Emerald Fields | Review : Glendale

Emerald Fields | Review : Glendale
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Any good Coloradan can tell you how much easier it is to obtain recreational marijuana now than it was back in the day. Whereas five years back you needed to know a guy, now snagging yourself some delicious Colorado chronic is as simple as walking down the street and looking for a building adorned with green. Chances are unless it’s an eco-friendly drycleaner, most of the green buildings you find are going to be dispensaries. One of the most colorful ways that I used to get my marijuana before legalization was from one of my old friends, Ryan. Ryan was employed at a certain fast food chicken restaurant that we all know and – love? Whenever I was in need of a refill on my Mary Jane supply I would stop by and visit him around midnight, right when his illustrious chicken restaurant was closing for the day. All you needed to do was pull up to the drive-thru and order a half dozen biscuits if you wanted a half-eighth or a full dozen biscuits if you wanted a full eighth. Ryan would woefully inform you that they would need to make the biscuits fresh, and that he personally would deliver them out to your car when they were ready. The biscuits were always fresh and amazing and the marijuana was – well let’s just say it came in little bricks, and it barely got the job done. I recently visited Emerald Fields, a recreational marijuana dispensary located in the little city of Glendale, sandwiched in on all sides by Denver. This location gives Emerald Fields the unique ability to keep their dispensary open until midnight, meaning I can pick up some late-night buds just like I did way back when from Ryan. The real difference is now I can do it legally, and the cannabis at Emerald Fields simply blows the old pre-legalization stuff out of the water.

Emerald Fields location is extremely Emerald Fieldseasy to find and has around a half-dozen dedicated parking spots right out front to choose from. After admiring their pot fairy logo out front, I entered into their establishment and was immediately wowed by their clean, tastefully arranged lobby. There were big comfy chairs in the middle with several touch screen computers around the outside so that you can browse their menu online while you wait to enter the bud room. I was greeted at the window by Jim, the VP of operations, who took a quick peek at my ID and then invited me in. Having been open for only a month, I prepared myself for the chaotic scene that I’m used to finding in fledgling dispensaries – and it just wasn’t there. The bud shelves were full of strains, the edibles were fully stocked, and the budtenders were all diligently helping customers. I would have guessed that they had been operational for some time if Jim hadn’t told me they had only opened on January 9th. Although Emerald Fields is a recreational location, they do offer a discount for medical card holders. Jim briefly explained how their bud shelves are laid out; they had 15 strains to choose form during my visit, and if you look on their shelves you will see that some strains are displayed in glass jars, some in little spEmerald Fieldsliff tubes, and some in both. Jim explained this is so that customers can determine which strains are available in loose leaf, which strains are available in pre-rolls, and which strains are available in both. After the quick overview Jim introduced me to Patrick, who would be my budtender for my visit.

Patrick wasted no time pulling out a few of his favorite strains for me to examine. First off was an amazing looking landrace strain, Lashkar Gah. This remarkably sweet and skunky indica is named after the city of its origin in Afghanistan, and proudly boasts genetics that haven’t changed for 100 years. How can it get any better than that? How about the fact that during my visit you could snag an eighth of Lashkar Gah for only $25. Next up was a Colorado staple, Flo. As Patrick put it, “this beautiful lady has no shame in her game.” If that game is looking beautiful, giving off a heavenly minty-fresh aroma, and giving users a well-rounded sativa high, I’m inclined to agree. Although a sativa dominant, Patrick did mention that Emerald Fields’ harvest does give him a little touch of an indica feel as well when he smokes it. Next up was Strawberry Larry, the genetic mashup of Strawberry Cough and Larry OG. This hybrid strain mixes together the delicate sweet scents of strawberry with the raw dankness of an OG to create an extremely unique scent profile. Last but not least was their harvest of the ever-iconic Agent Orange. When I buried my face into their Agent Orange, the very first thing I picked up was a delightEmerald Fieldsful spicy odor mixed with a hint of what Patrick aptly placed as a bag of fresh clementines from the produce section. While this batch of Agent Orange wasn’t as fiery orange as some I’ve seen, it made up for that with a plethora of delicate little trichomes, and its knock-out olfactory properties.

Moving down the line to their concentrates and topicals, Patrick grabbed out some wax and some shatter for me to look at from their mid-size strain specific selection. Their shatter and wax is produced by Mahatma, a tried and true extraction company that I have yet to see a bad batch from. Their Flo wax looked extremely tasty, but paled in comparison to the immaculate translucent yellow shatters that they had on their shelf. Best of all, the terpenes in these marvelous extracts were still very much present, making them not only a high-causing smoke, but also a tasty one. If you’re looking for something that’s easy to apply, you can pick up a Dr. J’s RXtraction CO2 Oil Syringe. The best part about these syringes is that the oil is already activated, so you could just drip some on your tongue and feel nice and toasty all day. If you’re an O.pen user, Emerald FieldsEmerald Fields will be getting cartridges soon but in the meantime you can use one of their RemPen cartridges, which were available in 11 different strain-specific varieties during my visit. If smoking just isn’t the thing for you, but you’ve found that using a topical application of cannabis helps, Emerald Field has got you back – or you elbow, or you knee or wherever topical marijuana can provide you pain relief. They carry a massive selection of lotions and salves from Apothecanna, as well as pens and transdermal patches from Mary’s Medicinals. If you just want to soak it in the tub, you can grab some THC infused Bath Soak from Dixie.

Last up on the agenda, I took a peek at their formidable edible and glass selections. With edible options from Canyon Cultivations, Gaia’s Garden, Dr. J’s, Incredibles, Edipure, Blue Kudu, Dixie, Canna Punch, and Love’s Oven, there really was a little bit of everything. Their glass selection was Emerald Fieldsvery impressive, with a huge selection of pipes, rigs, and bubblers with some incredibly cheap prices attached to them. Patrick told me that they could get you out the door with a full set-up for dabbing for around $50. I can tell you that’s a lot less than I paid to get my rig up and running. Also, if you like to shop local, their entire top shelf of glass is all proudly made in Colorado.

I wouldn’t feel right finishing up without mentioning their awesome t-shirts. Their pot fairy logo makes for an amazing shirt, that is the perfect legal souvenir to take back home to commemorate your visit to Colorado. If you find yourself in Denver past 7pm and you’re looking for that late night fix, find your way to Emerald Fields. Although they won’t give you any biscuits with your purchase, as long as you show up before 11:45 PM, you can swing on in and attain some amazing buds and all for the right price.

If you get an opportunity to visit Emerald Fields of Glendale, Colorado let them know you heard of them through the Dope Directory, and please give them a rating.




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