Emerald Fields | Review : Manitou Springs, CO

Emerald Fields | Review : Manitou Springs, CO
Manitou Springs Dispensary Review Marijuana Dispensary Review

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Welcome to Manitou Springs, Colorado. Manitou Springs is a small mountain town nestled just a few minutes West of the second largest city in the State, Colorado Springs. Right along Manitou Spring’s main highway, tucked right between a vacation lodge and a hotel, you’ll find Emerald Fields. Out front, the welcoming pot fairy logo of Emerald Fields acts as a beacon for the entire populace of Colorado Spring’s recreational marijuana users. There is a reason for this; Colorado Springs doesn’t allow recreational marijuana and the entire city of nearly a half-million people relies on recreational dispensaries in Manitou to provide them with their marijuana. I made my way up to Manitou Springs on a foggy early autumn morning to see what sets Emerald Fields apart from the other recreational dispensaries in the vicinity. With some hard to miss signage and an immaculate little cottage-themed abode, Emerald Fields already feels extremely warm and welcoming before you even get to the front door.

I quite easily found a spot for my car in Emerald Field’s large attached parking lot. I’ve come to expect run down crappy places to park my car from dispensaries and it was a refreshing change to find the Emerald Fields parking lot in pristine condition and easily accessible regardless of whether you’re traveling East or West on Highway 24. I went in the front door and was greeted by pretty much the entire staff of Emerald Fields. I had inadvertently made my way up to Manitou on a morning that emerald-fields-3the entire crew was in for training. I was shocked at the number of smiles for how early the hour was. After a brief visit at the front counter, I was invited into Emerald Field’s waiting area. This waiting area has a lot of extremely dope merchandise for customers to peruse while they wait for access to the bud room beyond. The walls were graced by t-shirts, sweaters, shot glasses, stickers, cookbooks, water bottles, mugs, hats, necklaces, and even beanies (poof ball on top included) all bearing the trendy marijuana leaf fairy logo that I simply adore. Also, I couldn’t help but notice the Mary Wanna-Oply board games sitting out on the table for sale (yes it’s exactly what it sounds like). The front of the waiting area possessed two computers, which were ready to show customers a few of the delectable cannabis treats awaiting them beyond. The back wall also had a lot of character. As one of the budtenders Michelle explained to me, the entire back wall was constructed using reclaimed wood from the Waldo Canyon fire, which had struck the area four years earlier. Not only was this a cool concept on the recycling level, but it also makes for a very cool effect, emerald-fields-5as you’ll see for yourself when you visit Emerald Fields. Satisfied with my exploration of the waiting area, I prepared myself for the best part of my adventure, the part where I get to see where the magic happens.

I entered into the bud room and was immediately impressed by the large open room layout of Emerald Fields Manitou. The left side of the room was occupied by a rather impressive multi-station checkout counter, which faced the center of the room where three large bud tables housed over 16 different strains. Each bud table had several little jars of cannabis sitting on them, where customers were free to walk up, browse and explore each of their options before going to the front counter to have their order filled. Each little cannabis stasis chamber on the table was not only clear, so you could see the precious nuggets inside, but they also each had a little rubber stopper on top which could be opened up to give customers the opportunity to go on a little olfactory trial run before making a purchase. Emerald Fields ran like clockwork, as customers went up and placed their orders, a restaurant-style opening behind the main counter revealed a team of employees filling out orders and passing them up to the front. It was a rather magical process to behold, and a completely necessary one considering the volume of foot traffic emerald-fields-4Emerald Fields sees as the closest recreational marijuana to Colorado Springs. After seeing how the bud sales operate, I decided it was time to take a look at what concentrates and edibles Emerald Fields had to offer.

I made my way to the back corner and I already felt at home with giant John Lennon sporting his New York City shirt on the back wall watching over me. The mine-cart style counter below him was loaded with Emerald Fields merchandise, and a simply massive selection of concentrates. During my visit, I counted nine live resins, ten shatters, eight waxes/budders, nine distillate/rosins, eight oil syringes, and over 25 different vape pen cartridges to choose from. If you’ve been to a few dispensaries in your day, then you know that this is a practically unheard of selection of marijuana extracts. I stared back and forth over row after row of various concentrates and postulated that Emerald Fields must have the best selection of marijuana extracts in all of the Colorado Springs area. Impressed with the smokeables, I moved on to the edible options, which were spread along the outside walls of the dispensary. I wasn’t shocked to find out that the selection of edibles at Emerald Fields was just as impressive as the smoking options. The first display I encountered was loaded with just about every flavor of IncrEdibles you could imagine, and that was just the beginning. As I went around the room I encountered Cheeba Chews, Americanna gummies, five flavors of Cannapunch, Canyon Cultivation’s entire IT line of hard candies, Wana gummies, Colorado Cannabis Co powdered drink mix, over a half dozen flavors of Dr. J, Tincture Belle, seven flavors of Blue Kudus, the full line of Dixie products, Love’s Oven baked goods, Barista Farian chocolate covered espresso beans, and even marijuana-emerald-fields-6infused olive oil from Colorado Cannabis Co. To put it succinctly, if you’re looking to eat some cannabis, then go to Emerald Fields. To finish my adventure, I took a peek at the topical applications and smoking devices throughout the dispensary.

I wasn’t surprised at all when I saw that Emerald Fields was also filled with an ample supply of topical marijuana applications as well as a healthy stock of smoking implements. Emerald Fields offers the full line from Mary’s Medicinals including Transdermal Patches, Elite CBD Muscle Freeze, tinctures, CBN Capsules, Transdermal Compound, and Pens. Apothecanna also made an appearance on the shelves with their Extra Strength Pain Cream and Lipbuzz, a marijuana-infused lip balm. Evolab added to the options with Cannabis Infused Relief Cream and Dixie had a play as well with a Dixie Bath Soak and Synergy Relief Balm. Foria also was on the shelf with some delightfully kinky additions like their Marijuana Infused personal lubricant. Last but not least, I turned my attention to the side wall where three large shelves held a plethora of different smoking options. If you’re looking for anything to dab, smoke, roll, store, or grind your cannabis products, you’ll find it on the shelves at emerald-fields-2Emerald Fields. With everything from cheap toke-and-toss glass pipes up to custom-made glass pipes crafted by one of their budtenders, Pickle.

I must admit that I was very charmed by this location. I’m sure the beautiful valley and the misty mountains surrounding me didn’t hurt the appeal at all. I was mostly surprised to see that a spot that deals with such a volume of customers can still manage to maintain such a laid back environment. The mood of the budtenders and the ambiance of the dispensary were in perfect sync, creating an environment that was just perfect for buying some cannabis! So if you’re just wondering into the mountains for the weekend from out of town, looking for a dispensary with a massive selection of products, or simply trying to find some recreational cannabis close to Colorado Springs, then look for the pot fairy, she’ll guide you all the way to Emerald Fields.

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Emerald Fields | Manitiou Springs, CO | Marijuana Dispensary Review
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Emerald Fields | Manitiou Springs, CO | Marijuana Dispensary Review
Emerald Fields of Manitou Springs, CO, the closest recreational marijuana dispensary near Colorado Springs
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