Euflora | Review : Aurora

Euflora | Review : Aurora
Aurora Dispensary Review Marijuana Dispensary Review

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If you’ve gone into a dispensary, you’ve probably had a very rote experience. You enter into a waiting room with a window or a desk where your age is confirmed. You go up to the counter and view a selection of systematically organized strains sitting neatly in jars on a glass cabinet. While every dispensary has its own unique way of going about this relatively pedantic procedure, they all yield to this same routine. The bottlenecks form at the counter and you feel rushed by the other patrons eagerly waiting in line behind you doing their “I need weed dance”. You feel a twinge of guilt as you ask to take a whiff of yet another strain, and then shamefully yield to oncoming traffic and purchase a strain without really taking the time to view and smell all the possibilities. Regardless of the undeniable diversity I’ve witnessed in this state’s fine dispensary scene, they usually end up operating in pretty much the same fashion. Sometimes, however, a business breaks free from the flock, and ends up revolutionizing the field. Just as the fast pass in theme parks, the self-checkout lanes in super markets, and the decaffeinated coffee beans in cafés have revolutionized their respective fields, Euflora, the first dispensary in the city of Aurora, has revolutionized the marijuana marketplace.

I made my first visit to Euflora on a Euflora AuroraTuesday morning, only one day after its grand opening. I made the false assumption, having only been open for a day, that the dispensary would be in chaos and the waiting room would be packed with prospective customers, all wanting to get a little minty piece of the proverbial pie. I entered the front door of the former Bank, and was completely taken back by an entirely divergent style of dispensary from anything I’ve seen before. The guard by the front door, Travis, greeted me at a small lectern, and gave me a crash course on how to function in the dispensary of the future. My ID was safely tucked away in a book, and I was given my own touch screen bar code scanning device in trade, and let loose onto the sale floor to explore their formidable selection of cannabis products. The only analogous store interior I’ve seen is probably a Mac or Microsoft Store. The walls were tastefully lined with Edibles, vape pens, concentrates, and merchandise, each item with its own bar code. All of their buds were arranged neatly onto four tables (two sativa, one hybrid, and one indica) in the center of the dispensary, all with ample room to search and explore alongside other patrons. Each strain had a jar with a unique patent pending container, which allows patrons to smell and look at the buds inside without being able to remove them. Next to each jar was a bar code and a small touch screen tablet describing the strain and its possible effects. In order to purchase any products, you simply point your little scanner at the barcode and the screen will prompt you to select the amount you want to purchase. After you’ve made all of your selections, you simply take your scanner to the main counter where all of your desired items are waiting to go home with you. This revolutionary concept allows patrons to freely browse products without any pressure, and Euflora Aurorato get in an out in a flash if they desire. If you’re worried that because of this new style you won’t still be able to get great advice from a knowledgeable budtender, let me set that fear aside. If you need any help deciding on a product, there are budtenders on the sales floor that are ready to help you determine that perfect strain or to help you use your bar code scanner, if you are technologically crippled like me.

Completely wowed by this futuristic approach, and giddy with excitement that this is the closest dispensary to my house, I started to look around at some of the products. It only seems right to tell you about the two strains that I eventually decided to purchase for myself. First is FoCo Sage (Sativa Afghani Genetic Equilibrium), a sativa dominant born in (hard to guess, I know) Fort Collins. This strain’s beautiful green nuggets are so laden with trichomes that they glisten in the light. Although minty fresh in aroma, when smoked it produces a rich nutty flavor, with a hint of ambiguous spice. The high it produces is indicative of a stereotypical sativa, both cerebrally uplifting and undeniably joy inducing. The second strain I purchased was an Indica dominant named Alien OG. While aesthetically the Alien OG nuggets are a mild lime green color, it emits a nostalgic skunky odor to rival the darkest, dankest buds in town. When smoked, it has a complex earthy taste and instills a high that is great fEuflora Auroraor pain relief, but won’t leave you glued to the couch. These were the two strains that I decided to grab for myself, but I have no doubt in my mind that any of their 20 available strains would smack of the same quality as my selections.

As I sauntered, nose first, around the bud tables, Pepe, the owner (and conceiver of this store layout) walked over and offered to give me a little tour. Since this dispensary used to be a bank it, of course, was equipped with a vault, ideal for keeping their stock safely secured behind a foot of steel. As Pepe mentioned, if they forgot the code for the vault it would take a locksmith an entire day, and $20,000 to get it open again. Walking along the walls, I was impressed by their edible options including all the basics: Dixie, IncrEdibles, Blue Kudu, Dr. J’s, Edipure, Sweet Grass, and Caviar Kings. Trying not to drool at the amazing edible displays, Pepe guided me past their strain specific shatter and wax, produced for them by 710 Labs, and then on to their vape pens. Catering more to locals and less to tourists, there are no glass pieces available yet, but they do carry O.pens with 250mg cartridges and Sky Cloud vape pens which are able to vaporize leaf, oil, and concentrates. The only pre-rolls they currently stock are caviar joints from Caviar Kings. Having smoked this product before, IEuflora Aurora can attest to the unbelievable potency. They also carry the full line of Apothecanna lotions and salves ready to be applied topically onto muscular aches and pains.

Simply thrilled with this exciting new experience, I said my farewells and made my way home to pick up my girlfriend so that I could show her this awesome new dispensary myself. Euflora’s bold new design makes it a must see dispensary for anyone who wants to visit the future, and it’s extremely proficient selection makes it a great dispensary for everyone in the Aurora area. The implementation of this new concept seemed to be working perfectly during my visits and I have no doubt will inspire other dispensaries in the future. So grab your fast pass, swing through the self-checkout, and don’t forget to grab that decaf coffee, because your heart will already be racing when you enter Euflora, the first Dispensary of its kind.

If you get an opportunity to visit Euflora Marijuana Dispensary of Aurora, Colorado let them know you heard of them through the Dope Directory, and please give them a rating.




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  1. I went there for the first time yesterday and really liked the setup that was there. Very convenient and easy to use. Very friendly staff! Only thing is that I purchased a total of 5 grams and was only given 3.. I was in a hurry and didn’t notice until I got home. I tried to call the store multiple timse and no one answered, left a VM and never got a return phone call, so I am out $30.00 – which really sucks.

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