Firehouse Organics North | Review : Denver

Firehouse Organics North | Review : Denver
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Anyone who grew up in Denver can will instictivly grin when you mention Lakeside Amusement Park on the western side of town. Despite the age-old rumors of a group of unfortunate souls who went careening into Lake Rhoda after the Chipmunk roller coaster jumped its tracks (which never happened), most people will tell you that it is absolutely a tradition for an affordable day out during the summer. Park goers young and old still comment on how they feel inches from death every time they strap into the cars of the Cyclone (the aforementioned Chipmunk rumors probably add fuel to this notion). It’s not difficult to understand why Lakeside is a favorite amongst Coloradans either, even if we think of it in the same way as we think of that abandoned house at the end of the street. It’s the kind of place that has its own brand of old-school charm. Compared to Denver’s other amusement park, Elitch Gardens, Lakeside is overflowing with culture and soul. Fitting then, that a dispensary such as Firehouse Organics in Denver would sit in the shadow of this behemoth of Colorado cultural identity. As a small medical dispensary, Firehouse Organics boasts a line of quality buds and their very own potent edibles, with prices that are tough to beat. However, it’s the spirit of Firehouse that I believe makes it unique. The dispensary is friendly and unique, much like the old park right next door.

It was the first snowstorm of the season, at the end of 2014. It was a skier’s dream: the fluffy and dry powder that resembled the fake snow from any Hollywood hit of the 90s (Home Alone, I’m looking at you). I parked my car in Firehouse Organic’s small dedicated parking lot, right on the corner of 44th and Zenobia, next to the bright red cabin that the dispensary calls home (much nicer than the obnoxious bright greens youFirehouse Organics North Denver tend to see in other parts of the city). Firehouse is a brand new dispensary, and found its start in July of 2014. The space is simple enough: one room, with the same bright cherry walls, and blue and gray linoleum floors. Several of the cabinets are decorated with patches, fire trucks, and other firefighter memoribelia; however, the store’s theme is not too heavy-handed. This is fortunate, because I was almost dreading having budtenders in fire helmets and overalls, making a batch of five alarm chili in the back. Fortunately, the staff are friendly, and incredibly relaxed. After a brief stint of paperwork, promising I wouldn’t break Colorado’s stringent medical laws, I was greeted by Brittany at the main counter.

At the time of my visit, Firehouse Organics had eighteen strains available, divided into three distinct price brackets. Prices of their strains range anywhere from $7/gram (or $25 an eighth), to $12/gram($40 for the eighth). On top of that, the dispensary always has a strain on special which can be all yours for only $150 for the ounce. “Whenever Firehouse Organics Denverwe have caviar in, we put that on special for $150 ounces as well,” Brittany informed me. She then extended the jar of Green Crack Caviar in front of me. No friends. These are not fish eggs I’m talking about. Caviar is any high quality strain, dipped in hash oil, and then rolled around in kief. While delicious and amazingly affordable, I must warn that caviar is not for the faint of heart: it is truly a one-hit-and-quit sort of smoke. If the incredible potency of caviar is simply not your bag, I would look at Firehouse’s organic flower. Brittany pulled out two jars for me, on either side of the sativa/indica spectrum. First up was the Jack Herer #1. This bad boy is a full sativa, with a full-bodied, lemony and earthy scent. It’s the type of weed you want to clean your entire house with in the morning. If melting into a couch is more your style, go for the Grape Ape. As its name might imply, the bud smells and tastes just like a handful of grapes glued to a Christmas tree. It’s a strong and heady indica, and will put you right to bed. At least, that’s what I use indicas for.

I believe Firehouse Organic’s major draws to the western Denver community are their elevated edible selections. The dispensary carries many of the industry standards: Dabba, Cheeba Chew, and Blue Kudu, just to name a few. However, the Firehouse Organics also makes its own edibles, which are surprisingly potent for an incredibly affordable price. For instance, they make their own cookies and “cereal treats” (which Firehouse Organics Denverlook little more than Fruity Pebbles bound together by marshmallows and canna butter), which each weigh in at 200mg of THC. What’s better is the entire dosage can be yours for only $8. The dispensary also makes its own line of hard candies, which have 200mg of THC in the pack, with each candy coming in at an impressive 50mg. If 200mg doesn’t sound too bad to you (that’s way beyond my capacity for eaten cannabis), the dispensary also makes brownies that weigh in at a staggering 400mg for only $12. It should go without saying that an edible with 400mg of THC is nothing to be taken lightly; which, fortunately, is less of a problem in medical dispensaries than their wild recreational relatives.

In the center display counter, the dispensary has two large, metal bowls, overflowing with wax from Boulder Pharma. At $25 for the gram, if you’re a wax user, there’s plenty of product to choose from. Sadly missing from Firehouse Organic’s menu was any Firehouse Organics Denvershatter or bubble hash, but this problem is very shortly going to remedy itself. The dispensary just got its extractor installed, and so it will not be very long at all before you’ll see Firehouse Organic’s very own brand of shatter and wax. The dispensary also carried O.pen’s vape cartridges and batteries, but very little else in the way of smoking devices, except for five or six pipes, a handful of chillums, and a bong or two.

Expect big things from Firehouse Organics soon. They currently operate out of two different medical locations, but will be expanding into a third store (which is promised to be recreational) sometime early next year. With this, the dispensary plans on ramping up production on their own edibles, and will be pumping out their own concentrates very soon. The dispensary has a good heart, with very informative and cheery budtenders. What’s better is every product on the shelves has been tested by the staff of Firehouse, and wouldn’t be there if it weren’t good. For me, I felt incredibly comfortable to sit back, relax, and ask these folks a whole ton of questions with a staff that was kind and patient. On the other hand, it might have been the fact that it was 14 degrees outside, and a place named Firehouse sounded like an excellent spot for warming up my ill-prepared bones. I tend to believe the customer service is what kept me in their store for so long, even in spite of Denver’s cruel and unforgiving snow season which is now suddenly upon us. Awesome.

If you get an opportunity to visit Firehouse Organics North of Denver, Coloradolet them know you heard of them through the Dope Directory, and please give them a rating.


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