy-skunk, but when you really dig your nose in, you’re rewarded with an extremely unique yeasty scent and a familiar earthy aroma, indicative of soil grown crops. Cody finished with a classic; Golden Goat. While this wasn’t the hairiest goat I’ve seen in my adventures, the smell and the trichomes were spot-on. These nuggets simply glistened in the light, and the crisp clean pinion odor was akin to a freshly Pine Doctor's OrdersSoled house. To finish off my strain tour, Cody pointed out their large selection of pre-rolled joints, in pretty much every strain that was available on the shelf.

Next I took a peek at their edibles, topicals, and glassware. The edible line-up was filled with the classics from Dabba, IncrEdibles, Wana, Kief Kola, Mountain Medicine, and Green Hornet. Besides having Green Hornets on the shelf, Doctor’s Orders had a large selection of other edibles from Cheeba Chews, including some strain specifics and the Deca Dose Cheeba Chews as well. One of my personal favorites, Mountain High Suckers, made an appearance as well. I’m personally drawn to them since they are always properly tested for CBD content, they make me melt into my chair, and they are much more affordable than many other edibles on the market. Speaking of affordability, Cody also had to show me that I could snag a 225mg Mountain Medicine edible for only $10 after tax, making that the highest THC to cost ratio I’ve ever seen on any edible. Another interesting edible to make it to their shelves was the full assortment of drink mixes from The Mad Hatter, including chai teas, mochas, hot chocolateDoctor's Orders mixes. Their topical selection was certainly nothing to scoff at either, with the full line from Apothecanna, as well as several options from Mary’s Medicinals available on their shelf. I can personally recommend the CBD Compound from Mary’s Medicinals. Not only is the salve soothing and light, it isn’t as greasy as many others I’ve tried, and it smells great. Their glass selection was rather massive, including everything from the simple $5 toke-and-toss pipes, up to much more expensive art pieces and rigs. Really all of the bases were covered.

I finished my visit with concentrates and daily deals. While during my visit they were out of concentrates on the medical side; however, their recreational side was still loaded. I apparently had arrived right before their new shipment was due to arrive from Colorado Concentrates with strain specific shatter, flake, and budder. If Doctor’s Orders is ever out of stock on the medical side, Cody mentioned they are more than happy to give their patients a discount on concentrates on the rec side. After I took a look at their daily deals, it was easy to seeDoctor's Orders how they might clear out their entire stock so easily, offering amazing BOGO deals and discounts depending on the day of the week. A couple that caught my eye were: $20 eighths on Friday, $20-$25 grams of wax, budder, and shatter on Wednesday, and BOGO joints and grams (up to 5) on Tuesday.

As I finished up my visit by snapping a few photos, Cody also mentioned another huge draw for Doctor’s Orders. On most days, they have over three strains on the shelf testing around 28%THC. So if you’re in the mood to metaphorically melt your own face off, then I’m sure they can help you accomplish that. I left knowing why Doctor’s Orders is such a happenin’ spot. Take a location like the heart of the booming Highlands, add in a pinch of amazing organic soil grown chronic, and sprinkle liberally with phenomenal daily deals, and you’ve got Doctor’s Orders, a dispensary that will have you coming back time and again.

If you get an opportunity to visit Doctor’s Orders of Denver, Colorado let them know you heard of them through the Dope Directory, and please give them a rating.




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