Flower Power Botanicals | Review : Fort Collins

Flower Power Botanicals | Review : Fort Collins
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In the cannabis community, especially in places where marijuana is tested and sold, there exists an interesting group of guys and gals that I refer to lovingly as “potency hunters.” Forget classic strains. They don’t care about name recognition. They certainly don’t care about jar appeal. They probably don’t care if they’re buying the stuff from the most run-down dispensary in town. Don’t even mention if the strain has CBD, or any notable amounts of other cannabinoids. All that drives them is the mind-boggling genetics that are taking over the field, which pack as much THC into a plant as possible. I must admit, I get a bit giddy when I see test results that indicate a flower with THC over 30%, considering your hardest-hitting strains from forty years ago maxed out at around 6%. It’s pretty well established that THC content isn’t everything, but having a strain or two over 30% is legendary. Well, potency hunters, your search for the store with the strongest buds is finally over. I’m convinced that Flower Power Botanicals, up in the outskirts of Fort Collins, has anyone else beat. While the dispensary lacks several other products that are commonly available elsewhere, for potency, these flowers are powerful.

Drive east from Old Town in Fort Collins for about five minutes, and you’ll find yourself in a mysterious place called unincorporated Larimer County. It’s an interesting area that was Flower Power Botanicals Fort Collinsnot effected by the moratorium of dispensaries in Fort Collins. Its dispensaries are also victim to some very unfortunate wording in the local statutes. While these dispensaries didn’t have to wait for the green light from the city of Fort Collins to start selling recreationally, they are not allowed to sell any edibles to any recreational customers. While there are ways around this law – pills, sublingual tinctures, and so on – it simply means no delicious brownies, cookies, or candies, if eating your cannabis is your favorite. Flower Power Botanicals is located on the end of a lonely strip mall in a rather industrial part of “Fort Collins.” The store front is rather unassuming, with two separate entrances for medical and recreational shoppers. I started my adventure on the recreational side. Having heard about the issues the Larimer County dispensaries were having with edibles, I wanted to see it for myself. Sure enough, while the dispensary packed on plenty of different strains, sublingual tinctures, pills, and topicals, there was not an edible in sight. Bummer. The store itself is rather small and cluttered, perhaps too small for two separate Flower Power Botanicals Fort Collinsdispensaries, but they seem to make it work. The aesthetic was much to be desired; I was reminded of a crowded and cramped office building, which is pretty much all Flower Power is. Tony, one of the budtenders at Flower Power, welcomed me back into the recreational product room, and boy oh boy, did my tune change.

The room itself is just as small as your entry way, but then Tony started pullout out jars of his “favorites.” With over fifteen strains available, I was genuinely surprised at how many of these strains were his favorites. First, the Strawberry Kush. As a mix between Strawberry Cough and OG Kush, the scent was familiar, but different from anything I’ve smelled before. Imagine a giant nug of the OG, with its spicy and familiar Kushy sensation, dipped in Strawberry Nesquik, and you’d be close to discerning the sweet and musty aromas of the strain. Here’s the kicker: Tony then showed me the strain’s test results. On the little printed label, the strain’s THC content was 38%. Surely, this was a mistake. “No, we just know how to grow the stuff.” That’s a Flower Power Botanicals Fort Collinsclear seven points higher than any other strain I’d ever seen in my life. Holy potency, Batman! Just when I thought I’d seen it all, Tony then pulled out the Silver Kush, the Purple Diesel, and the Lavender, which tested at 35%, 34% and 30%, respectively. Now, it’s phenomenal for a dispensary to boast one or two strains over 30% THCa. However, Flower Power had a large variety of strains hitting over that mark. I couldn’t believe it. For such an unassuming store to have the strongest buds I’d ever seen. Goodness.

Moving over to the medical side, the strains boasted the heavy THCa levels; however, there were far fewer of them to choose from. Fortunately, Larimer County’s bizarre edible law only pertains to its recreational marijuana sales, so Flower Power’s medical side was absolutely stocked with your favorite munchies. From The Growing Kitchen, to IncrEdibles, to Bhang, all of the major names in Colorado have a spot at Flower Power Botanicals. The dispensary also carries Caregivers for Life concentrates on their medical Flower Power Botanicals Fort Collinsside (they were unfortunately out of concentrates recreationally during my visit). You have your choice of some pretty decent looking shatter, and some delicious wax. And since much of the concentrates they carry come from their own supply, you have to imagine some really potent dabs in your future here as well. As far as smoking devices go, the dispensary had a small display of pipes and dab rigs out in the recreational side lobby, but nothing overwhelming (they wouldn’t have the space for a major display, anyway).

They always say some of life’s treasures come in the most unexpected places. Now, I’d be lying if I said Flower Power was the store I’d recommend for all of your cannabis needs (for obvious reasons). However, if you are a potency hunter, and you want to know what 38% THC feels like on the dome, Flower Power Botanicals is certainly a solid choice. These ain’t your dad’s weeds, even if the name of the dispensary invokes a time long gone.

If you get an opportunity to visit Flower Power Botanicals of Fort Collins, Colorado, let them know you heard of them through the Dope Directory, and please give them a rating.


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