Fox Street Wellness | Review : Denver

Fox Street Wellness | Review : Denver
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North Denver is a strange part of the city. One minute, you will be in a neighborhood. Cross an intersection, and you’ll be in a heavy industrial part of town. Cross one more intersection, and you’re back in a neighborhood. Take a right, and you’re on a street that has yet to discover the wonders of street paving. It’s a vast and complex urban maze, but not without its share of must-visits. I would say, if you ever find yourself in the northern part of Denver, I’m sorry. But don’t worry! There might be a place for you worth visiting, if you do not mind its blatant isolation: Fox Street Wellness.

Like I said before, Fox Street Wellness sits right in the middle of a heavy industrial area in the middle of North Denver, which, for some reason, has a hotel right next to it. What shocked me most about driving up to the dispensary is how incredibly alone it sat from any other commercial business (aside from that aforementioned hotel). The building it is housed in is unassuming enough. Aside from a canvas banner on the side of the building, and a cleanly drawn logo on the front door, it wouldn’t be too hard to drive right past (onto more nothingness). However, when asked about it, manager and bud tender Sonia said the location works to the sort of cannabis users they want to attract. “We consider ourselves a boutique for connoisseurs.”

This isolation also has much to do with the history of the company. Fox Street Wellness started out solely as a growing operation around four years ago, which then opened its Fox Street Wellness Denvermedicinal operation after two years. Since April 18th of 2014, they have expanded into the world of recreational marijuana. The waiting area is cozy, but nothing all that special: a few wooden chairs are arranged around the room, which is mostly decorated with accolades of the store’s marijuana. The product room is divided between two different counters: one for medicinal patients, and one for recreational.

I was most excited to look at and hear about the store’s number one seller: The Girl Scout Cookies strain. I had actually heard of Fox Street’s marijuana before visiting the store, and this strain – a hybrid of OG Kush and Durban Poison – was the belle at the ball for this dispensary. In my mind, what sets Fox Street Wellness apart from many other growing operations is the attention to detail that goes into their growing process. They not only use all-organic soil for their growing operation, they use veganic nutrients to feed their plants. Vegans of Colorado (and I know that there are at least a few of you outside of the BFox Street Wellness 1oulder area), rejoice! What is also fascinating about Fox Street’s operation, is the fact that they are just starting their in-house breeding program. That means in a few months’ time, you might be able to pick up a strain that is incredibly rare, and incredibly worthy of praise, and totally worth the drive.

Fox Street Wellness has a smattering of edibles and concentrates, and a modest selection of smoking devices scattered amongst their display cases, but I wouldn’t necessarily travel to this location for anything other than their flower. The store has a few different varieties of shatter, but they do not carry wax or hash, or any other type of concentrate you might be looking for. It’s not that they were lacking in all of their concentrates and edibles, but it’s clear, just looking at the store’s layout, that bud has taken center stage. I’m not saying that as a negative for the store; they know what they are good at, and they focus in on it.

While talking to my bud tender, Sonia, it became apparent how Fox Street Wellness 2knowledgeable everyone was about the products they sell. What was also fascinating was, unlike most stores, Fox Street labels itself as “completely hands on,” meaning, all the jars are within reach, and you are free to smell, and look at the product freely. Every single jar I picked up was met with a description of the strain, how it was grown, and what was notable about the highs most people experience from that particular strain. More commonly, strains must be requested one at a time from behind the counter, making comparison between the buds difficult at best. I’d say this was the best place I’ve been for directly comparing the various buds the store offers (there were seven on the recreational side, but twenty-one on the medicinal side).

When asked about their isolation as a store, all of the bud tenders, in unison smiled, and one shouted out, “It’s the way we like it!” I suppose being a destination location must have its perks. In order to get to Fox Street Wellness, you have to know it’s there. It’s not the kind of place that you would just be aimlessly walking around, and be likely to find (unless you have a penchant for venturing around in heavy industrial zones). That speaks volumes for the quality of the product Fox Street Wellness carries. If they have been in business for this long, it must mean that enough cannabis enthusiasts seek them out, and continue to return. I suppose, however, the awards and reviews that decorate their waiting room speak enough volume for this small, but friendly dispensary.

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